April 3, 2007


Latino Studies All Star Lineup to Discuss and Celebrate the Release of None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era, a volume edited by NALIP Executive Board member, filmmaker/writer Frances Negrón-Muntaner

This coming April 11, 2007, New York University's Latino Studies Program and The Hispanic Scholarship Fund-Latin@ Scholar Chapter will host some of the best minds writing about Latinos to discuss Frances Negrón-Muntaner's latest book, the edited volume None of the Above: Puerto Ricans in the Global Era (Palgrave).

The book is already getting rave reviews. Literary and globalization scholar Bruce Robbins (Columbia University) has called the volume “a totally compelling collection” by “arguably the most brilliant among an impressive cohort of Puerto Rican cultural critics.” For New York University's Arlene Dávila, an anthropologist and key figure in Latino Studies, the book offers “some of the most important and original Puerto Rican studies scholars working…a must read on Puerto Rican and Latino Studies, and on the working of contemporary nationalism and colonialism more generally."

Based on a series of conferences organized by Negrón-Muntaner from 2000-2004, None of the Above is a state-of-the-art volume about contemporary debates regarding Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, both in the United States and on the Island. The title simultaneously refers to the results of a non-binding 1998 plebiscite held in San Juan to determine the Island's political status, the ambiguities that have characterized Puerto Rican political agency, and the complexities of boricua ethnic, national, and cultural identifications in the global era.

Arnaldo Cruz Malavé, literary scholar and associate director of Latin American Studies at Fordham University, will lead the presentation. Negrón-Muntaner and several of the volume's collaborators, including Christina Duffy Burnett (Columbia University), Juan Flores (New York University), Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel (University of Pennsylvania), and Raquel Z. Rivera (City University of New York) will join him.

Volume editor Negrón-Muntaner is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and scholar. She is the co-editor of Puerto Rican Jam: Rethinking Colonialism and Nationalism and author of Boricua Pop: Puerto Ricans and the Latinization of America Culture. Since 2003, she teaches at Columbia University. For additional information on Negrón-Muntaner's work, see http://www.francesnegronmuntaner.net

The event will be held at New York University's Kimball Hall Lounge, 246 Greene Street, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. A reception will follow.

Contact (Presentation):
Daniel Nieves (646) 307-502

Contact (Palgrave):
Cheryl Vawdewy


LPA Fellow Marlene Velasco-Begue has been working at Link TV on the research, mapping, preparation and production on a new TV magazine program: LATIN PULSE/PULSO LATINO. And finally the program's premiere is tonight. She would love to invite our Nalipters community to have a peek at this unique show, that brings the "voices from the south" to North American audiences, by making accessible to the viewers here the issues and news affecting Latin America-US relations.

In the program tonight we have news segment from Latino America broadcaster, follow by a discussion with guests in San Francisco and Washington DC, the topics on the first show are: President Bush recent visit to Latino America. Bush is back in the region, but not by popular demand... Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and his "counter trip" in Latin America. Is Chavez the "new Castro"?.... Corruption in Latino America, what fuels the production of drugs, and what drugs' money does to corrupt economies in development... Who the drugs' buyers are?... NEWS AND ANALYSIS FROM LATIN AMERICA AS SEEN BY LATIN AMERICAN MEDIA. A bilingual English/Spanish monthly program.

Thursday April 12
9 PM Pacific
Midnight Eastern

Direct TV Channel 375
Dish Channel 9410
Check your local cable listing.



The National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture's (NAMAC) 2007 Conference, The Frontier is Here: Create, Engage, Act seeks panels that inform and engage an estimated 450 attendees in Austin, October 17-20, 2007.

We are looking for traditional and new models for presenting current and/or innovative ideas, trends and concerns in the media and visual arts fields.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 20, 2007.

For more information visit the NAMAC website.



Mi name is Maricruz Badia, I am the outreach coordinator for HITN, the channel that educates and entertains, the first national public television network for Latinos in the United States. I am writing because on Thursday April 19 at 9 PM Eastern Time, we will broadcast a new edition of our production Latinoamerica Hoy about the current social movement in Oaxaca.

