January 18, 2007

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Conference 8
March 8 – 11, 2007 Newport Beach, CA

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The Entrepreneur Lexicon with Moctesuma Esparza
Join Award Winning Producer, Entrepreneur and Activist Moctesuma Esparza for a private seminar exploring the keys to personal and professional success. Mr. Esparza will explore the philosophical approach to language and intention that is essential for personal transformation. When you learn to speak with intention your actions take on new purpose and when you speak with power you in turn act with power. DEADLINE MARCH 5, 2007

Story Development Workshop
Harrison Reiner, UCLA Instructor of Story Development and Screenwriting, CBS-Paramount Television Staff Story Analyst (I.A.T.S.E.), former Production Executive for Sovereign Pictures (co-distributors of the Academy Award-winning motion pictures MY LEFT FOOT and CINEMA PARADISO, and NALIP mentor, will once again this year be conducting his 3-day story development workshop for film and television writers. Writers come to the workshop with pitches and/or rough draft treatments which will be developed for feature films, films for television, and or television series. The workshop, to which admission if highly competitive, is an excellent preparatory program for those seeking acceptance into the Latino Writers Lab. Rolling admissions start immediately. Applicants must submit a full resume and a writing sample of no more than ten paragraphs. E-mail resume and writing sample to danielabeas@gmail.com DEADLINE MARCH 1, 2007

Other important conference dates to remember:
- Early Bird Registration DEADLINE – February 5, 2007
- Scholarship Application DEADLINE – February 5, 2007
- NALIPsters On View DEADLINE – February 2, 2007
- Documentary Pitch Evaluation & Sample Tape Forum DEADLINE – March 9, 2007
- Intensive Actor/Director Marketing/Cold Reading Workshop DEADLINE – March 9, 2007

Visit the Conference website at www.nalip.org under Conference 8 to read more about the program, speakers and awards.


Crafting a Great Story
Starts: January 13, 2007
Duration: 10 weeks
Days: Saturdays, 1-5pm
Location: UCLA campus, Room TBA
Instructor: Harrison Reiner
Max Enrollment: 10 students
Contact: (310) 825-6124
$100 discount for Harrison's UCLA School of Film and Television writing workshop, off of the $750 tuition fee.

This intensive workshop gives students the opportunity to work side-by-side with a professional story analyst in a highly supportive environment. The instructor supervises the students as they craft stories that can emotionally engage a motion picture or television audience and have the best chance to sell in a highly competitive marketplace. This highly individualized workshop is designed to meet the differing needs of each participant. The instructor will take into account how far along in the story development process each project is, from an as-yet unwritten idea to a finished screenplay with story problems. Both original ideas and projects based on underlying material are welcome. One-on-one consultations with the instructor, and off-campus focus groups are available and complement the workshop experience.

Instructor Harrison Reiner: Staff Story Analyst (I.A.T.S.E.), CBS-Paramount Television; Mentor, the NALIP Latino Writers Lab; Founding Director, Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival Writers Workshop and Desi Arnaz Memorial Scholarship; conducts the Writing for Directors Workshop of the Directors Guild of America and the Writers Workshop of the Hollywood Black Film Festival; former Production Executive, Sovereign Pictures (co-distributors of Academy Award-winning motion pictures My Left Foot and Cinema Paradiso); served as story analyst for Universal Pictures, Sherry Lansing Productions, and Warner Brothers Feature Animation.


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P.O.V., public television’s acclaimed showcase of independent nonfiction films, has named four productions to receive support from the series’ Diverse Voices Project (DVP), made possible through major funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The DVP initiative, launched in 2003, awards co-production funding to filmmakers with creative and compelling stories to tell about diverse communities. The four films were selected from 345 submissions, and will air nationally on PBS during P.O.V.’s 20th season in 2007 and 21st season in 2008.

