April 26, 2007


HBO has teamed with The New York Interntaional Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) to foster the production of films by Latino filmmakers and/or about the Latino experience. The HHO/NYILFF short film competition is an opportunity where the winner will recieve $15,000 in funding to produce and deliver his/her original short film narrative. The completed final film will be considered for exhibiion this summer at the 2007 New York International Latino Film Festival and on any of the HBO programming serivces.

The HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition is open to U.S. and international entrants 18 years and older. Only original scripts will be accepted and must be written in English by a person of Latino descent or focus on the Latino experience, and entrant must hold all rights to material. The screenplay cannot be more than twelve (12) pages long and final film cannot exceed a maximum running time of five (5) minutes. Screenplay and work produced must not have had previous cable, television or internet exhibition, won awards at any other festival or been previously submitted to the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition.

Each entry must be accompanied by two (2) completed submission forms, $10.00 fee, two (2) copies of screenplay, one (1) PDF of screenplay on CD-ROM, filmmaker bio and photo, director's reel or last short film produced (DVD NTSC only), and one (1) executed HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition release form. There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted (see rules for more specifics). Entries must be postmarked by May 11, 2007 and mailed to HBO/NYILFF SHORT FILM COMPETITION, c/o The New York International Latino Film Festival, 419 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor, New York, N.Y. 10003.

Applicants will be notified if their screenplay has been selected by May 26, 2007. For official rules, regulations and submission forms, log on to http://www.nylatinofilm.com/.

Last year, NALIPster Hugo Perez received the $15,000 grant from HBO to produce and direct a short film based on his original script "Betty La Flaca," a humorous take at a young Latina's efforts to change her body image. His film won praise throughout the festival's celebrations.


The Academy Foundation's Institutional Grants Program has awarded a total of $500,250 to 56 film-related nonprofit organizations, including universities, museums and career development programs, throughout the United States, in Canada and for the first time, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Organizations receiving grants include Outfest ($3,000); American Film Institute (LA) directing workshop for women ($20,000); Film Independent ($15,000) for a mentoring and training program; Writers Guild Foundation ($12,500) for educational programs; Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco ($10,000) for production workshops; IFP in New York ($10,000) for its "Rough Cut" film lab mentoring program; National Association of Latino Independent Producers, Santa Monica ($10,000); Toronto International Film Festival Group Foundation ($8,000) for its touring screening program; Austin Film Festival ($7,500); Brooklyn Academy of Music ($7,500); Film Forum, New York ($7,500); IFP/Chicago ($7,500); IFP/Minnesota ($7,500) among many others. For a full list of grants, visit the Academy's website.


Taller Boricua and Galleriacemi.com present Barrio Cinema
with a Special Sneak Preview Screening of

Thursday, May 3rd @ 7PM
@ Julia de Burgos Cultural Center
106th Street and Lexington Avenue in El Barrio, NYC
$7 with limited seating so please come early
Q&A with filmmakers to follow the screening

Post 9/11 definitions, ideas and notions of terrorism are challenged in this highly controversial and experimental film. Machetero is an allegorical narrative that follows French journalist Jean Dumont played by Isaach de Bankolé (The Keeper, Ghost Dog, Coffee and Cigarettes, Manderlay) to a New York prison where he interviews Pedro Taino a so called "Puerto Rican Terrorist" played by Not4Prophet (lead singer of the Puerto Punk band RICANSTRUCTION). Pedro is a self-described Machetero fighting to free Puerto Rico from the yoke of United States colonialism. He is obsessed with freedom, freedom for his country, his people and for himself. Jean questions Pedro about his decisions to use violence as a means to achieve that freedom. Jean utilizes a global perspective in questioning Pedro with examples of achieving his goals through more peaceful means but Jean soon finds that Pedro is well versed in liberation struggles from around the world and the debate over the use of violence as a catalyst for change continues between them.

