Latinx Gold Open


#LatinxGoldOpen is a community movement of passionate fans, influencers, and leaders dedicated to ensuring the opening weekend success of multicultural films.

For the first time, NALIP representing the Latinx communities and Gold House representing the AAPI communities have joined together in supporting inclusive films to prove representation means gold. The opening weekend is the most critical time window for film and television projects to guarantee their vitality. #LatinxGoldOpen will increase awareness of premieres through an extensive network of influencers and bring together audiences to guarantee success. 

By working alongside multicultural leaders, studio executives, celebrities, and community organizers to elevate awareness of Latinx-centric projects. Community members have pledged to support by hosting theater buyouts, donating, and/or promoting the #LatinxGoldOpen cause.

Become a Host!

As a contributor to the movement, your donation will secure more screenings around the nation.

Matinee: $2,500

Evening screening: $5,000




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