Documenting the lives, struggle and personal transformation of three Latina garment factory workers over a tumultuous three-year period,"Made in L.A." artfully reveals the challenges facing immigrant workers and explores the dramatic and complex impact of globalization on the U.S. apparel industry and its largely immigrant workforce. "Made in L.A." is by NALIP member and LPA fellow Almudena Carracedo. (See the Spotlight for her story)



All great things must come to an end... 1 day left to apply for the Latino Media Market! Deadline is January 19, 2007. APPLY HERE NOW


NALIP has asked me to write a short piece to share the path that I have taken with my documentary MADE IN L.A. It has been a challenging and exciting journey and I hope that this story will be helpful to other NALIPsters who may be embarking on similar journeys.

When I started making MADE IN L.A., a documentary about immigrants working in Los Angeles’ garment factories, I was planning to do a short educational documentary that would take about five months. Little did I know then that, five years later, MADE IN L.A. would have completely taken over my life and evolved into a feature documentary for PBS’ POV series!

Like many young docmakers, I just jumped in and committed to it passionately… And quite blindly, frankly! Luckily, I had my own camera, but didn’t have any financial resources to move the project forward, and was completely alone in the enterprise. I tried to compensate for those deficiencies by soaking up information: I had endless meetings with more experienced filmmakers who were graciously willing to share their experiences, and I absorbed every little scrap of information that they could provide.

As I moved forward, armed with greater context, a few things happened that shaped my path. First, about a year into the project, I met Doculink founder Robert Bahar, who started out as an advisor to the project and who later became my producing partner. At last, I was not alone.

Then, I was introduced to NALIP by board member Vangie Griego (thanks Vangie!) and attended the 2004 conference, which blew my mind. I took pages and pages of notes and learned so much about the business context for filmmaking and about what makes docs work out there in the world. I met with Cara Mertes, then the head of POV, and Richard Saiz from ITVS. I also showed my trailer in front of a panel and I will never forget one of the panelist’s reactions: “Your trailer is like a hammer on my head!” Looking back, she was right, both about the trailer and about the fact that I needed to push myself and the project to the “next level”. That same year, I was lucky enough to attend the Latino Producers Academy, which was like a “documentary boot camp”. While there, I shared the project and got crucial guidance about every aspect of production. The project was received much better than it had been at the conference, but still wasn’t quite there yet. Armed with new ideas and inspired by other participants, I returned to Los Angeles to continue filming. In my heart, I had also re-committed myself to shaping and reshaping the film as many times as would be needed to find its true form.

Later that year, the project was accepted into the IFP Market. There, my producer and I met with a number of broadcasters and pitched them all the project. Despite much interest and many follow up phone calls, no funders would make a commitment. Three years into the project, I still didn’t know whether we would ever be funded. But I was convinced that, somehow, people would one day see the film.

Driven by our passion, we continued working for another year. More than once, we resolved not to waste time writing any more grant applications and just to MAKE the film on our own. But after working hard to apply all the feedback that we had received, we decided to apply to ITVS for a third and final time. Finally, in late 2005, we learned with great joy that we had been accepted by ITVS. This year, as we were editing, we have received more news: MADE IN L.A. has received a grant from the Sundance Documentary Fund and POV has accepted MADE IN L.A. into its “Diverse Voices Project.” How far this little film has come – and how much I have learned – since that first day I went to the NALIP Conference in Santa Barbara…

The path for a doc today is pretty hard – tons of proposals, tons of rejection letters, tons of work, sacrifice, tears. Slow progress. But the one thing that I learned is that we’re not alone in that path. That there are communities, like NALIP, who, true to their mission, work fiercely to support us in that path. And for that I’m extremely thankful.

