Project Synopsis:

A transmedia project that explores gang injunctions in California, Texas and the Southwest. Law enforcement agencies claim that gang injunctions are an invaluable tool in combating and preventing gang violence, while civil liberties and other legal organizations claim that it raises serious civil liberty concerns. Using mapping, audio stories, portraits and collaborative storytelling, Marked For Life will be a virtual town hall for this divisive issue.
Project Synopsis: is a transmedia initiative whose mission is to engage Latinas/Chicanas in building a more inclusive history of their lives through participatory storytelling, an online archive, interactive tools and social media. The anchor for the initiative is ADIOS AMOR, a one hour documentary that tells the story of a migrant mother who sacrificed everything but her twelve kids to gain dignity and justice for farm workers in the pre-Cesar Chavez era.
Project Synopsis:

A transmedia documentary film project that consists of a series of short films about the history of Puerto Rico in the Twentieth Century and how its political, social, and economic ties with the United States began and developed.
Project Synopsis:

Turn It Around tells the stories of Joe, Deprece and Sergio as they go from city streets into school classrooms as educators.  They enroll in an ambitious experiment in public education, California’s “Grow Your Own Teachers” program, called the California Teacher Pathway.  Grow Your Own Teachers programs are a new and powerful kind of alternative teacher training that combat the high rates of student disengagement and the low-retention rates of urban public schools teachers.  Grow Your Own Teachers programs act as pipelines for getting well-trained adults of color into urban schools as quality educators, enabling community members with the cultural competencies and street cred needed to connect with youth and step into schools, doing something outsider teachers have proved incapable of doing: they stay. At the LPA 2013 we created and mobile app as part of the New Media track. Ride High is a mobile app consisting of a series of video episodes that share and connect personal turnkey moments in the lives of people of color, that enable them to see how they are uniquely qualified to be effective teachers.