Mastering Your Craft: Directing Actors with Jessica Holt

Featuring: Jessica Holt (Director, Acting Coach) 

Date: March 27th

Time: 6pm-10pm

Location: City Garage Theatre

NALIP Members $23/ Non-Members $33

This master class is for anyone interested in how directors can best communicate with actors to bring forward emotionally truthful and memorable performances on camera. Focusing on a process-based approach, Holt's set of strategies, tips and tricks will help you unlock the secrets of the scene  and ignite the imagination of your actors.  She will provide you with techniques for breaking down the scene, share basic principles for working with actors and rehearsal techniques that will ready actors for the shoot, and provide insight on how to clearly and briefly communicate playable direction with your actors while shooting in order to create the conditions for truthful and unforgettable performances to thrive. 

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