- Almudena Carracedo


Jan. 18, 2007 - (People) - Ugly Betty star America Ferrera was already honored at the Golden Globes, and now she's been lauded in Congress. Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis (D-Calif.) took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday to publicly salute Ferrera, 22, for her Globe win and for raising the profile of Latinos in popular culture. "Madame Speaker, I rise today to congratulate America Ferrera for winning the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy for her work in the ABC show Ugly Betty," Solis said. "Through her work, Ms. Ferrera is breaking down barriers for Latinos in prime-time television... I commend America and everyone involved in Ugly Betty for helping to break down stereotypes and provide a role model for young Latinas." Ferrera, the daughter of Honduran immigrants, told USA Today in November of her ABC hit, "What I think is successful is, it's not about stereotypes. They're not hitting piñatas every weekend. More important than having Latinos on TV is having a representation of the variations of what a Latino is." Full Story here


Jan. 15, 2007 - PALM SPRINGS (indieWIRE) - Guillermo Del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth" from Mexico won the prize for best foreign language film at the 2007 Palm Springs International Film Festival, which wrapped up last night in the Southern California desert town. Rafi Pitts' "It's Winter" from Iran won the grand jury prize in the New Voices/New Visions competition, with a special jury mention going to Veronica Chen's "Agua" from Argentina. In audience award ballotting, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's "The Lives of Others" won the prize for narrative feature and Lucy Walker's UK doc "Blindsight" won the prize for best documentary. Full Story here


Jan. 16, 2007 - PALM SPRINGS (indieWIRE) - Want to become a producer of a film helmed by a four-time-Oscar-nominated director? All you need is $5 million, and Paul Mazursky will chat with you. Yes, the man responsible for both "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" and "The Pickle" has written the perfect screenplay on immigration with a role tailored for Gael Garcia Bernal; all he needs is the moolah, or so he said in the lobby of the Hotel Zoso, the center locale for the 18th Palm Springs International Film Festival. Full Story here


Jan. 16, 2007 - (Variety) - For the first time ever, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Tuesday unveiled a shortlist of contenders for foreign-language Oscar -- with the announcement and the results reflecting recent rule changes. The nine pics are "Days of Glory" (Algeria), "Water" (Canada), "After the Wedding" (Denmark), "Avenue Montaigne" (France), "The Lives of Others" (Germany), "Pan's Labyrinth" (Mexico), "Black Book" (The Netherlands), "Volver" (Spain) and "Vitus" (Switzerland). Full Story here


Jan. 16, 2007 - AUSTIN (indieWIRE) - The South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW) is putting out a call to filmmakers who would like to submit their best "grindhouse trailer," in recognition of the April release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's "Grindhouse." A sample of the best submissions will be judged by Rodriguez himself, and presented during SXSW, on March 11, 2007. The deadline is February 12. For more information, visit the SXSW website.


Jan. 17, 2007 - (indieWIRE) - North American rights to 2006 Sundance Film Festival doc "The Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez" by Heidi Specogn as been acquired by Montreal-based Atopia Distribution. The film will be released in the U.S. and Canada in March with a DVD release to follow in early summer, according to the company. Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Antonio Gutierrez was one of the 300,000 soldiers the U.S. military sent to war in Iraq in March, 2003. A few hours after the war began, his picture was broadcast all over the world: he was the first American soldier to be killed in Iraq. He was also a so-called 'green-card soldier' - one of approximately 32,000 non-U.S. citizens fighting in the ranks of the U.S. armed forces, who would receive U.S. citizenship as compensation for their sacrifice.


Jan. 15, 2007 - BERLIN (AFP) - Clint Eastwood's "Letters from Iwo Jima" and "Bordertown" starring Jennifer Lopez will be among top films showcased at the Berlin International Film Festival next month. Full Story here


JAN. 13, 2007 - EL PASO (El Paso Times) - For almost 10 years, Adriana Garza struggled to make a name for herself in Hollywood. It wasn't great. Garza often found herself working only in commercials promoting psychic hot lines or advertising the latest car model. And yet, even if she could, the former El Pasoan would change little about her life. In her struggles, she found her voice to tell her side of the story in the original play "The Art of Being" - which ultimately earned her recognition she could not have imagined. Full Story here


