Heres Why Time Warner Bought 10% of Hulu


By Motley Fool 

Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) just spent $583 million for a 10% stake in Hulu in large part because the streaming service intends to launch a live-TV cable alternative.

Original partners Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), Disney (NYSE: DIS), and FOX(NASDAQ: FOX)won't be contributing to the original Hulu subscription product. That service offers network content a day after it airs -- a model Time Warner has been critical of. Instead, the company will offer many of its channels including TBS, TNT, and CNN as part of a new live-streaming Hulu service.

Hulu has not shared much information on the product, other than saying it launches next year. On this episode of Industry Focus: Consumer GoodsOpens a New Window.,host Vincent Shen is joined by Fool contributor Daniel Kline to dig into why Time Warner has paid up to be part of a service it has criticized in the past. They also discuss the future of the cable industry and where it's going to go in the next few years.

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