Member News 9/30/21

Posted by on October 01, 2021

NALIPsters have been doing great work! Catch up with what a couple of them are doing here!

"Lights, Camera, Acción" directed by Ben de Jesus Premiered October 5th on PBS!

Lights, Camera, Acción is a celebration of the incredible impact Latinos have made in Hollywood - past, present, and future, with a focus on the exciting new wave of talent that is transforming the industry. The film premieres nationwide on Tuesday, October 5th on PBS, immediately following the broadcast of American Masters: Rita Moreno at 9 p.m.

“Visual media is such a powerful medium. It has the power to change the way we look at the world around us,” says executive producer John Leguizamo. “Ben is on a 24/7 mission to get more of our stories out there because if people are able to see the incredible contributions that Latinx people make and have made to our society, imagine how they would look at our community. And more importantly, imagine how we would look at ourselves.”

Learn more here.

Latino Media Fest Official Selection Finalist "Minstrel vs Puppet" (MVP) is Available for Streaming Now

Executive producer, director, and writer Hannah Bonecutter's short film "Minstrel vs. Puppet" (MVP) is available for streaming now. "Minstrel vs Puppet" is an artistic piece that illustrates the internal conflict many women, particularly women of color, experience surrounding the topics of brains and beauty. This short film is rooted in spoken word poetry, as it was written in poetic form and performed with elements of the spoken word. 

Stream "Minstrel vs Puppet" here and learn more about the journey here

‘Queen Of The South’ Showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez Developing Tropicana Nights Series With ‘La Brea’ Producer Keshet Studios

Courtesy of AP

 Keshet Studios, the company behind NBC’s La Brea, is heading to Cuba for its next project.

The U.S. arm of the Israeli media conglomerate has teamed up with Queen of the South showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez to adapt Tropicana Nights: The Life and Times of the Legendary Cuban Nightclub by Rosa Lowinger and Ofelia Fox. It centers on the love story and partnership between the club’s owners Martin and Ofelia Fox, who tirelessly fought to preserve their paradise under the stars against various threats, including rival club owners, the mafia and Cuban revolutionaries.

It comes as Jurassic Park-meets-Lost drama, written by David Appelbaum and co-produced by Universal Television,  premiered Tuesday September 28 on NBC. Learn more on Deadline.

Producers Guild Sets Teams For Its Inaugural PGA Create Program

2021 NALIP Media Summit Official Selection filmmaker, Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz, has been selected for the inaugural class of the Producers Guild of America's program Create. Juan Pablo was a selected filmmaker at the Media Summit this past Summer under his project, A Butterfly Vanishes. For PGA's program, he has been selected along with Ken Arquelio asWriter/Creators/EP, of their series project Desert Rats. 

Learn more on Deadline.

Latinx Writers Couldn’t Get Hollywood’s Attention. So They Came Up With Another Way

Courtesy of Refinery29


Screenwriter, producer, and Vice-Chair of WGA’S Latinx Writers Committee Jorge Rivera was recently interviewed for a Refinery29 article. The article discussed the #ReadLatinxWriters mentorship initiative started by filmmaker and actor Dominique Nieves and the struggles Latinx creatives face when trying to break into the industry. 


   Read the article on Refinery29.