Jan. 15, 2007 - MADRID (HispanicBusiness.com) - Spanish-language filmmakers believe 2007 is the year when Hispanic films will finally achieve a breakthrough in Britain, long considered the most difficult international market of all. Penelope Cruz was nominated on Friday for best actress in the Bafta awards, pitting her against such home-grown screen goddesses as Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench and Kate Winslet. Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth - a Mexican-Spanish fantasy about Franco's Spain - gained eight nominations, including best non-English-language film, along with Pedro Almodvar's Volver, starring Cruz. Full Story here


Jan. 16, 2007 - (VARIETY) - Showtime is getting some "Ayuda" from Jennifer Lopez and "Friends" alum Alexa Junge. Duo are developing a single-camera half-hour laffer
for the paybox that's set in the world of Latina nannies in Los
Angeles. Full Story here


Jan. 16, 2007 - BEVERLY HILLS (AP) - A Mexican director delivered the globe-spanning best drama Golden Globe winner. A U.S. director crafted the foreign-language champ. Another American won a key acting prize playing an African dictator. And a Brit received an acting honor for playing a Kazakh man. Full Story here


Jan. 16, 2007 - (Los Angeles Times) - Esther Renteria was moved by what she did not see on television. With the premiere of "Ahora!" on KCET-TV in 1969, the journalist became the first Latina to appear in a nightly newscast. But in the years that followed, that success underscored a harsh reality: the near absence of Latinos from broadcast media. Correcting the injustice became Renteria's passion. For decades, she worked to increase the number of Latinos in news and other programs. She formed advocacy groups, met with general managers of stations, filed petitions with the Federal Communications Commission and raised scholarship funds for Latino journalism students. Full Story here


Tuesday's LITI News incorrectly stated that Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu wrote and directed "Babel." Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu produced and directed Babel, and Guillermo Arriaga wrote the screenplay. We apologize for the error.


Palmarejo Films is looking for finished feature screenplays to produce. Something that can be made for a low budget, anything under $5 MIL. Any genre except horror/sci-fi. Can be feel-good, violent-controversial, romantic-comedy, or protagonist struggles against society. Latino stories prefered.

Looking for screenplays that do not have a director attached. Loglines only: adimafilm@hotmail.com


Matador Films LLC seeks intern to assist with subtitling a feature documentary on Spanish matador. The Internship would involve helping subtitle rough cut - beginning in mid-January, and final cut - beginning in March. Credit given and opportunity for paid position.

Please visit www.elfandifilm.com for more information on film.
To apply, please contact Stephen Higgins at sh@stephenh.com


HIP TV is casting Spanish speaking families for a Discovery Networks Cooking Show. We are looking for families with traditional recipes and stories associated with their cultural heritage. Each episode features one family as they cook with our chef host. Families located throughout California and of all nationalities are welcome. We are in particular need of COLOMBIANS, DOMINICANS, and PUERTO RICANS.

If interested, please e-mail your Contact Info (name, address, and phone number) and Photos of Family Members and Kitchen to: hipentgroup@yahoo.com Please include your Nationality in the Subject line.

Filming will begin in February.

Feliz ano nuevo y gracias por todo!


“LATV DOES HOLLYWOOD”, an edgy and raw film entertainment show is looking for male voice over talent. Candidates must have a dynamic Radio DJ voice, with an URBAN feel, should able to easily speak Spanglish (Bi-lingual), be energetic, animated, and humorous. The right contender will lend their voice as our show’s animated movie critic.

Please submit your Resume/Bio and a copy of your Demo Reel to:
“LATV Does Hollywood”
Attn: Lupe Rodriguez Haas
2323 Corinth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Once we review applications, we will have the top candidates come in for a test voice over.


LATV is currently looking for writers for LATV programs. Ideal candidates should have great comedy skills, and be knowledgeable of the Latino culture (i.e. music, traditions, trends, etc.). Bilingual is a huge plus. Entry level positions available with some pay.

Please submit your Resume/Bio and copies of writing samples to: ricknajera@aol.com




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AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
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