This Latinoamerica Hoy program will present the premier in Spanish of the documentary “Land, Rain and Fire: Report from Oaxaca” produced by social independent filmmaker Tami Gold and Gerardo Renique professor and writer of Latin American History. Following the documentary journalist Juan Carlos Fernández will moderate a live discussion on the current status of the social movement in Oaxaca with Gold, Renique and a journalist from that region in Mexico. The viewers will be able to call in and send emails during the discussion. We will also present “El Golpe” a 12 minute video that gives an update of the current struggle in Oaxaca.

We want to work with communities who are supportive of the movement in Oaxaca to make sure that as many people as possible tune in and participate in the program.

For this reason, my department is seeking to collaborate with groups or individuals interested in this topic to coordinate gatherings the day of the broadcast in centers, churches or homes around the US.

If you are interested in organizing a gathering in your community or if you know of a group that might be interested, please call or email me as soon as possible at 1-800-294-4486 ext. 3801 or mbadia@hitn.org

I hope we’re in touch soon. Scroll further down for information on the documentary and the producers.


HITN can be watched in all of the United States through the following satellite channels: 438 on Direct TV, and 843 & 9401 on Dish Network. HITN can also be viewed through the following cable systems:

CA: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose & Santa Clara (AT&T U-verse, ch 3055)
CA: Watsonville, Capitola, Central, San Luis Obispo, West Sacramento & Turlock (Charter Cable, ch 264)
CO: Denver (Comcast, ch 649)
CT: New Haven, Hartford & Stamford (AT&T U-verse, ch 3055)
IN: Indianapolis (AT&T U-verse, ch 3055)
MO: Kansas City (Time Warner Cable, ch 167)
NJ: Parts of the counties of Bergen & Hudson (Time Warner Cable, ch 811)
NV: Reno (Charter Cable, ch 264)
NY: Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn (Time Warner Cable, ch 811)
TX: Austin (Time Warner Cable, ch 645)
TX: Houston & San Antonio (AT&T U-verse, ch 3055)
TX: San Antonio (Time Warner Cable, ch 294)
WA: Statewide (Charter Cable, ch 264)

Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN) is the first and only Latino/Spanish-language public television network providing educational and cultural programming in the United States. HITN was founded in 1987 with the intention of advancing the educational, cultural, socioeconomic and political aspirations of Latinos living in the US. Some of HITN’s programming highlights include: GED en Español, a series that prepares viewers to obtain their high school diploma; EASY English, a series of classes to teach Spanish speakers basic and intermediate English language skills; Dialogo de Costa a Costa, a daily live talk show that provides a forum for Latinos to call in live to give their opinions and ask questions on key issues affecting their families and communities; and Latinoamerica Hoy a live discussion program that provides the audience the opportunity to watch documentaries and discuss topics of current interest throughout Latin American. For more information visit: www.hitn.org.

LAND RAIN & FIRE: Report From Oaxaca
30 minutes
As the people’s movements in Latin America take center stage -- LAND RAIN & FIRE is a must see! Through personal testimonials this video examines the origins of social discontent in Oaxaca and documents its transformation into a pacific democratic insurgency. What began as a teachers’ strike for better wages and more resources for students has erupted into a massive movement for profound social change in the state of Oaxaca. With the largest indigenous population in Mexico, the state of Oaxaca is also one of the poorest and has the highest rate of school dropouts. On June 14, at 4:20AM, the police made a surprise attack. The more than fifty thousand teachers camped out with their children were awakened to tear gas, pepper spray and helicopters. Dozens of teachers and their children were hospitalized. But the attack backfired as public anger transformed the strike into an unprecedented democratic insurgency, demanding the resignation of Governor Ruiz. Hundreds of unions, indigenous and women’s organizations, neighborhood groups, students and professional associations came together and created APPO - The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca and a massive campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience has brought the state government to a standstill.

