Gabriela Tagliavini is an award-winning filmmaker who has directed 7 feature films. Last year she directed an original film for Netflix, “A Pesar de Todo” (“Despite Everything”), which was released in 190 countries. In 2018, Gabriela sold a TV pitch to Amazon Studios to develop her own TV series. Her previous film “How To Break Up With Your Douchebag” (“Como Cortar a tu patan”) opened #1 in the box-office in Mexico, topping “Blade Runner.” In her previous films, she directed stars like Sharon Stone, Miguel Rodarte, Manolo Cardona, Billy Zane, Eva Longoria, Kate Del Castillo, Sean Patrick Flanery, Carmen Electra and Christian Slater. She has worked as a writer/director for top companies like Disney, Buena Vista, Starz, Voltage, Viacom, VH1, MTV, Maverick, Claro Video, Televisa, Comedy Central, ABC and HBO. Gabriela Tagliavini was selected for the Sundance and WIF’s Women Initiative. She was honored with a “Life Achievement” award from the Baja Film Festival. She received a a Masters Degree from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI). She is represented by CAA and currently in pre-production as director for The Devil May Care. "It's so great that many amazing Latino directors are winning Oscars and making a difference. But how about the Latina directors? We do exist. We are not unicorns" Gabriela was included in our #WeAreInclusion campaign - check out all the profiles here!