July 17, 2007


NALIP is very pleased to announce that the 2007 Latino Producers Academy Fellows were selected this week, drawn from a competitive pool of documentary and narrative producers and directors. Submissions came from eight states plus Puerto Rico and Canada, and the choice was challenging for the professional panel. The list of accepted fellows is listed below.

The 2007 Fellows will participate in an exciting curriculum that combines the academic producer's agenda of the Academy's first two years with the production/post-production seminars of the last two years. Eight feature producers attend in varying levels of development; four producers attend with their directors who will work with casts and professional crews to rehearse, shoot, edit, score and add some special effects for 3-5 scenes from their projects. An Academy first in 2007: two projects will be shot in Spanish.

Thirteen documentary makers have projects in various stages, as well. Five attend with rough-cuts on their work; they are invited with their editors so that they have intensive creative time together in the company of mentors and instructors on the remainder of their process. Eight others are in development or production.

The program takes place in Tucson, Arizona in association with the University of Arizona School of Media Arts the Hanson Film Institute and the UCLA Professional Certificate Program. The LPA is presented by Time Warner, Univision, the Saban Foundation, Nielsen Media Research and the Walt Disney Company with the great support of Fox Broadcasting, the Tucson Film Office, Universal Studios, the Academy Foundation and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Foundation.

Maria Escobedo, Burbank, CA
Mercedes Candelario, Hollywood, CA
Sarah Duran, Los Angeles, CA
Sonia Fritz, San Juan, PR
Summer-Joy Main Munoz, Marina Del Rey, CA
Charles Gherardi, Burbank, CA
Javier Gomez, Phoenix, AZ
Marco Santiago, Phoenix, AZ
Manuel Ray Garcia, Austin, TX
Rafi Mercado, Brooklyn, NY
Sixto Melendez, Phoenix, AZ

Maria Agui Carter, Newton, MA
Drew R. Figueroa, New York, NY
Kirk Jackson, Los Angeles, CA
Luis Carlos Romero Davis, Tucson, AZ
Tony Gallego, Tucson, AZ
David Bianchi, Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Lemasters, Los Angeles, CA
Julian Gerena-Quinones, New York, NY
Francisco Bello, Sunnyside, NY
Hugo Espinel, Brooklyn, NY
Claudia Forestieri, Coral Gables, FL
Irene Rial, San Juan, PR
Edwin Martinez, New York, NY
Pepe Urquijo, Santa Clarita, CA
Severo Perez, Los Angeles, CA


The 11th Edition of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) will be accepting submissions for feature films, shorts and documentaries until July 27. For more information and to download the entry form, please log on to: www.latinofilm.org

One of the most prominent Latino Film Festivals in the USA, LALIFF will take place from October 7-14, 2007 at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. Aimed at promoting the richness and diversity of Latin Cinema from the United States, Latin America, and around the world. LALIFF celebrates the work of existing and emerging Latino directors, producers, writers and actors by showcasing feature films, documentaries and shorts, as well as movies that depict Latino culture. Last October, LALIFF celebrated its tenth anniversary with an exciting program that showcased more than 140 films, including festival’s winners, UN MUNDO MARAVILLOSO and the documentary EN EL HOYO. Recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science as a qualifying festival for its awards in the Short Film category, the organization established the LALIFF Collection at the Academy Film Archive, which is open to the public and includes film titles presented at past years’ festivals.


Maria Costa's Macho Men And The Women Who Love Them will be showing at the Kodak theatre on Aug. 4th and it will be the first time in history a Latina Women will be performing her one-women solo show at the Kodak. Contributing Writer & Director Rick Najera, Watch Maria balance the world of "traditional" expectations with the rigors of modern life with humor and fun! This show will have you rolling in the isles!. For more information contact http://www.ticketmaster.com/venue/74167 or click on the link below:



Dark Mirror premieres July 2007 at the New York International Latino Film Festival.

Dark Mirror stars Lisa Vidal (Chasing Papi) and Lupe Ontiveros (Real Women Have Curves). For NALIPsters / LPA-LWL Fellows Pablo Proenza and Erin Ploss-Campoamor, Dark Mirror is their feature length debut. Written and directed by Pablo Proenza. Produced by Erin Ploss-Campoamor. Cinematography by Armando Salas.

Dark Mirror is a psychological thriller about a beautiful photographer who moves her family into a strange old house, where she discovers an alternate reality reflected in the glass...A dark reality that is closing in on her. For more information, visit www.pabloproenza.com.

World premiere of Dark Mirror July 2007 at New York Latino Film Festival.