As Jean and Pedro speak, another story unfolds. A ghetto youth played by Kelvin Fernandez (in his first starring role) grows up in the ghetto streets doing what he has to do to survive. The ghetto youth crosses paths with Pedro who sees the potential in him. Pedro tries to provide the means for him to grow into the next generation of Machetero by giving him a pamphlet Pedro wrote called the Anti-Manifesto. The ghetto youth reads the Anti-Manifesto and it reawakens a revolutionary spirit instilled in him from childhood by a mentor in Puerto Rico played by former Puerto Rican Prisoner of War Dylcia Pagan (who did 20 years in US prisons in the fight to free Puerto Rico). The ghetto youth becomes a young rebel and the cause to liberate his people becomes a driving force in his life. And while Jean and Pedro’s debate rages on, the cycle of violence that begins in the exploitation and subjugation of imperialism becomes complete in the life of another ghetto youth turned revolutionary.

The structure of Machetero is built around songs from the album, “Liberation Day”, a concept album centered on the liberation struggle of Puerto Rico, written and preformed by RICANSTRUCTION. The songs in the film took on the quality of a narrative voice becoming a modern day Greek chorus. RICANSTRUCTION also provides a completely improvised original score that moves from hardcore be-bop punk to layered haunting and abstract Afro-Rican rhythms.

Machetero is about terrorism and terrorists and how they are defined and by whom. It’s a film that’s asking us to challenge the way in which we view the events that play out in the world. It’s a film about the cyclical nature of violence that’s perpetuated by those who choose to oppress and those who no longer wish to be oppressed.


NALIP member, Begonya Plaza's 40 minute documentary film, "Gernika Lives" will air April 26, 2007, on the HITN TELEVISION NETWORK, (Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network) to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Guernica.

Gernika Lives is a 40-minute documentary filmed on Hi8 and digital video, over the span of 20 years. This doc is about the bombing of Gernika and the Basque people of Euskadi in northern Spain. The Basques are the indigenous tribesmen of Europe and Gernika is the heart of Euskadi. Gernika was blazed mercilessly pre -Spanish Civil War by combined Nazi - Fascist forces, killing a third of the townspeople. It was the initial test of the Nazi strategy called blitzkrieg that prompted Picasso to paint the famous work of art. This film is made up of interviews with the survivors, as they remember that horrific day on April 26, 1937 and explore what it means to them being Basque and a part of a defamed culture. From New York, Basque writer and historian, Mario de Salegui and American actor/ activist, John Randolph, contribute their thoughts on that horrific historical attack, and The Spanish Civil War.

"This is my personal life long journey. As a child my father told me of the horrors he experienced when suddenly in midday, bombs were attacking his home, and his precious village, Gernika, the holy city of the Basques. Now, 20 years later and deeply affected by the events of 9/11, I realize the importance of this film and its relevance to our recent terror attacks. By exposing the impact and damage that violence inflicts on our fragile humanity, with this film I hope to stimulate compassion and peace throughout" Begonya Plaza

New York's Time Warner channel: 811 or National Satellite / Direct TV channel: 438 You can also visit: www.hitn.tv/getting_hitn_en.php


KINO.digital, the special-effects boutique of Nalipster filmmaker Joaquin "Kino" Gil is busy integrating the real world, shot on 24p NTSC 16:9 DV25 in the Joshua Tree desert, Marina del Rey and a green- screen room with the fantastic world required by the story, digitally created in the tiny Marina del Rey faciliy known for its contributions to documentary and feature indie work.

The Outsider is raw sci-fi myth: The story of a duel to the death between an unarmed, pregnant woman and a fully armed cyborg and how a whole race got erased in an instant. It is also, in typical fashion with this filmmaker, the story of a contest between creation and destruction and the kinds of things that are relevant to each.

Catie Boles is Gia Banner, an ace pilot doing long, solitary tours as a scout behind enemy space lines. Bitter over the loss of her best friend she refuses backup and gives chase to a lone alien explorer, but ends out in a strange, timeless environment where she has to face her enemy in the ultimate death match, species against species, for the right of a place in the Universe.

