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300 Hours of Footage and Counting: When to Call it Quits When it Comes to Shooting

By Fernanda Rossi, key speaker at Doing Your Doc.

To shoot or not to shoot (some more): that is the question: 
Whether 'tis nobler to suffer in the cutting room, 
The time and money of outrageous production, 
Or to take arms against a sea of blank tapes, 
And by opposing end principal photography? 


The Hollywood Lens on Latinos is Out of Focus

Op-Ed by Rick Najera. 

I’m sitting having lunch (tortilla soup) at a major network commissary as I observe a mob of Hollywood types having their important lunch meetings. It’s business as usual. But the more I watch, the more I begin to worry. It’s not what I see that disturbs me it’s what I don’t see. And what I don’t see at this studio is diversity. 
Where have all the ethnic people gone? 


Call for Entries: Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival

The 2012 Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival (RRAFF) returns to East Los Angeles thanks to the presenting sponsorship of Casa 0101.  In its 9th consecutive year, the festival will take place May 18-20, 2012 at the newly expanded Casa 0101 facilities in the heart of the burgeoning Boyle Heights 1st Street arts corridor.  Founded in 2000 by the Los Angeles actor, playwright, screenwriter (Real Women Have Curves) and novelist (Hungry Woman in Paris) Josefina López,...

Support the Arts in California on Your State Tax Return

Want to help bring arts and arts education to California communities and schools? Contribute to the Arts Council Fund on your annual state tax return! Look for the Arts Council Fund in the "contributions" section. Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible. Visit the California Arts Council's Tax Checkoff page for more information....


Emerging Latino Voices Get To The Point: Short Films at Sundance 
(The Huffington Post) - This year's short films represented by Latinos and Hispanics offer a wide array of unique subjects and characters - from challenged love relations in the digital age to sisters battling grief through relieving a plugged milk duct. READ MORE

Introducing 'Man On A Ledge' Star Genesis Rodriguez
(Latina) - Anyone not familiar with Venezuelan-American actress Genesis Rodriguez won’t be left the dark much longer, with roles in two major upcoming films, Man on a Ledge and Casa de Mi Padre. READ MORE



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NALIPster Paco de Onis' doc Granito Helps Land Dictator in the Dock

Exactly one year after the release of Pamela Yates and NALIP member Paco de Onis' film Granito: How To Nail A Dictator at the Sundance Film Festival, the ex-dictator of Guatemala, General Efraín Ríos Montt, was brought up on charges of genocide in a Guatemalan court and placed under house arrest.

The culmination of decades of work by human rights advocates, forensic scientists and survivors of the Guatemalan genocide forced former dictator General Efraín Ríos Montt to appear in court Thursday after 30 years of impunity, for a hearing to decide whether there was enough evidence to take him to trial on charges of genocide. 

NALIPster Alysa Nahmias' doc wins Film Independent Jameson FIND Your Audience Award

The documentary film Unfinished Spaces, co-directed and produced by NALIP member Alysa Nahmias, has won the Film Independent Jameson FIND Your Audience Award as part of the Spirit Awards, receiving a $40,000 grant to help expand the film's reach. The award will be acknowledged on IFC channel during the Spirit Awards broadcast on Feb 25th.

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