Videos Produced by Tami Gold & Gerardo Renique
Tami Gold is a visual artist and producer and director of documentary films that address urgent social justice issues. One of her most recent documentary Every Mother’s Son follows the efforts of three mothers as they try to get justice for their sons who were killed by NYC police officers. Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was broadcast on PBS. Gold’s other films include "Making A Killing: Phillip Morris, Kraft and Global Tobacco Addiction" (2000), "Another Brother" (1999), "Out At Work: Lesbians and Gay Men On the Job" (1997) and "Juggling Gender" (1992). Gold is a professor in the Department of Film and media Studies at Hunter College of the City University of New York.

Gerardo Renique is a professor of History at the City College of the City University of New York. He is the co-author (with D. Poole) of Peru Time of Fear and most recently editor of "The Reawakening of Revolution in Latin America" an special issue of Socialism and Democracy (#39 Nov. 2005). His recent publications include: "Strategic Challenges of Latin America's Anti-neoliberal Insurgency" in Teo Ballve and Vijay Prashad (eds.) Dispatches from Latin America: On the Frontlines Against Neo-liberalism (South End Press, 2006).



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Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua are NALIP members who screened a wonderful episode of their new animated Nickelodeon series "El Tigre" at NALIPsters on View, March 9, as part of Nickelodeon's participation at Conference 8. Below is an article about them from the Los Angeles Times.

A married couple gives it one last shot and scores with the kids' cartoon series 'El Tigre.'

By Agustin Gurza
LA Times Staff Writer

This is the tale of "El Tigre," a new animated TV series about Latinos that was actually created by Latinos. It's a story, like so many in Los Angeles, of immigration, ambition, defeat, triumph and, of course, romance.

It starts at the border town of Tijuana, where the show's creators, Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua, met in high school 13 years ago and fell in love, initially against the wishes of her family, who are all doctors.

Gutierrez studied at CalArts on a student visa, graduating in 2000 with a master's in experimental animation. That's when the clock started ticking. If he didn't get a job and a work visa within one year, he'd be forced to go back to Mexico.

"It's the greatest motivator of all time to be told, 'If you don't find a job, we'll deport you,' " says Gutierrez, 32.

So the artist started schlepping from studio to studio with his portfolio, filled with fanciful drawings of colorful characters steeped in his cultural roots.

"A lot of studios would tell me, 'This stuff is too Mexican. It's too Latino. We really don't want to do stuff like that. There's no market for it. There's no audience for it.' I kept pitching and pitching."

Once he was even dismissed with: "The day Scooby-Doo goes to Mexico, we'll give you a call."

During this process, Gutierrez, who worked briefly for shows such as PBS Kids' "Maya and Miguel" and the Cartoon Network's "Mucha Lucha," was surprised to learn that "Mucha Lucha," about a Mexican wrestler, was created by two Australians. Even Nickelodeon's "Dora the Explorer" and "Go Diego Go," perhaps the best-known Latino-themed animated shows for youngsters, were not created by Latinos, according to the network.

"I wanted to talk to all the other Latino creators to hear about their experiences, but I couldn't find any," he says.

In 2001, Gutierrez married Equihua, 31, who had studied graphic design and illustration in Mexico before joining her husband in Los Angeles. They figured they had one last shot.

"Why don't we try to pitch a cartoon about our lives?" they asked themselves. "Let's look at everything we love in movies and art and literature, everything we really like from Latin America, specifically from Mexico … where it's about their families and where they're from, with really personal stories."

Thus was born "El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera," the couple's visually dazzling cartoon series on Nickelodeon. The story is about a teenager, Manny, and his conflicted superhero alter ego, El Tigre, who knows the difference between right and wrong but has a hard time choosing. His best friend, Frida, who has a band called the Atomic Sombreros, is not the best influence, but she's a lot of fun.