Most of the story is visual. Words, dialogue, when used, is a "time compressor" device, to accelerate the "showing" of new info, but image, with or without music is the thing. Miss Boles' "Banner" appears in almost every scene in the film, but her spoken lines add up to less than half a dozen pages. "the Director lets you do whatever you want, but you really have to bring subtle stuff up," she reflects. "Very intense. Some days it doesn't work at all. One has to feel just right for the camera to see it."

The support cast includes Sci-Fi's best voice, Mashari Laila Bain, "My Name is Earl"'s Lacy Baxter and NALIP's own Monica Espinosa along with actresses Kari Zander, Tracy Mueller and Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

Questioned on the choice of cast, which features only actresses and no actors, the filmmaker shrugs. "By the time we noticed, it was kind of a mythology thing in the film. A magic that grew by itself out of the people who were attracted to the project to begin with."

The film blends liberal doses of CGI with the live-action material, using a range of techniques that include every trick in the book. This is not simply an "effects-heavy" indie, every shot on the film has some elements created in animation, from the alien contender itself ("A sort of brain with an eye riding around on a little flying saucer, with more fold-out menace than a Swiss-Army knife") to the spaceships and future world around the main characters.

"A main condition is that the computer-animated elements must retain an animated look, sort of like a very high end video game, with very detailed and artistic cinematography but no attempt to "fake" reality but rather to integrate a fantastic look using symbols we all can agree on. In a previous century I might have added all those elements as hand-drawn animation rather than photographic effects to retain the style. We are getting a lot of good reaction. "

The film will premiere in the Summer, 2007.


The Silverlake Film Festival presents...
Future Estrellas Children’s Workshop Curated by Henry K. Priest

Saturday, May 5th 11:00am-1:15pm

Citibank Building 2450 Glendale Blvd. Silver Lake, CA 90039

Price: Free to pre-registered attendees.

Registration: This workshop is limited to 30 participants. If you are interested in participating you must pre-register by May 1st by emailing: CoachPriest@hotmail.com

ABOUT FUTURE ESTRELLAS Future Estrellas means Future Stars in Spanish. This workshop is designed to assist children who are beginning a career in acting or others that have already began their career and are looking to further developing their craft. The event is presented in English for any child actor and their parent to attend.

11:00am – 12:00pm Casting Director Workshop

The ins and outs of a casting session: Talent agent Jaime Ferrar of the JFA Agency will present a workshop where participants can learn the tricks to success during an audition as he shares his insight and guides students through a casting session. Parents are encouraged to attend.

12:00pm-12:15pm Break

12:15pm - 1:15pm Panel Discussion

Making your way as a child actor: Panelist will consist of representatives of reputable acting schools, theater companies, dramatic arts schools, and community organizations that will help young performers get the training they need. Also, young working actors and well known celebrities will share their knowledge and inspire the next generation by sharing their insight. Featured panelists include Emily Rios, star of Quinceanera (Grand Jury winner at Sundance Film Festival ’06), agent Jaime Ferrar (JFA agency), Casting Director Rosalinda Morales (Farmore Casting). Parents are encouraged to attend.

Silver Lake Film Festival, a nonprofit arts organization, was established in 2000 to provide a showcase for truly independent-alternative films in the entertainment capital of the world. Seven years later, the festival has evolved into Los Angeles’ leading independent film, music & art festival, and the only major media arts event in the city’s hip and burgeoning Eastside, which includes Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Hollywood and Downtown.

For more information on the 7th Annual Silver Lake Film Festival, please visit: http://www.SilverlakeFilmFestival.org   


Coinciding with Immigrants Rights Day.

"AMERICAN HARVEST" (the Real Truth About Immigrant America.)


At the screening you may wish to make a donation to the AFSC's Tucson Office who was interviewed in this film. http://afsc.org/az/default.htm


The filmmakers shot extensively on the Tohono O'Odham Reservation, Sonora Mexico and Tucson as well as 15,000 miles traversing the country from Florida to Arizona to New York.

This film explores illegal immigration as it relates to agriculture.

The objective of this movie is to educate while entertaining Americans of "the Real Truth About Immigrant America," the importance of immigration reform, immigrants to our country and their role on America's farms.

