HBO has teamed with NALIP to find the next great Latino Documentary Film!

Social change has been the consistent undercurrent for HBO's critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary programs, with a myriad of issues presented in uncompromising quality and honesty.  Through this cash award, HBO wants to focus its lens on the Latino experience and support the growth of social commentary by Latino documentarians. One Latino Filmmaker will win $10,000!

A panel of industry professionals will judge the films based on the following criteria: uniqueness of topic/subject matter, professional quality of the film, and the structure, tone and style planned for presenting the topic to an audience. The judges will select one film as the winner of the competition. 

The submission deadline has passed for the 2013 HBO/NALIP Documentary Filmmaker Award. The winner will be announced by December 2013!


Justice For My Sister
Kimberly Bautista (LPA 2010, LAMP 2010, LMM 2010), Producer and Director

This is a David versus Goliath story: a film about the unstoppable determination of one woman to see that her sister’s murder does not go unpunished. Adela, 27, left home for work one day and never returned. Her ex-boyfriend beat her until she was unrecognizable and left her at the side of the road. Determined to see that Adela's killer is held accountable, her sister Rebeca, 34, takes on Guatemala's notoriously corrupt legal system. Completely transformed by her three-year fight, Rebeca emerges as a leader in her rural community with a message for others: justice is possible.

The film's violence prevention campaign has resulted in the formation of a youth-led outreach team with chapters in Guatemala and Los Angeles, a text-messaging service in Guatemala, and over 150 screenings throughout Guatemala (including at the National Palace). The film has also been screened at events co-hosted by the Central American Consulates of Los Angeles, LAPD, East Los Angeles Women's Center, Interface Children and Family Services, USC, among others.


Rodrigo Reyes, Producer and Director
Hugo Perez (Estela Award Winner 2009, LPA 2008), Executive Producer
Inti Cordera, Co-Producer

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine what the world was like long ago, when borders did not exist. Using a stunning mosaic of compelling characters and broken landscapes that live on the US-Mexico border, director Rodrigo Reyes reflects on the flaws of human nature and the powerful absurdities we have brought into the world.

With the support of IMCINE-FOPROCINE and IFP Film Labs

The Gospel of Camilo Torres
Diego Briceño, Producer and Director

Hidden away in the national film archives of his home country, filmmaker Diego Briceño discovers a 10-minute filmed interview with Father Camilo Torres, a controversial Colombian figure of the 60's, who marked the history of the continent. Diego embarks on a journey to piece together the lost memory of this radical priest by collecting stories and images from Father Camilo's followers and detractors. The Gospel of Camilo is a personal film set against the origins of Liberation Theology, a movement of revolutionary priests in Latin America. By reconnecting the lost memory of this little-known period of recent history, we realize the significance of this radical interpretation of the Gospels both for warmongers and pacifists today.



PequeñasVoces (Small Voices
Jairo Eduardo Carrillo Peña

The animated documentary Pequeñas Voces is a tale about children, ages 8 to 13, internally displaced by the war and violence in Colombia. Told with first-person interviews, each of the four children's story is a chronicle of his or her family's history. Using their drawing, the film focuses on their memories, dreams and hopes for the future. 

Code Of The West
Francisco Bello (LPA 2007, NALIP Estela Documentary Award 2011)

Code of The West follows the life a contentious medical marijuana bill through the Montana state legislature. It is a film about the many lives and fraught emotions tied to the most challenging drug policy reform debate in the country today.

Guests of Space
Alba Roca Mora

Guests of Space explores the encounter between the Nukak Maku people and the white man in 1988. Known as the last nomads to be contacted in South America, this film observes the collision of two alien worlds where settlers, missionaries, armed groups and Colombia's drug war unexpectedly meet and confront.