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    The story begins in

    Manizales, a Colombian city, in the year 1660. The Catholic church has established a small

    colony there, and constructed a large Cathedral on ground where a Devil worshiping cult performed black mass and human sacrifices. Lucifer, enraged by the presence of the church,

    wreaks havoc on the people. The church dispatches holy warriors to battle the devil, and he

    is defeated. Left behind is the Devils personal dagger, and it’s curse.

    A century later, in Manizales, bandits find the dagger with it’s curse, and it’s used incrimes, including the murder of a young girls’ parents, Ximena, resulting in a culmination

    of forbidden love between the girl, who is safeguarded at the Cathedral , and Father Pietros,

    a Spanish priest that has recently arrived to take care of the strange events that are taking

    place in the cathedral.

    Social anarchy, lies, treason, and jealous rage, which later results with the cruel intervention

    of The Inquisition that will bring horrible consequences to the protagonists of this love story

    and all Manizales citizens.

    Fito Rivera.

    Producer and Director

    Rivera Films Studios.

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    Producer, Director, Actor

    Rivera Films Studios

    Independent Film Company