NALIPster Marcos Cline Dissects Success!


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NALIP was excited to see longtime supporter, producer, director, and writer, Marcos Cline-Marquez from Altered.LA, featured on Cline-Marquez addresses commercial production companies, and question how success is measured in the industry. While the piece further dives into certain aspects that revolve around what success means or could mean individually to each person; interestingly enough, the lens he uses to dissect that career, can also be applied to all careers. 

Marcos Cline-Marquez explains:

“This is a question I ask my team frequently when discussing ways in which we can grow our business. This is, however, a deceptively simple question. In truth, the answer is dynamic. Each and every one of us should know the answer as we dedicate our livelihoods to it, but it requires a bit more breaking down than you might think."

"The answer to that question lies in the answer to yet another question: how should we (commercial production companies) measure success? Once more, the response is answered by a few others: is success measured by the overall experience as undergone by the agency and client, or is success a subjective term related to the expectations of the Creative Director? Perhaps success is measured through the effect the ad has on the market. Call me naive but that’s what I think.”

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