Latino Lens Mentorship Series

The Latino Lens Mentorship Series program is a subset of our Latino Lens incubator program. Latino Lens participants and applicants are selected each year, matched with a mentor who consults with them on their revised fundraising trailers: each participant or project receives a great deal of specific input on samples, but once those notes are executed, the artists need additional support to make successful fundraising pitches. We also provide each project with a senior producer mentor who reviews final, revised proposals and budgets, whether for production or post-production funding, and then helps to finalize the project planning.

We include a story consultation, which is critical mentorship at some point in the post-production process, whether with a supervising editor or a story consultant. We also have a new media mentor available to see through the ideas and websites begun through Latino Lens, in order to help each Fellow to develop sites that market and attract audiences as they developed their project and vision.

When the time is appropriate, we can also engage a partner in the broadcast or distribution sector; these professionals are compensated and available to mentor, so filmmakers do not feel they are compromising their future relationships or taking advantage of an introduction.