Latino Lens "Prep for the Fest" Workshop Recap

Posted by on August 24, 2018

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NALIP hosted a Latino Lens Workshop at the MPS LABO this past Saturday, August 18, 2018, from 10 am till 1 pm. NALIP offered an exclusive workshop where members learned the post-production process to get their material ready in time for festivals. The workshop was led by Javier Robles, a writer, and producer; Eloise Juryeff, a Production Manager, and Production Coordinator; Rafael Portillo, Operations Supervisor, and DCP mastering technician; and finally Lisa Franek, Manager of Inclusive Programming at AMC Theatres who has first-hand experience about film festivals. Through our interactive workshop, NALIP's members were guided through the steps of post-production learning from DCP mastering and specific requirements that film festivals require before submitting their work. 

Javier Robles "Just trying to give much more valuable tools and information, okay you made your film now what do I do with it."

Rafael Portillo, "Most times filmmakers they just concentrate on production and not on post-production."

"Just knowing that there's something in the United States that reaches out to Latino artists I think that's amazing"

Lisa Franek, The more knowledge that filmmakers are armed with the easier it'll be for studios and distributors and agents to work with them."

Dani Bailes, Writer/Director and NALIP member, "I think that any information that you can have directly from the source that demystifies that process and helps you get your foot in the door is really valuable."

Jonatas Da Silva, Director/Producer and NALIP member, "What's amazing about these Latino Lens Workshops is that they encourage you."


A leading advocate in inclusion in the industry, NALIP is providing more resources to aspiring filmmakers every year with events such as the NALIP Media Summit, the Latino Media Fest, and the Diverse Women in Media Forum, and events such as the Latino Lens Workshops and the Latino Lens Incubator Shorts.

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