Latinos in Hollywood Are Becoming Rare, Study Shows

Posted by on November 14, 2019

The statistical result of the Latinos participation in the Hollywood film is very bad. 4 percent only were made by Latinos out of 1,200 films. Meanwhile, 71 percent of those films hailed outside U.S. and 29 percent of them were American. The worst, out of 1,335 films examined by the researchers, one 1 Latina directed a film.

The study also shows that only 3 percent were Latinx producers and most them were men while 19 of them were Latina. Moreover, the executive director of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers Benjamin Lopez said that the Latinos in Hollywood has not been prioritized in the film industry and the result of the study of Smith must be a lesson for the film makers that there should be an immense value in collaborating with and investing with the Latino community.

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