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    A young woman, Hanna, comes home to her apartment for the evening. After a rather foreboding conversation with one of her friends involving recent disappearances in the area, and an old Native American boarding school that was burned down, she settles in to a seemingly hum-drum close of day, and eventually goes to bed.

    Her slumbers don’t last long however, and she wakes after a terrifying dream. Things take a horrifying turn for the worse as it becomes more apparent that someone – or something – has crept into her apartment. Visit the website: visitor-film.com.

    The Visitor is writer/producer/director Ian Kane’s debut film, and he has also recently completed a screenplay for a feature length film which ties into The Visitor, titled The Black Sigil. This will be the first of a planned trilogy of creeping horror films in the same vein as works from H.P. Lovecraft and M.R. James, but with a Native American twist.


    Here is a private Vimeo link (password: hhhh2222): https://vimeo.com/152307955.

    As a Latino filmmaker, I greaty appreciate this opportunity! Please let me know if you require any additional information.

    Best Regards,

    Ian Kane

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    Ian Kane

    Ian Kane is a filmmaker, actor, and author based out of Los Angeles, CA. Ian is interested interested in how the written word, sounds, and images, can become transformative agents that can affect people in multidimensional, transcendent ways.

    Email: iankanewrites@gmail.com
    Website: iankaneonline.com
    Twitter: @iankanewrites