Unlike Dora and Diego, "El Tigre" is aimed at older kids, 8 to 11, and is entirely in English, except for a few L.A.-inspired exclamations such as "Ay Cahuenga!" Mexican culture is the context, the stories universal.

The formula seems to be working. "El Tigre's" March 3 premiere was Nickelodeon's best for a Saturday morning series, beating the July 1999 debut of "SpongeBob SquarePants," currently cable's No. 1 show for kids 2 to 11.

"Latino content seems to be not just for Latinos anymore," concludes Gutierrez. "It's sort of reaching this whole new acceptance by the American audience."

Story Online Here


By Ira Teinowitz

The Federal Communication Commission today gave the final OK for the nearly $12.3 billion deal taking Univision Communications private. The decision came only after the Spanish media giant agreed to pay $24 million to settle charges of its stations airing soap operas as kids shows, violating kids programming obligations.

The fine, the largest ever for the FCC, had been disclosed early by FCC chairman Kevin J. Martin and resulted from challenges to license renewals of Univision's Cleveland and San Francisco stations filed by the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ and the National Hispanic Media Coalition. The groups argued the Spanish-language teen telenovelas that Univision aired as children's programming weren't in fact children's programming.

With today's approval the five firms making up Broadcasting Media Partners -- Saban Capital Group, Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, Texas Pacific Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners -- could make the acquisition final within hours.

Broadcasting Media Partners announced in February that OMD Worldwide president-CEO Joe Uva will become Univision's CEO effective April 1.

FCC commissioner Michael Copps while approving the deal expressed some concern about whether the companies buying Univision will have sufficient financial resources.

"I think it is quite significant that today's transaction involves the transfer of 114 full-power TV and radio licenses from a public corporation -- one whose stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is included in the S&P 500 -- to five private equity firms," Mr. Copps said.

"The Commission has never analyzed the consequences of this type of transaction for its ability to ensure that licensees protect, serve and sustain the public interest. I, for one, have some real questions about how the assumption of massive amounts of debt will affect a media company's stewardship of the airwaves."


Actor-Director MIKE GOMEZ will guest star on the new CBS series, 'SHARK', as 'Luis Flores', on Thursday, April 5, 2007 in the episode titled, 'Trial By Fire'. "Shark" star James Woods as Sebastian Stark, along with Jeri Ryan, Danielle Panabaker, Sophina Brown, Sarah Carter and Sam Page. MIKE, who co-moderated the 'Intensive Marketing & Cold Reading Workshop" with CBS Vice President of Casting Fern Orenstein at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers Conference in Newport Beach this year, recently appeared on 'GENERAL HOSPITAL', 'DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' and Fox's hit show, 'BONES'.

His recent TV credits also include guest starring roles in the Hallmark Movie of the Week, 'THE READING ROOM' with renowned actor James Earl Jones,and the CBS Movie of the Week, 'LOCUSTS'. MIKE was also seen as a series regular as 'Capt. Gallardo' on the revisited NBC series, 'HUNTER' with Fred Dryer and Stepanie Kramer. A veteran actor, MIKE has co-starred in a number of films including 'THE BORDER' with Jack Nicolson, 'HEARTBREAK RIDGE' with Clint Eastwood, the Robert Redford-directed and Moctezuma Esparza produced 'MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR', 'BORN IN E.L.A.' with Cheech Marin, Gregory Nava's 'EL NORTE', and Luis Valdez's 'ZOOT SUIT'. Other film credits include the Cohen Bros.' 'THE BIG LEBOWSKI', 'DANCE WITH ME', 'LUMINARIAS', 'ROAD DOGZ' and 'MY FATHER'S LOVE', among others. His other TV credits include guest starring roles in 'RESURRECTION BLVD', 'X-FILES', 'WALKER TEXAS RANGER', CHICAGO HOPE, 'STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION', to name a few.

In theater, MIKE starred as 'Abraham Quintanilla' in the musical based on Tejana star SELENA in 'SELENA: A CELEBRATION OF LIFE at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles and on the national tour. His many theatre credits include the Mark Taper Forum and Broadway productions of Luis Valdez's 'ZOOT SUIT', and 'FATHERS & SONS' with Richard Chamberlain.