Wed, July 25, 2007
Imiginasian Theatre
10:30 PM
Purchase tickets here

Fri, July 27, 2007
DGA Theatre
3 PM
Purchase tickets here

For more info:
Dark Mirror MySpace site
Official Dark Mirror site

NALIP Board member Elaine Romero Honored in Best Short Plays of 2007

Elaine Romero's "Rain of Ruin," one of the chapters written for Curious Theatre's ambitious "The War Anthology," has been selected for publication in "The Best Short Plays of 2007." All the more impressive given that "The War Anthology" included three Pulitzer winners.

"Ruin" starred Peter Trinh and GerRee Hinshaw as lovers - a Japanese man and an American woman - trying to overcome the cultural divide left by the U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


The much anticipated DVD release of the critically acclaimed feature documentary, Veritas, is launched at the movie's official website www.Veritas-Movie.com. The movie was produced by NALIP member Henry K. Priest.

The compelling film follows All-American wrestler Jon Trenge as he strives to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a National Champion for his hometown school, Lehigh University. After undergoing five eye surgeries, Jon ignores doctors’ warnings and risks permanent blindness to pursue his dream of becoming a champion.  Jon’s opponents attack his eyes causing him to lose his temper and fight to defend his vision.  Consequently, Jon is ordered to undergo anger management therapy where he learns valuable lessons about himself and the meaning behind competing in athletics.

Gary Blockus of The Morning Call writes, “For anyone who loves wrestling, it's a five-star must-see documentary.  For anyone who ever dared to compete in any sport, it's a compelling account of a young man's journey to reach his boyhood dream. Anyone who thinks they know what any athlete goes through needs to see ''Veritas.''

To read articles written about Veritas and buy this highly recommended DVD visit www.Veritas-Movie.com or the MySpace site.



Jul. 17, 2007 - Salma Hayek's new company Ventanazul, recently launched with MGM, has named Annie Stewart its Vice President of Development, Lumumba Mosquera as Legal & Business Affairs and Juan Davila as Director of Development, the company's president of production Jose Tamez announced Monday. The company is aimed at, in the words of an announcement, "developing, producing and acquiring filmed entertainment that has worldwide market appeal and draws on Latin themes and/or features Hispanic talent, both in front and behind the camera."


Jul. 17, 2007 - (Variety) - Job descriptions for producers have always been murky at best, and that gray area plays to the advantage of TV Guide Channel's entry into the reality genre -- a peek behind the curtain of chaotic Hollywood productions. Neither as slick nor addictive as HBO's "Project Greenlight" but far better than Fox's failed "On the Lot," "America's Next Producer" won't likely uncover the next Richard Zanuck, David Brown or their TV equivalent, but it amiably fills the time before the fall season begins. FULL STORY HERE


Jul. 17, 2007 - (Variety) - Horatio Caine reigns in Spain. “CSI: Miami” averaged 5.1 million viewers for a 27.7% share in its Monday primetime slot on broadcaster Telecinco, making it Spaniards’ favorite TV drama over the 2006-07 season, according to a study by audience analysis company Multimedia Corp. Its progenitor, the Vegas-set “CSI,” came in eighth overall for last season, which ran from September 2006 to June 2007. The Spanish press has been awash with reports on U.S. TV series since “House” bowed on startup broadcaster Cuatro, which launched in November 2005. FULL STORY HERE


Jul. 16, 2007 - (The New York Times) - Sony is trying to edge into Internet videos with a Web site to be introduced today called Crackle that will feature short segments by aspiring filmmakers, many of whom Sony paid for their productions. Crackle is the latest incarnation of Grouper, a Web site that began as a way for people to share music, photos and videos with friends. It transformed itself into a YouTube clone and was bought last August by Sony Pictures Entertainment for $65 million. “We have been moving away from YouTube and toward higher-quality content,” said Josh Feltzer, the founder of Grouper who is now co-president of Crackle, “by rewarding the aspiring producer versus the person who wants to share a video of a wedding or of someone jumping off a roof.” FULL STORY HERE



Job Summary:
The Production Department Coordinator will assist with many of the logistical tasks of production and also as the key administrative assistant to the SVP of Production and two (2) VP’s of Production.

