Linda Yvette Chavez

Linda Yvette Chavez is a writer and producer who most recently co-wrote the digital series “Gente-fied” along with co-writer/partner Marvin Lemus. The series was produced by Macro and America Ferrera and is now in development for television.

Linda defines #WeAreInclusion as an environment that celebrates and encourages people of very different backgrounds to fully embody who they are and what their truth is in this world. A space where people are not ashamed of who they are, tell their story, and speak their voice without anyone bringing them down.

Much of Linda's’ work revolves around telling stories about her community and empowering women through dramatic comedy. When she was working on “Gente-fied” she wanted to talk about identity and gentrification through a different lense, “we didn't want to show a muted, dark, depressing world. We wanted to show the vibrancy of a community that is dealing with difficult issues but that is really alive and kicking and happy and multidimensional and wants more from their community.”

She believes that the entertainment industry needs to lift up woman voices, brown voices, queer voices, voices that are at the farthest margins in our communities. Through upholding these marginalized voices and making a concerted effort to initiate programs to create clear career pathways is the way that these communities will be able to be supported. “We have to step in and make that happen and that's what I think this industry needs because when that happens, the beautiful things that we are going to be able to put out there is going to be incredible.”