Lucky Torres masks a lifetime of abuse and abandonment behind an angry, tattooed exterior. Growing up in foster care, Lucky and her sister Fantasy have struggled with stability all their lives. While her sister has settled down, Lucky still hasn’t found her way. But despite being homeless, unemployed and a single mother, jumping from girlfriend to girlfriend, the compelling Lucky still dreams of true love and success.

Journalist Laura Checkoway spent more than six years following Lucky and has captured an experience rarely depicted onscreen with refreshing authenticity. Checkoway has never shied away from complicated characters and in Lucky, she found one young woman’s story of survival that represents the lives of so many. The film’s executive producer, award-winning filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters, Life Itself), recognizes the power in this unvarnished documentary. “I see great perseverance in telling a difficult story about a fascinating but difficult person,” James says. “There are not enough of these kinds of stories being told today.”