April 12, 2007

Decision an historic victory for the Latino Community

President and CEO, Paula Kerger, has announced the inclusion of Latinos in Ken Burns’ documentary THE WAR. The documentary will have new footage shot and be re-edited to include additional content that focuses on stories of Latino and Native American veterans of the Second World War. This addition will also be included in the educational outreach materials. “This is a great victory for the Latino Community,” said retired Congressman Esteban Torres, Chairman of the National Latino Media Council. “The Defend the Honor Campaign moved thousands of Latinos in this nation to take action to demand that PBS include our participation in this important documentary. We owe the campaign leaders enthusiastic accolades for leading us to this victory.”

“It is even more gratifying to learn that Native American veterans will also be included in this film,” said Moctesuma Esparza of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. “The Congressional Hispanic Caucus played an important part in this campaign as well,” added Alex Nogales, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition. “It was a unified effort by our national leadership as well as from individuals from every corner of the nation to include Puerto Rico.”

PBS’ plan includes the following specific elements:

· The New Latino and Native American narratives to the documentary will be included as well in THE WAR’s DVD, website and PBS’ educational outreach materials.

· A Latino producer will be hired by Burns’ production company, Florentine Films, in consultation with PBS, to be part of the production team that will create the additional content.

· THE WAR will premiere on September 23, 2007 during Hispanic Heritage Month as scheduled with inclusion of the new content.

· Additional programming will be aired on World War II that will include and focus on the Latino contributions to the war.

“This is a victory not only for Latinos and Native Americans, but it is also a victory for all Americans regardless of color or creed. We will all now learn the contributions of two groups that have long been ignored and regulated to the sidelines,” said Alex Nogales.

“Paula Kerger and Ken Burns are to be congratulated for hearing our voices and acting on them to make sure our concerns were addressed,” concluded NLMC Chairman Torres.

World War II was a defining moment in the nation’s history. 500,000 Latinos fought in this war earning the most Medals of Honor proportional to our population. This show of patriotism defines who we are and our commitment to the principles of our nation.

MLMC is comprised of 15 of the largest Latino Civil Rights and advocacy organizations in the nation and advocates for diversity in the media, especially as it impacts the Latino community.



Washington, DC – The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S., today commended Paula Kerger, President of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns for their response today to concerns raised by a host of Latino organizations and leaders about the exclusion of Hispanic Americans from Burns' upcoming documentary, "The War," a series chronicling America during World War II.

In a letter today to NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía, Ms. Kerger outlined steps that PBS and Burns will take to include Hispanic American contributions to the war effort, including adding footage to the existing work and hiring a Latino producer to assist in the process. "This response is an important step forward not only for the Latino community but also for everyone interested in a true representation of what all of our country's brave men and women did during World War II," stated Murguía.

"This issue united our community in a way not often seen. At a time when some in this country question the loyalty and patriotism of the nation's growing Latino population, this is a story that our community clearly believes needs to be told. I want to extend my appreciation to all those who worked so hard to bring this issue to light, especially Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez of the Defend Our Honor Campaign, our venerable veterans' organizations such as the American GI Forum, and Latino members of Congress on both sides of the aisle including Congressmen Joe Baca, Luis Fortuño, and Ciro Rodriguez as well as Senators Bob Menendez and Ken Salazar," continued Murguía.

"This response ensures that the story of all Americans will be told. The next step is to ensure how that story will be told. We pledge to work with our sister organizations, PBS, and Mr. Burns to ensure that that story is fair, accurate, and complete," concluded Murguía.


The 2007 Malibu International Film Festival will feature the US premiere of NALIP member, writer and director Sarah Vaill's short documentary, "Women With Altitude: Mind Over Mountains." The screening will take place at the Aero Theater at 1328 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, April 15, 2007. Born and raised in Malibu and currently a resident of Santa Monica, Ms. Vaill will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

"Women With Altitude" tells the story of a women's mountaineering team, including Ms. Vaill, which sets out to climb Huayna Potosi, a 20,000-ft mountain in the Bolivian Andes. But they are not just seven young women - they are the survivors and the family and friends of survivors of domestic violence.

The climb emerges as a breathtaking visual metaphor for the strength the climbers find in themselves to overcome colossal ordeals. Newfound support comes in the form of local Bolivians who join their trek, having climbed uphill battles of their own.

