Founded in 1999 by a group of Latino producers, academics and media activists, NALIP has established itself as the premiere Latino media organization. During the first NALIP conference in San Francisco in June 1999, NALIP was organized by the conference participants, and the mission and organizational guiding principles were adopted. A Steering Committee was created and approved with a mandate to implement the mission.

Different organizational models were discussed: membership, trade/professional development, and advocacy. It voted to develop a structure that embraced power-sharing, that provided decision-making opportunities to the membership at large, that facilitated effective communication, and that promoted an efficient running organization. National Council of La Raza agreed to serve as NALIP’s fiscal sponsor.

During 1999, the founding organizations (NLCC, NCLR, LPBP and NHFA) were represented on the Steering Committee. This body transitioned into a committee of individuals, until incorporation and By-laws were completed. The operational principles adopted included:

  • Transparency of operational principles
  • Accountability
  • Creation of reasonable timelines and workplans
  • Communication among the Steering Committee and its members

In June 2000, NALIP held a second conference in Miami, an event that has become an annual staple in the organization's expanding list of Signature Programs. With an initial attendance exceeding 300 media makers, academics, media activists, and supporters, the conference has grown in scope and audience. The highlights include exploration of workshops themes, support by local governmental agencies, diversified funding, and an incredible show of star power.

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