Michelle Rodriguez speaks out about sexism in Hollywood

Fast and Furious 7 star criticises the lack of roles for women in film

Furious about sexism.

Photograph: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Michelle Rodriguez has revealed the difficulties she faces as a woman in Hollywood and the lack of non-stereotyped roles she is offered.

In an interview with NJ.com, the Fast and Furious 7 star complained about the cliches she encounters and how she manages to avoid picking the wrong projects.

“I have such a strong sense of self, there are certain lines I just won’t cross,” she said. “I’m really picky about the parts I choose. I can’t be the slut. I cannot be just the girlfriend. I can’t be the girl who gets empowered because she’s been raped. I can’t be the girl who gets empowered and then dies.”

The 36-year-old actress, who has also starred in Avatar and Lost, claims that her strategy hasn’t always made things easy for her in the industry.    

“I just said to myself, look, you’re going to just have to create your own archetype, doesn’t matter if you go broke doing it,” she said. “And I almost did go broke, twice! But people finally got it: OK, Michelle is not malleable, you’re not going to influence her by shining fame and money at her, and they stopped offering me that sort of stuff. But you know, it’s a catch-22. It’s helped me and it’s screwed me. I’ve stuck to my guns and I’m proud and people get it. But I also haven’t carried a movie since Girlfight.”

Rodriguez, who has starred in four films in the Fast and Furious franchise, also spoke of her wish to be more involved creatively, spurred on by the lack of female voices in Hollywood.

“I mean, like Million Dollar Baby – why’s she got to die at the end, man?” she said. “I mean, I get the tear-jerking, but would you do that to a male character? … I mean like 80% of the writers out there are men, and of course you’re going to write what you know. But it’s our fault as women for not penetrating that market, you know? I can’t complain about the scripts that are out there until I start writing some myself.”

Fast and Furious 7 is expected to make as much as $275m globally this weekend with a sequel, set in New York, on the way.

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