Latino Lens Fest program available NOW on NALIP App


App available on Apple iOS and Google Android

Get the NALIP Events app and take all your 2016 Latino Lens Festival & Showcase information on the go. The app has everything you need to know about our event and is designed to enhance your experience at the Fest & Showcase. It’s super easy to use! Below are some tips to get you started.

1. Make a Profile

Making a profile allows you to make a schedule and game plan for the event, as well as see who else is attending! It’s a great way to ensure you don’t miss any sessions and be on the lookout for familiar faces during all the commotion and excitement.

Once you open the app, click on “Latino Lens Showcase”. From there, select the hamburger menu at the top left hand corner and press “Login” at the very top. Fill out all your information and select “Submit.” You’ll get a notification saying an email is being sent to create a password, don’t worry too much about it (it’s optional!). 


2. Explore

 Now that your profile is set up you can check everything out. The hamburger menu features sessions, speakers, exhibitors and venue map. Make sure to get familiar with the information and email for any questions.  


3. Schedule Your Day

We are presenting master classes, screenings and interactive booths, make sure to strategize and be efficient with your time! We recommend going through the event and adding your favorites to your in-app schedule or personal calendar, both options are listed at the top of each session.


4. Edit Your NALIP Business Card 

Afraid you’ll run out of business cards at the event? We have you covered! Under the hamburger menu, click “Contacts” then “My Card” and customize yours! Now you can exchange digital business cards with other attendees, just press the plus sign on the top right corner.

You're all set! Check back on the app during the 2016 Latino Lens Fest & Showcase for pictures, videos, and social media updates. We’ll see you at the Avalon Hollywood NALIPsters!


NALIP Events app is available on Apple iOS and Google Android. For more information, go to LatinoLensFest&showcase.




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