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Posted by on September 09, 2020

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NEW: Charm City Kings Trailer

Charm City Kings' brings Baltimore dirt bike drama to Sundance - Los  Angeles Times

Check out the newest trailer for the highly-anticipated film Charm City Kings directed by Angel Manuel Soto! Soto has been an active member of the NALIP family, joining us at Sundance 2020 and the 2017 Latino Media Fest.

Watch the trailer here and don't miss Charm City Kings on HBOMax on October 8th!


Thais Drassinower's The Catch Honored by DAFO Peru

2019 Latino Media Fest Official Selection Filmmaker & Audience Award Winner Thais Drassinower's film The Catch has been honored by DAFO Peru.

Read more about Thais and her work by clicking here!

Catch Jorge Gutierrez + More at Lightbox Expo!

Animator and artist Jorge Gutierrez will be at Lightbox Expo this Friday at 8pm! Gutierrez has been a longtime NALIP ally and speaker at events like the 2020 NALIP Media Summit. 

Check out the event page here!

2019 Latinx List Writer Henry Alberto to Speak at TIFF's Microsession This Friday

Writer/Director and 2019 Latinx List writer Henry Alberto will speak alongside Variety's Marc Malkin, Tanya Wexler, Gerren Crochet, Dayna Lynne North, and Amy Baer this Friday during TIFF's microsession "Money Talks...Bullsh*t Walks: How Change at the Finance Level Can Transform the Industry."

Read more about the session & register here!

Steven Canals, Co-Creator of Emmy-Nominated show “Pose,” Will Develop a New Drama Series at ABC

Image courtesy of David Miller 

Steven Canals co-creator for the award-winning series, ‘Pose’, is on board to develop a new drama series at ABC. The new show is called ‘In The End’ and it will focus on the life of Kiona Brown. We are excited that Steven Canals will be the writer and executive producer of the drama project. Canals will also be producing a series at FX called “81 Words.”

Read more details here.

Ilana Peña Signs Overall Deal With CBS Television Studios

Image courtesy of Deadline

The creator of ‘Diary Of A Future President’ will be expanding her relationship with CBS TV Studios as they sign an overall deal behind the scenes. Prior to Diary, Peña served as a writer on the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, also produced by CBS TV Studios, and co-writer of Her Shorts with Rachel Bloom, produced by Refinery29 and Planned Parenthood.

Read more details here.

Eva Longoria’s Announces Collaboration with 20th Television

Image courtesy of Deadline

The actress, producer, activist Eva Longoria has partnered with 20th Television to showcase her and her partners Ben Spector UnbeliEVABLE Entertainment production. UnbeliEVABLE Entertainment is a company that was created by Eva Longoria that produces films, television and documentaries. 20th Television has offered a three year deal in collaboration with  UnbeliEVABLE Entertainment production. 

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