Latino Lens 2nd Round Selections

 Latino_Lens_Icon.jpgThe National Association of Latino Independent Producers proudly announces the selected group of content creators to be considered for the 2015 Latino Lens Narrative Shorts Incubator. Out of a competitive pool of applicants, several producers, directors and writers were selected to participate in the second round of this short incubation program.

This particular production series and incubator is supported by Time Warner Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts among other media and industry sponsors. Keeping with NALIP’s mission to foster and promote Latino media artists, the Latino Lens: Narrative Shorts Incubator program, with a submission call will select 3 short narrative film scripts from Latino content creators. Each short film will present through a creative approach and independent focus, a storyline of 3-10 minutes long that will be provided pre-production, production, and post-production tools, resources and assets to support the successful completion of each film while later working with them on distribution strategy and outlets. Before we select the 3 short narrative film scripts, we would like to invite the filmmakers below to continue with the Latino Lens: Narrative Shorts Incubator program as part of the Second Round to be considered.


NALIP would like to congratulate the following filmmakers:

Aaron D. Martinez

Adam Valencia

Adel L. Morales

Albert B. Fernandez

Alejandro Seri

Alvaro Ron

Andrea L. Wolanin

Arturo R. Toledo

Barbara Cigarroa

Benjamin-Shalom B. Rodriguez

Carina M. Haller

Carlos F. Romero

Carlos Valdivia

Carmen Vidal

Cristina Kotz Cornejo

Cristina Nava

Douglas Spain

Eduardo A. Letamendi

Elizabeth E. Felix

Esau Melendez

Florencia Davidzon

Franco Parente

Frank Armendarez

Gabriela Tagliavini

Gary D. Alvarez

Gloria La Morte

Gloria Moran

Gustavo Avila

Jason J. Zavaleta

Jason Nieves

Jessica R. McMunn Macias

Joel Maysonet

Jordan August Fuller

Jorge Luis Urbina

Juan L. Martinez Vera

Julia Ahumada Grob

Kico Velarde

Leslie Valdes

Liz Rivera

Luis H. Pineda

Marcella D. Ochoa

Marco Santiago Jr.

Marisol Gomez-Mouakad

Maru Buendia-Senties

Miguel Alvarez

Miguel Castillo

Miguel F. Berg

Nancy C. Mejía

Pedro Araneda

Rafael D. Aguilo

Rebecca J. Murga

Rodrigo Reyes

Rudik M. Osorio

Solange Morales

Tatiana Pico

Verónica Ortiz-Calderón

Via Buksbazen

Victor Vazquez

Vincent Cortez

William D. Caballero


 NALIP’s 2015 Latino Lens: Narrative Shorts Incubator™ is designed to nurture and develop the future of Latino talent. This new NALIP incubation and production program initiative comes as a result of needs identified through conversations with members, the NALIP Media Summit, industry leaders’ perspectives, as well as Latino film scholars surrounding NALIP’s commissioned The Latino Media Gap report. With Latino Lens, NALIP looks to build on previous residential instruction programs and growing incubation efforts by executing direct short film production in order to address this increasing Latino media gap.

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers is a national membership organization, committed to helping Latino and Latina content creators with their professional goals. We seek to increase the quality and quantity of stories by and about Latinos, through professional development, community building, and mentoring.

GUIDELINES for those you made it into the second round.

Program questions? Email: [email protected] 


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