Marvin Lemus is a Mexican-Guatemalan-American writer and director born and raised in California. He wrote Gente-Fied: The Digital Series, executive produced by America Ferrera and MACRO. Lemus’s experience with NALIP started in 2017 when he did a few of NALIP’s Latino Lens Workshops with Claudia Restrepo by giving filmmakers the tools and tips to work with digital content.

Lemus is a Film Independent Project Involve Alumni, It was as a Project Involve Fellow that he was able to direct the short film, VÁMONOS. Vámonos went on to screen internationally in over 40 film festivals and won awards at NBCUniversal Short Film Festival, Frameline40, and a prestigious Imagen Award. Additionally, Lemus is an alum of the 2017 Sony Diverse Director's Program and is a current fellow of the ‘18-’20 Disney/ABC Directors Fellowship. He most recently worked as a writer for the TV Series Gentefied on Netflix.

Although he knows he was lucky and his story is out of the norm, he feels that with the help of NALIP and the advance Latinx are making in the industry, Latinx out there are going to stop feeling alone and more represented because “we can do this, and don’t tell me no because I have already done it”.

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