You can view our trailer and find more details at http://www.americanharvestmovie.com/

For further information contact:
Angelo Mancuso
White Hot Films
76 East Blvd. Suite B-4
Rochester, NY 14610

American Harvest - Synopsis

Anti-immigration sentiment sweeps across America. A journey from Florida to New York, including a trip to the Mexican border, reveals the lives and issues of legal and illegal migrants and farmers working toward a better life. Is the immigration system in America flawed? Immigrants are dying to feed America.

American farmers and agriculture rely on immigrants to do jobs that Americans won’t do or feel that are simply beneath them. Some only see the problems in the news from the perspective of those extreme points of view of the left and the right side of our political system.

Discrimination of immigrants has existed in the United States since the English persecuted the Irish. It was once generally considered that if you were Greek or Southern Italian you were not white. American Harvest points out the inconsistencies of the current policy on immigration. See the changing face of immigrant America as it relates to Agriculture. Follow legal and illegal farm workers and the farmers caught in the middle of a flawed immigration policy.


Who: Writer/Director Richard LaGravenese, Teacher Erin Gruwell
What: StoryMakers Studio presents “Freedom Writers”
When: Wednesday, May 9 – 7:30 PM
Where: Grauman’s Chinese Theatres Complex at Hollywood & Highland
Online: http://www.StoryMakersStudio.com/freedom

Why: StoryMakers Studio salutes Erin Gruwell, the real teacher portrayed by Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank. Gruwell is renowned educator whose experiences with a group of supposedly “unteachable” kids at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach became the basis of the critically acclaimed motion picture “Freedom Writers.” She is also the founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to inspire and reach those students who might otherwise be left behind.

In light of the recent Don Imus debacle and his bigoted statements about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, it’s important to put light on the polar opposite of Imus’ disrespect.

“Freedom Writers” is about respect and empowerment. Here was a group of kids the so-called experts saw as unteachable losers. Thanks to the passion and dedication of a very real woman, every one of those “unteachable” kids got into college when everyone else around them saw a life of poverty and despair.

Many of the original Freedom Writers have graduated from colleges and graduate schools and are still in touch with Ms. Gruwell and the other Freedom Writers. Some are currently part of the staff at the Freedom Writers Foundation, and some currently teach in the Long Beach Unified School District.

One student, whose sole mission as a freshman was to “make Ms. Gruwell cry,” is now a teacher at one of Long Beach’s toughest high schools.

Richard LaGravenese is the Oscar® nominated screenwriter of such critically acclaimed films as “The Fisher King,” “The Mirror Has Two Faces,” and “Bridges of Madison County.” He reunites with “Freedom Writers” star Hilary Swank in the romantic drama “P.S. I Love You” coming this fall from Warner Bros.

Tickets are available online at http://www.StoryMakersStudio.com/freedom

When you reserve your tickets, you’ll also get to submit your question(s) for Richard and Erin.

The folks at StoryMakers Studio will pick the best questions and ask them for you on stage. There will also be gift bags for the first 100 people to reserve their tickets through the link below. This is a first come first served offer. All you have to do get started is click on the link below.


Through interviews taped in front of a live audience, StoryMakers Studio tells audiences the story of how a particular film got made, as told by the people who actually made the film. StoryMakers Studio’s interviews are with Hollywood’s biggest, brightest directors, actors, writers and producers – live and unscripted.


Bernadette Rivero and Sarah Duran Selected for Producers Guild of America "The Power of Diversity" Workshop

NALIP member/ABC New Talent 2007 Writing Fellow Bernadette Rivero and NALIP member/Mercury Latino Lens Short Film Competition winner Sarah Duran have been selected to participate in the Producers Guild of America "Power of Diversity" workshop. The program provides a veritable "crash course" in producing, giving participants a comprehensive overview of the essential skills of the producing trade through a series of seminars and master classes with some of the top professionals working in film and television today, supported by one-on-one mentoring work with a member of the Producers Guild. Topics addressed at the workshop will include: writing, pitching, budgeting and scheduling, fundraising, marketing, and new media opportunities. The program is organized by NALIP/PGA Diversity Committee member Deb Calla and is in its third year. In the program's second year, NALIP Latino Producers Academy Fellow Carolina Paiz was invited to join "Gray's Anatomy" after being mentored. Congratulations Bernadette and Sarah!