* Will work with the Production Manager to set-up production shoots
* Forms good working relationship with internal and external organizations, peers, and management
* Anticipate needs of the SVP and Production team and addresses them in a proactive manner
* Handles the coordination of multi-dept show schedules
* Performs miscellaneous logistical and administrative production duties, as assigned
* Monitors SVP and VP’s daily calendar, schedule, coordinates meetings, travel and special events
* Compiles accurate and detailed records of all incoming calls, interoffice correspondence, and sets up all necessary conference calls
* Organizes and tracks all legal documents, expense accounts, budgets and cost reports for the SVP and VPs
* Handles the ordering office supplies, fixing office equipment as required, arranging for cleaning companies to perform routine office maintenance, supplies and special equipment for new employees
* Maintains production binders for all show schedules
* Ability to function effectively as a positive member of the team while meeting multiple deadlines

* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent necessary
* A minimum of three (3) years related TV experience needed
* Ability to multitask and prioritize
* Proficient in Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word
* Solid admin/coordinator experience
* Superior organization skills
* Strong sense of urgency to meet deadlines while maintaining high quality of work product
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as outstanding interpersonal skills to effectively interact with all levels of staff and clients
* Ability to handle multiple requests on a large variety of projects in a fast paced, high-pressure environment.
* Positive “can do” attitude and the ability to be proactive, resourceful and flexible.
* Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
* Knowledge and understanding of television production principles, procedures, techniques, and facilities.
* Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
* Knowledge of television set design, staging, and lighting methods and techniques.

Qualified candidates are asked to forward their resume AND salary history to jobs@sitv.com.



SiTV is a high volume cable television company producing original content looking for an energetic person with strong organizational skills to fill this open video and production assets management position.

The position is responsible for the management of all of the company’s production assets (both video and digital). The asset manager will be responsible for ensuring all new production assets are properly logged into PilotWare and that all existing assets are properly checkin/out in PilotWare. Properly label and organize a large library of product. In addition, monitors data quality issues in a data warehouse environment and performs preventive maintenance by troubleshooting and resolving potential problems. Participates in testing and reporting test results for project-related activities. Will setup the system properly from scratch and work with a rough first phase implementation of a vault which includes creating and maintaining new show databases.

· Requires advanced knowledge and working experience with PilotWare system including maintenance and training/troubleshooting.
· Familiarity with various tape formats, as well as commonly used dubbing equipment is necessary.
· Experience with digital asset management systems.
· Prior shipping and receiving, and inventory control experience needed.
· Experience in a high volume tape library is preferred.
· Must have excellent follow up, attention to detail and concise communication skills (verbal & written) and able to work with all departments including production, short form and digital media.
· Ability to prioritize work flow is a must for this position.

Qualified candidates are asked to forward their resume AND salary history to jobs@sitv.com.



A Japanese drifter, Shin, awaits a decision from the INS concerning his Visa application. Already displaced in the diverse landscape of Los Angeles, he faces an uncertain return to Japan when his files are lost. Whislt trying to solve his Visa situation, Shin steps out of his social circle of young Japanese expatriates and attempts to connect with a young girl working in a neighborhood bakery.

The film is being made for European TV and will screen at major film festivals. The director has won film prizes and FIPRESCI mentions at major international festivals – among them: Rome, Sao Paulo, Venice.

Emilia/Girl at bakery: FEMALE, early to mid twenties
Norberto/Boy at bakery: MALE, 18 to 20
Tomas/Man at Bakery: MALE, 60’s

PLEASE SEND EMAIL WITH HEADSHOT TO: LOSCProd@gmail.com with "Spanish Speaking Role" in the subject line.



Feature Length film is looking for these crew positions, and there is pay:

Must have non union low budget experience - Michael Hardwick is
our DP

Renee Prince is our Art Director


Shoot dates:
July 26th thru August 18th in Mt. Shasta, CA. There is housing,
food, and pay. 6-day work week, day off is Wednesday.

indicate WHICH POSITION you are applying for, and email resume and contact info to:


Searching for Nalip Members to let me crash overnight in exchange to crash at my place when in L.A. I have a small Floor Matt so a bed is not a problem.

Dear Nalip Members,
My boyfriend and I are planning a cross country road trip in August. This is something both of us have always wanted to do, and it is about time we do it before we get too old, too busy, and/or too broke. ;) Since we are closest to the latter, we are planning our trip based on how many cities we can find friends at that will let us crash overnight for one night or two. Would really love to check out as many cities and see as many friends as possible. Since gas is crazy expensive, our trip will be based on where we can find places and friends to visit. If you would open your home to us just to crash overnight, we will open our home as well when you're interested in visiting L.A. I have a small Floor Matt so a bed is not a problem. I hope we get a chance to visit your city. Have a great summer!

Thank you,
Vanessa Macedo




Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780


1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401



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