As a director, MIKE's credits include national talent showcases for the networks CBS and ABC, 'The Last Angry Brown Hat', and 'Macho Men & the Women Who Love Them'.



Maya Entertainment, a well-established Film and Television Production, and Distribution company, seeks a well-rounded, experienced, and talented Executive to head the Development/ Acquisitions Department. This individual would be responsible for developing, pitching, selling and acquiring material. Applicant must have 5 years minimum industry experience. This individual must have production and acquisition executives' contacts in long form television, series and independent feature arenas as well as relationships with established writers and directors. Applicant must be a self starter and have a broad background with significant experience in production issues, acquisition and licensing issues, entertainment related contracts and negotiating deals. Knowledge of Movie Magic software and familiarity with budgets a plus. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) is also plus as the company has significant relationships in Spain and Latin America. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits, performance bonuses, and stock options are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

Maya Cinemas North America, Inc., an Exhibition and Real Estate Development Company, seeks an Office Manager/First Assistant to the CEO. The CEO is actively involved in public work involving a significant amount of entrepreneurial, political, entertainment, and non-profit and educational activities. We are seeking an individual who has exceptional oral and written communication and organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task with a positive, flexible personality and professional demeanor. Responsibilities include answering telephones, coordinating and scheduling conference calls/meetings/pitches/travel, juggling schedules, research, creating, organizing and maintaining files and contacts, faxing, copying, ordering supplies and drafting letters. The job would also include support for other executives of the company and finding and managing interns. The ideal candidate should be experienced with computers, including proficiency with Outlook, Word, Excel and Acrobat programs and must be able to efficiently work in a fast-paced environment. Previous assistant experience is required and general knowledge of the entertainment industry is a plus. Assistant should be a self-starter, driven, and an independent thinker ready to support the CEO in all arenas. Must be able to run the entire office efficiently when the CEO is traveling or out of the office. Bachelor's degree is required. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) individuals are preferred. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits and performance bonuses are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

Maya Entertainment, a well-established Film and Television Production, Distribution and Exhibition Company seek a full charge bookkeeper reporting to the Chief Financial Analyst and CFO. This individual would be responsible for the day to day operations of the accounting function for the company, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Key responsibilities will include: maintaining and reconciling general ledger(s), (including preparing journal entries), A/P and A/R, month-end financial close and reporting, establishing and managing PO system, monthly bank reconciliations, handling relationship with payroll processing company, assisting in the annual/semi-annual budget and forecast processes, and various other responsibilities, including maintaining credit, loan and bank accounts for the company. Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting required. Applicant must have minimum 3 years professional accounting bookkeeping experience. Applicants must have strong Excel spreadsheet knowledge. Compensation is based on history and experience and benefits and performance bonuses are part of the compensation package. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com

Maya Entertainment, a well-established Film and Television Production, Distribution and Exhibition Company is seeking an office receptionist. The applicant must have a professional demeanor, exceptional oral and written communication and organizational skills and the ability to multitask. Responsibilities include greeting guests, answering multiple telephone lines, filing, faxing, copying, ordering supplies, organizing mail and deliveries and maintaining the overall appearance of the office. The job would also include support for other executives in the office. The ideal candidate should be experienced with computers, including proficiency with Outlook, Word, Excel and Acrobat programs and must be able to efficiently work in a fast-paced environment with a great attitude. Bilingual (English/Spanish) verbal and written skills are a plus. Please send cover letter and resume to hr@mayacinemas.com


Mas and More Entertainment is seeking experienced crew for a short film project. Need an AC, 2nd AC, and Grip/Electricians, for HD camera. Scheduled to shoot on the 6, 7, and 8th. There is pay.

To Apply: please contact the line producer Eduardo Rodriguez at: ertlobo@yahoo.com

Thank you
Mas & More Entertainment




Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780


1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401



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