2018 Latino Media Fest Official Selection Program One

2018 Latino Media Fest

Program One


Dennis Likes Olivia

DENNIS, 14, is a social recluse who can’t connect emotionally and fears he may be a psychopath. He suppresses his morbid fantasies and writes stories centered around them instead. He meets OLIVIA, 16, when she moves in next door with her hostile aunt. Olivia is alluring but emotionally unstable. She makes Dennis feel human, but manipulates his macabre urges to free her from her abusive environment.

Directed by:

Jorge Ramos


Red Paint

Freya wakes up alone in the desert confused and separated from her significant other. She searches for answers in an unreliable reality.

Directed by:

Andrew Rodriquez


An undocumented Turkish pedicab driver unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself.

Directed by:

Suzanne Andrews Correa



The summer sun sets in rural Appalachia as twelve year old Cadie and her neighbor, Sarah, redefine their friendship in the eve of burgeoning sexuality.

Directed by:

Nathalie Alvarez


Minstrel VS Puppet

Minstrel vs. Puppet (MVP) short film is an artistic experimental piece that illustrates the internal conflict many women, particularly women of color, experience surrounding the topics of brains and beauty. It also depicts how this same conflict manifests externally with some women identifying with and relating more to their own internal level of intellect while others identify with and relate more to their external degree of beauty. It draws upon multiple societal factors that influence these notions, sentiments, and characterizations within women today. This short film is rooted in spoken word poetry, as it was written in poetic form and performed with elements of spoken word.

Directed by:

Marcus Aubin


Abuela's Luck

A young man’s relationship with his grandmother is altered forever after a chance visit to his neighborhood Dominican bodega.

Directed by:

Ricky Rosario


El Astronauta

Beto, a sophisticated man, returns to his remote hometown with the goal of bringing his senile father to a care home in the city. But his father, Don Alfredo, does not want to leave home until he fulfills his only desire: to reach the moon to say goodbye to his beloved and late wife. With great difficulty to understand his father's desire, but touched with the ingenuity, Beto must find the way to become “The Astronaut”.

Directed by:

Manuel Trotta

The Velvet Underground Played at My High School

An animated short about The Velvet Underground's first gig in 1965 in front of a crowd of shocked kids at a suburban New Jersey high school.

Directed by:

Robert Pietri

Anthony Jannelli

Wednesday, October 3rd at 6:00pm.

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