Natural born storyteller and official videographer for family and friends since 1989, Marianne Amelinckx moved away from her small hometown in Venezuela to pursue a career in Film and TV in Caracas. She worked as an Assistant Director for Venezuela's internationally recognized feature films "La Familia" (Cannes Film Festival 2017), "El Amparo" (San Sebastián Film Festival 2016), and "Jazmines en Lidice" (Miami Film Festival 2019) among others.

Her first short film "Salta" (Dive) premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2017 and obtained the Jury's Mention for Student Visionary Award. Her project "Vuela" was one of the Top 5 finalists of the Chanel and Tribeca Film Institute Program Through Her Lens 2017 and Semi-Finalist for NALIP's Latino Lens Incubator Program 2018. The project is being developed into an anthology series about long distance love and broken families in the modern global landscape.

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