For tickets call (866) 468-3399 or go to www.Ticketweb.com. More information about the festival is available on the website at www.malibufilmfestival.com

In addition to Ms. Vaill's film, there will be several other films with Latino content, cast, or directors screening at the festival:

The Falling Man
directed by Kevin Ackerman
4/13/07 9:30P
A waiter sent down from Windows On The World Restaurant to the 103rd floor cannot find the Canter-Fitzgerald employee who placed the order, nor anyone else. It's 9:41 a.m., September 11, 2001. Starring Rick Ojeda, Sarah Zoe-Canner, Steve Oliva

La Rosa Y El Gato
directed by Mary Angelica Molina
4/14/07 11:00AM
The short, La Rosa Y El Gato (The Rose and The Cat) is the story of Romero, a typical Salvadoran immigrant, who dreams of becoming an actor in order to woo Rosa, a woman obsessed with soap operas. When Romero is offered a small part in a popular telenovela, it piques Rosa's interest. His devotion to his dream however, is tested when instead of being asked to play the hero, he is asked to play a rapist.

Marrying God
directed by Duke Johnson
4/14/07 5:00P
In a seedy Hollywood motel where her mother works as a maid, a little girl must find the courage to confront the harsh reality of life when she discovers that nothing is quite what it seems, especially her big sister.A unique coming of age story about the effects of change, the moments of recognition, and the discovery of love. Starring  Ashlyn Sanchez, Alexa Vega, and Jesse Garcia.

La Primavera
directed by Ruben Obregon Casas
4/14/07 5:00P
A lyrical telling of an intimate encounter between a U.S Navy Sailor and a local Chilean woman, La Primavera delves into the fleeting moments of uncertainty and flux that test the bounds of emotional connection. The parting of this couple, though it is never quite seen, and barely spoken of, is what keeps the silent time ticking, the dirge-like Fado droning, and the worlds outside just audible enough to be bittersweet.

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
A documentary by Faith Morgan
4/14/07 10:00A
With the loss of Soviet oil in 1990, Cuba was forced to undergo an
artificial "Peak Oil." This documentary explores how the island nation,
through its focus on community, managed not only to survive but to
transform their entire society to a sustainable, low-energy-use system.

Women With Altitude: Mind Over Mountains
directed by Sarah Vaill
4/15/07  11:00 AM
Upon learning that her mother had experienced years of abuse, Tonya Redfield asked how she herself could make a difference for other women to break the cycle of violence. Setting the goal to climb a 20,000-foot mountain in the Bolivian Andes, Tonya and her team of six women find in themselves a powerful source of strength, supported by Bolivian activists who have climbed uphill battles of their own.


Please help us to get the word out about this year’s Annual Spring Media Conference on April 28, 2007. The title of the conference is "How to Succeed in Communications and the Arts". Detailed information about the conference can be found at http://artsandcommunications.blogspot.com/

Our keynote speaker is Maggie Rodriguez (CBS-4 News Anchor) and a panel of illustrious communicators will discuss how technology impacts on success in Communications and the Arts. Confirmed panel members include George McNeilly-Communications Director for NASCAR, William Edwards of Sprockets Music, Cheryl Mizell WLRN Radio Jazz Show Host, Marian de la Fuente Journalist and Tiffani Helberg CBS-4 Reporter along with our distinguished faculty.

For the first time we will have an open air Art Marketplace Under the Trees with an eclectic collection of plastic arts, furniture and other items of art as part of the conference activities.

Continental Breakfast is served from 9:00 to 9:30 am and the event is free and open to the public.

The conference promises to be very informative and a great networking opportunity. Last year had 80 attendees, mostly media professionals focusing on Hispanic Media issues. This year, given it is a mainstream topic and we will announce all of our new and revised programs, along with the Art Marketplace, a larger audience is expected.

In addition to networking opportunities the conference is a venue for exploring what successful communicators and arts professionals have to say about success in these changing times.


Women In Film cordially invites you to attend the master class SOAPS: The Challenge Involved In Putting On a Show Every Day

Barbara Esensten - Writer, General Hospital
Sandra Dee Robinson - Actress
Ellen Weston - Former Head Writer, General Hospital

Monday, April 16th
7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Stella Adler Theatre
6773 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Parking at Hollywood & Highland. $2 parking with validation from the theatre.

