Member News: Watch Juan Carlos Zaldivar's '90 Miles'

Posted by on May 04, 2017


Juan Carlos Zaldivar, former member of NALIP’s Board of Directors, will be showcasing his film ‘90 Miles’ on May 3, 2017 at The West Hollywood City Council Chambers. His film is a personal tale of his journey from a small town in Cuba to the city of Miami. It follows 13 year-old Zaldivar on his path to the United States and explores the personal and political forces that helped shape his Cuban-American identity. ‘90 Miles’ features real footage of his journey, along with interviews involving his family.

In a time period where U.S.-Cuba relations and immigration are of discussion, ‘90 Miles’ offers  an opportunity to explore the issues and highlights the effects left by the decade-long-embargo between the countries. Juan Carlos Zaldivar will be in attendance for a Q & A after the screening.

We encourage NALIP members to show up and support this wonderful film! There is a special discount for NALIPsters. Members can get 2 for 1 tickets by typing in the code “half off.” For more information, click here.

We are always happy to see our members creating change and sparking important conversations through empowering films. We would like to congratulate Juan Carlos Zaldivar, and we look forward to following his continued success in the industry.