Latino Lens Fest & Showcase Highlights!


The Latino Lens Festival & Showcase 2016 presented by NBCUniversal, took place Sunday, October 30 at the Avalon Hollywood. Thank you all for the support, it was an honor to host the second annual Festival and Showcase!  Let’s take a look at the highlights of a successful, energized and inspiring evening!


Emerging Content Creators Workshop
The Emerging Content Creators Workshop was a success it featured an amazing panel including Gina Reyes ( Fox Entertainment Group), DMA (Planet DMA), Linda Mendoza (NBC/Netflix), and Mauricio Mota (Wise Entertainment). This workshop brought up and coming content creators together with entertainment industry professionals to discuss what emerging latino visionaries need to succeed in their craft and the industry.


The Showrunners’ Master Class
The series of sessions began with an invigorating conversation between Danielle Sanchez-Witzel (The Carmichael Show, NBC) and BenjaminLobato (Queen of the South, USA Network). The two engaged in a discussion and detailed what it takes to become a successful showrunner and show writer, developing the creative vision of a show, securing a show's ratings and seasonal progression and the increasing impact of diverse voices in television. They gave insight and personal anecdotes, from their experience working in the industry.


The Producers’ Master Class
The Producers’ Master Class really resonated with the audience and hit it out of the park with the lineup of top producers in the industry. NALIP teamed up with Mr. Mike Medavoy (Phoenix Pictures), Sergio Aguero (Campanario), David Friendly (V.P. of Motion Pictures, PGA)  and moderator Jairo Alvarado (Circle of Confusion) to educate and equip our members with the right tools to produce content and navigate this industry. With hit films and series under their belts such as “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Raging Bull” and “Y Tu Mama Tambien” it is no surprise they captivated the audience with their insight, lessons learned and advice.



The Short Films Presentation

NALIP was honored to have the fellows of the Latino Lens Short Narrative Incubator present the Directors of the shorts featured during the Showcase. The four shorts, ‘Mosca’ by Lizette Barrera, ‘Toyed’ by Jokes Yanes, ‘Disco Inferno’ by Alice Waddington and ‘Blast Beat’ by Esteban Arango were highly praised and received incredible responses by the audience. Congratulation again to the filmmakers!


NALIP Announced the Winners for Best Latinx and Latin American Films

Thank you to all of the NALIP members who made their vote count! The winner for Best Latinx film went to ‘Don’t Breathe’ by Director Fede Alvarez. Rodo Sayagues co-writer and co-producer of the film was present to receive the award and gave a great speech.



Pablo Larraín Latino Lens Award Recipient

The big winner of the night was the acclaimed Director Pablo Larraín, who picked up the award for Best Latin American Film for ‘Neruda’ and received NALIP’s Latino Lens Award for Best Director. It was an incredible moment for NALIP and Latino content creators present to see such a talented director receive the acknowledgement for his hard work and dedication. It solidified the work of Latino artists everywhere and inspires new generations to lead in the industry.


The night concluded with a live performance by Cunyá during the industry mixer. They were introduced by the lively and humorous Chonga Girls. The band spread the passionate and infectious afro-caribbean rhythm of plena and bomba all across Hollywood! It was a night of culture, art, community and celebration.


NALIP wants to send a special thank you to our sponsors and supporters who made the night a success! 


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