Sarah Duran


Wins Top Award at the Houston Worldfest for best First Film

The film wins a Gold Remi award after being selected to open the 40th version of the Festival

- The film now travels to Cannes and on May 16 will be shown out of competition represented by American World Pictures
- In June 8 will be screened as an official entry at the Boston International Film Festival
- It was premiered last month in Mexico as an official entry at the Guadalajara Film Festival.

David Siqueiros , director of “One Long Night”with Hunter Todd, creator and President of Worldfest for 40 years. www.worldfest.org

Richard Macedo (Jon Seda), is a young Mexican-American businessman from Orange County whose life is changed over the course of one night through a series of off beat and hilarious encounters with the denizens of Mexico City.




Apr. 25, 2007 - NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Kilmer will play a thief who has just one morning to fix what has gone awry in the biggest heist of his life, all while attempting to repair his relationship with his ex-wife (Helgenberger). Valderrama will play a longtime associate who helps plan the crime despite grave concerns. Spacey will produce via his Trigger Street Prods. banner. Kilmer will also serve as a producer. "Columbus" marks a reunion between the two as they attended Chatsworth High School together in Los Angeles. The film will be directed by Charles Burmeister, whose short film "The Interview" was screened at January's Sundance Film Festival. Full Story here


Apr. 25, 2007 - NEW YORK (CBS) -People magazine is about to reveal 2007's 100 most beautiful people. The issue hits stands Friday and The Early Show entertainment contributor and People magazine Assistant Managing Editor Jess Cagle talks about the list of celebrities who made the cut. The Most Beautiful People issue began in 1990 but in 2006, the magazine expanded the list from 50 to 100 people. This year, Drew Barrymore graces the cover. "It's a great time for Drew Barrymore," Cagle said. "It seemed to be her year. With each passing year, she is — I wrote it down — 32 years old now. She seems to get — she gets more beautiful every year. She's happy. She's in a great place. And she has a very deep connection with audiences because they've grown up with her." Halle Berry and Julia Roberts dominate the category with 11 appearances each. George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt have all appeared in the issue eight times. This year is Patrick Dempsey's third time on the list. Full Story here


Apr. 25, 2007 - (ComingSoon.net) - It's been 17 years since Antonio Banderas came to America and it's been something of a roller coaster – from action movies to musicals to Broadway – with most of his biggest success coming from family films like the "Spy Kids" series with long time collaborator Robert Rodriguez, and now the "Shrek" films as the suave and overly confident Puss In Boots; although he'd be the first to tell you that his career is in many ways just getting into gear, and he may be right. As I've discovered in the short space of time leading up to this interview, his popularity, especially with women, is as high as ever. It's a blustery Houston day when Antonio comes into a room at the Four Seasons in a baggy green shirt and cargos for a brief peek at the eagerly awaited Shrek the Third. He's a very animated speaker who talks with his hands and occasionally does voices, and unfortunately no print interview can quite do the experience justice. Full Interview here


Apr. 23, 2007 - (Current) - What PBS proposed as a peace offering to Hispanic leaders has reinvigorated protests over the absence of Latinos in Ken Burns’ forthcoming World War II epic. Leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on April 20 released their letter to PBS President Paula Kerger expressing “profound disappointment” with her proposal to end the conflict. “The only appropriate course of action is that the documentary entitled The War fully incorporate within the body of the documentary the integral role of Hispanics,” wrote Reps. Joe Baca (D-Calif.), caucus chair, and Ciro Rodriguez (D-Texas), chair of the caucus’s veterans task force. The caucus “will not support a decision that ignores or segregates our soldiers, our heroes or our history,” its leaders wrote. Full Story here



Looking for Spanish Speaking Producer in Los Angeles for television documentary series focusing on issues related to the Hispanic US population. Position starts ASAP and will last until the end of June. Potential for additional work also.

