Filmmaker Online Training Course to Get Films Completed

At From The Heart Productions, we know how frustrating it is for filmmakers to get funding.   They are imaginative artists who can create fantastic stories, but lack the knowledge and confidence to navigate the world of film finance.  Some lose faith in their projects and themselves in the process.  Many give up. 


Intentional Filmmaking Class

That is why we created the Intentional Filmmaking Class.  They are unique 5 month courses that combine film funding mentoring using goals and intentional techniques to manifest money for their projects.   It gives filmmakers the tools and confidence they need to get their films funded.  

We work to remove any blocks you may have about money.  We listen to audios and discuss how powerful the mind is and how to use it for creating and funding your film.

Now, in its 3rd year, it has guided producers, writers, and directors on not only on how to find money, but it’s taught them how to get it for their films.

Discount for NALIPsters

The regular price of the class $665, but for NALIPsters, you can enroll for just $495 by Sept 1st.  Early enrollment discount by that date is $555, but NALIPsters can save an extra $60 off by entering this code: NALIP when they purchase the class.

There is a Trailblazer Class for documentary filmmakers taught by Carole Dean, the author of “The Art of Film Funding”.  For the Mastermind Class for feature filmmakers, she is joined by Tom Malloy, the author of “Bankroll II, A New Approach to Financing Feature Films”.

Here’s what’s included in the class.

  • 5 one-on-one  consultations (one each month) with Carole Dean (A $725 Value if purchased separately)
  • 10 class meetings (two each month) for education and we share ideas and successes.
  • 6 month goal planning with action list targeted to raise money for your project.
  • Documentary filmmakers will get help writing their proposals with emphasis on what is needed to win grants and get donations.
  • Fine tuning your trailer to bring in money.  We’ve seen thousands over the years that have been submitted to the Roy W. Dean Grant.  We know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Perfecting your pitch.  You may tell a great story, but will it attract investors?  We will make sure it will.
  • We have a 10 page outline for you on funding, marketing, and distributing your film.  We give you the template and help you complete it.  This becomes a major item to close donors.
  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.  From The Heart has is partnered with Indiegogo and raised over $1 million to date for over 200 films.  We give you additional classes  for crowdfunding and reveal the myths that you need to overcome to raise money.
  • We teach funding parties, how to do it and be successful.
  • How to set up one- on- one meetings.
  • How to make an “ask” for money.
  • How to create successful letter writing campaigns
  • Finding your market, connecting to your audience and entertaining them while producing the film.

You will have a strong foundation for funding after 5 months of training. You will know who your market is and how to reach them.  You will feel confident that you can raise the money for your film.  You will have an excellent proposal, trailer, pitch and be confident about how special you are and your film. 

If you would like to know more about the class or to join our class, please have them to They can also call Carole Dean at 805-984-0098