FREE ADMISSION if you mention INFOLIST.com when you RSVP! (normally $15!)

Please contact the WIF Office at (310) 657-5144 and mention you heard about the Master Class from INFOLIST.com for FREE Admission!
Space is limited so RSVP today!



Imagen Award Winning Director & NALIP Member Adam Schlachter ("My Backyard Was A Mountain") Invites all NALIP Members to a Free Sneak Preview of his Debut Feature Film, "The Oakley Seven", Starring Sandra Echeverria ("Marina") and Walter Perez ("Friday Night Lights"). The Sneak Preview will also Include the Experimental Short, "The Stain On The Sidewalk", Written and Directed by Adam, Executive Produced by Henry Priest ("Underdog"), and Starring Emily Rios ("Quinceanera").

"The Oakley Seven" Preview
Tuesday, May 1, 7:30 P.M.
The Majestic Crest Theatre
1262 Westwood Boulevard
Westwood, California 90024




Apr. 13, 2007 - (Variety) - In a bid to attract the predominantly young population in the region, National Geographic Channel will launch on April 16 its first branded block aimed at preschoolers. Dubbed "Nat Geo & Me," the block will air daily from 6 a.m. to noon across Latin America, with Mexico airing it between 6 and10 a.m. Programming initially consists of pickups, but original productions will air in the coming months. Main programming block includes "The Zula Patrol," which targets kids ages 3-8 and aims to teach them about Earth and other planets through the exploits of its wacky alien characters. Other skeins include "New MacDonald's Farm" and "Crawford's Corner." These are dubbed into Spanish and, for Brazil, Portuguese. Developed with child psychologists and infant development experts, "Nat Geo & Me" also includes educational interstitials with riddles, puzzles and information on a variety of subjects such as food, the elements, the environment, numbers and colors. Full Story here


Apr. 13, 2007 - MEXICO CITY (Variety) - Mexican media conglom Televisa is among investors going after Spanish telco Telefonica's majority stake in production company Endemol, according to media reports. The Mexican web is facing another tough bidding war, going head to head with Thomas H. Lee Partners - who was among the group of investors that beat out Televisa in its bid for U.S. Hispanic net Univision - as well as other deep-pocketed investors. Televisa, run by topper Emilio Azcarraga Jean, has been aiming to expand internationally. But it was thwarted last year in its attempt to acquire Univision by a group composed of media mogul Haim Saban, Thomas H. Lee Partners and others. Full Story here


Apr. 12, 2007 - (Variety) - CBS stared down Don Imus, canceling the shock jock's show. But with the cancellation, CBS Radio suddenly finds itself once again having to replace a profitable morning drive host. Unlike with the departure of Howard Stern to satellite radio, however, it was CBS' decision to cut Imus loose. Move could hurt Imus' New York flagship, sports talker WFAN, and its long-running status as one of the country's top-billing radio stations. The axing leaves 60 other stations without a morning show as well, including WTKK Boston and WTNT Washington, D.C. -- and strips Westwood One of one of its key syndicated talkers. But it became clear to CBS Radio execs that keeping Imus in place would do more harm than letting him go. Decision to dump the long-running AM jock appeared inevitable after major advertisers including Procter & Gamble, GM, American Express, Sprint and Staples pulled their ads from the show. Full Story here



We are looking for a Vietnamese-American writer to adapt a two-act theatrical drama production into a feature screenplay. This story is based on true-life incidents of 3 Vietnamese young men - thus our need for Vietnamese-American writers - someone who speaks the language and knows the culture.

If you are Vietnamese-American or are extremely familiar with the culture and can speak the language, please email us a logline and synopsis for one of your completed screenplays. In the personal message to us, please include and confirm your Vietnamese background.

If it appears that there is a match, we will request to read one of your scripts, which will serve as a sample of your writing.

Credits for our company include: 'Presque Isle,' 'Pan,' 'Scheme C6,' 'Bill's Gun Shop,' 'Winter Oranges,' and others.

1. Please go to www.InkTippro.com/leads
2. Enter your email address (you will be signing up for InkTip's newsletter - FREE!)
3. Copy/Paste this code: 57k7fu7a9e
4. You will be submitting a logline and synopsis only, and you will be contacted to submit the full script only if there is interest from the production company.




Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780


1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401



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