Joel Novoa is a director best known for his work on the recent hit TV series Arrow, born in New York and raised in Venezuela for the majority of his life. Joel directed “God’s Slave” at the age of twenty-four. The movie received worldwide theatrical release and was purchased by Netflix. Joel directed the film “I.D.2: Shadwell Army”, sequel to the prestigious British hooligan film “I.D,” starred by Linus Roache. Joel directed “Day of Reckoning” for NBCUniversal. It was one of the year’s top-rated films for Syfy Channel. He completed his second film for NBCUniversal, “The Nanny,” which premiered 2017 through Universal Pictures. He is currently in pre-production for as director for the series, Implacables: Mexico. When speaking about NALIP, Novoa explains, “I attended the media summit in 2017 and I felt very empowered and I think for the first time I felt like I was in a place where I was not the guest and I was not being looked upon because of my accent or because of where I come from but people were interested of coming to our world and genuinely attracted to everything we have to offer.” Novoa has contributed to NALIP’s Latino Lens Workshop Series that teaches and informs other professionals and emerging creators techniques and skills needed in the industry. Marvin was included in our #WeAreInclusion campaign -

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