Experience in writing, researching and ideally shooting own footage for television. These are character driven documentaries focusing on finding the story and conveying the big picture meaning so there will be heavy research required. Position will be supported by crew.

TO APPLY: please email your resume & cover letter immediately to:

Only qualified applicants will be contacted.


Hungry Cuban Entertainment L.L.C. is currently in pre-production for Maria Costa's Macho Men and the Women Who Love Them 12 City Tour that will start in July of this year.

We are seeking energetic and outgoing individuals that are computer literate and eager to learn the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

Your Participation
This is a three to six month (one - two day a week) internship that will begin immediately in which you will assist in the pre-production and production of the tour which includes: assisting the Producers in booking flights and hotels, scheduling appointments with industry professionals and implementing marketing campaigns such as radio and TV spots, data base entry, assisting the Art Director in prep for advertising material, working directly with Talent in organizing rehearsals and assisting in press/media interviews, red carpet events and awards shows. You will also participate in preparation of film and television content. There is a possibility that you will be invited to participate in selected cities on the tour, in which case will involve some travel.

Maria Costa
Maria Costa is an emerging talent whom has stared in numerous network television shows and has been compared to Tyler Perry, Lucille Ball and John Leguizamo. You can see more at www.myspace./maria_costa.com. H.C.Entertainment is also in the preliminary stages of producing the film based on this live show as well as other film and television projects with Latino/Caribbean based content. You will be participating in this great venture from ground level and will learn about the production, marketing and creative aspects of branding talent and creative content through stage, television and film.

Experience and/or training in production, writing, or graphic design a plus but not necessary

To schedule an interview or for more information:
CALL our offices at: 323-734-7712
Ask for Executive Producer: Francisco Segovia or
Executive Assistant: Sam Soto
Email inquiries to: sam.soto@hcentco.com


See more at: www.mariacosta.com

Check out Maria on Ugly Betty May 3rd
Also you can see Maria's latest Bacardi commercial with Andy Garcia at:

Note: If you have friends that reside in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, New York, and Detroit and are interested in this kind opportunity forward this information to them so that they may possibly participate in selected cities as well.


Seeking a HOT LATINA Singer/dancer to fill the last spot in a girl group for a MAJOR LABEL.

MUST be between the ages of 18-25 or at least look it. Please prepare a piece to sing a capella, and be prepared to learn easy choreography at the audition. Must know harmony and have great charisma!

email your name, contact phone number, and link to your website (preferred), or picture and/or mp3 files (no more than 2 mp3s, please), if available, to:

Open AUDITIONS will be held:
(Scheduled Auditions will be given priority!)
12-4pm ONLY!
Vestige Imagery Studios
5651 W. Pico Blvd. Ste. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90019

MUST MOVE QUICKLY, This is the only day we will be holding auditions. There will be NO CALL BACKS, as we will be making our decision the same day.



We are currently seeking...

We are once again looking for very smart guys 21-30 years old with a high IQ and a savvy intellect. If you are more likely to be featured on Jeopardy rather than The Bachelor then we NEED you. This opportunity could make you RICHER IN LIFE (AND EVEN LOVE).

We are also seeking beautiful women that like a guy who is smart and interesting, not just handsome and rich (you both might just be rich after this show!)

Do you know a good guy (who may just be socially inept when it comes to the ladies) but, who deserves a GREAT break in life? Finally, a reality show where being smart PAYS OFF with a MAJOR cash prize!

Are you sick and tired of those reality shows featuring the attractive man with not much substance? We're turning the tables and showing America that smart guys have more to offer. If you can teach a beauty a thing or two then this could be your perfect opportunity!


email ALL the required info below to:
You MUST include:
1. Your name
2. Your Age
3. Contact Phone number
4. A brief bio
5. A picture



DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE -  Maya Entertainment, a well-established Film and Television Production, and Distribution company, seeks a well-rounded, experienced, and talented Executive to head the Development/ Acquisitions Department. This individual would be responsible for developing, pitching, selling and acquiring material. Applicant must have 5 years minimum industry experience. This individual must have production and acquisition executives' contacts in long form television, series and independent feature arenas as well as relationships with established writers and directors. Applicant must be a self starter and have a broad background with significant experience in production issues, acquisition and licensing issues, entertainment related contracts and negotiating deals. Knowledge of Movie Magic software and familiarity with budgets a plus. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) is also plus as the company has significant relationships in Spain and Latin America. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits, performance bonuses, and stock options are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT - Maya Cinemas North America, Inc., an Exhibition and Real Estate Development Company, seeks an Office Manager/First Assistant to the CEO. The CEO is actively involved in public work involving a significant amount of entrepreneurial, political, entertainment, and non-profit and educational activities. We are seeking an individual who has exceptional oral and written communication and organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task with a positive, flexible personality and professional demeanor. Responsibilities include answering telephones, coordinating and scheduling conference calls/meetings/pitches/travel, juggling schedules, research, creating, organizing and maintaining files and contacts, faxing, copying, ordering supplies and drafting letters. The job would also include support for other executives of the company and finding and managing interns. The ideal candidate should be experienced with computers, including proficiency with Outlook, Word, Excel and Acrobat programs and must be able to efficiently work in a fast-paced environment. Previous assistant experience is required and general knowledge of the entertainment industry is a plus. Assistant should be a self-starter, driven, and an independent thinker ready to support the CEO in all arenas. Must be able to run the entire office efficiently when the CEO is traveling or out of the office. Bachelor's degree is required. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) individuals are preferred. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits and performance bonuses are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

FULL CHARGE BOOKEEPER -  Maya Entertainment, a well-established Film and Television Production, Distribution and Exhibition Company seek a full charge bookkeeper reporting to the Chief Financial Analyst and CFO. This individual would be responsible for the day to day operations of the accounting function for the company, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Key responsibilities will include: maintaining and reconciling general ledger(s), (including preparing journal entries), A/P and A/R, month-end financial close and reporting, establishing and managing PO system, monthly bank reconciliations, handling relationship with payroll processing company, assisting in the annual/semi-annual budget and forecast processes, and various other responsibilities, including maintaining credit, loan and bank accounts for the company. Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting required. Applicant must have minimum 3 years professional accounting bookkeeping experience. Applicants must have strong Excel spreadsheet knowledge. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits and performance bonuses are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

RECEPTIONIST -  Maya Entertainment, a well-established Film and Television Production, Distribution and Exhibition Company is seeking an office receptionist. The applicant must have a professional demeanor, exceptional oral and written communication and organizational skills and the ability to multitask. Responsibilities include greeting guests, answering multiple telephone lines, filing, faxing, copying, ordering supplies, organizing mail and deliveries and maintaining the overall appearance of the office. The job would also include support for other executives in the office. The ideal candidate should be experienced with computers, including proficiency with Outlook, Word, Excel and Acrobat programs and must be able to efficiently work in a fast-paced environment with a great attitude. Bilingual (English/Spanish) verbal and written skills are a plus. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER - Maya Cinemas North America, Inc., a Megaplex Movie Theater Operator and Real Estate Development Company seeks an experienced Real Estate Development Manager for ongoing expansion across the U.S. in Latino centric communities. We are seeking an individual with experience in property acquisition and development including experience with construction and corporate financing. This position will report to and follow up on opportunities generated to the CEO of the company. The applicant must be willing to travel in order to locate and evaluate new sites and establish business relationships across the country. Responsibilities will include market research and due diligence, communication with clients, valuation reports, assisting with appraisals and loan processing and involvement in marketing efforts and sales. Individual must be experienced in all aspects of City, County and Redevelopment Agencys' development processes including processing applications and obtaining approvals, processing of entitlements and/or land acquisition. Applicant must also have knowledge of CUPs, PDs, DDA's general plan amendments and rezoning. Transaction experience including equity, debt, construction debt, and New Market Tax Credits are a plus. Must be able to work independently and travel frequently. This individual must have strong interpersonal skills and excellent verbal and written communication as well as the ability to multi-task. This individual must have a BA degree and strong proficiency in MS Word, Excel and knowledge of Argus a plus. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits and performance bonuses are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@maycinemas.com




Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780


1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
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