October 25, 2007


December 14, 2007: To be considered for the Chicago Latino Film Festival, a complete submission package must be postmarked by this date. A complete package includes all the required materials stated on the Check List. If not in English, the DVD must include English subtitles.

March 24, 2008: Exhibition prints (35mm, BetaSP and DVD/NTSC) must be at the Festival by this date. If not in English, the film/video must have English subtitles.

Festival Mission
The annual Festival promotes Latino culture in the United States by presenting the best and most recent films from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the United States. The Festival stresses the importance of the artistic and educational value of a film. The Festival is non-competitive; however, the most popular feature film is awarded the Audience Choice Award.

The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago (ILCC) produces other events throughout the year including workshops, retrospectives and premieres. In addition, the ILCC maintains a video library as a resource for educators, filmmakers, distributors, television stations and others. The videos/DVDs are from past participating Festival films and are used for educational and non-commercial purposes.

For more information please call
312-431-1330 or email us info@latinoculturalcenter.org

To download the film submission form go to www.latinoculturalcenter.org


The Cine Sin Fin: 13th Annual East L.A. Chicana/o Film Fest is almost here! Cine Sin Fin is the longest running Chicana/o film fest in Los Angeles. This year's screening will be taking place Nov. 5 to the 13th at multiple venues through out the city; from the Valley, to Echo Park to Olvera Street and on up to East L.A. College.

We have a great line up this year and hope that you can make it to any of our screening throughout L.A. All of the films presented are independent projects. We will also have workshops for aspiring film makers, writers, actors, etc...and an awards night with musical entertainment on Nov. 10th.

November 5th - 13th, 2007
Admission: $5 Donation

November 5th & 6th
The Echo Park Film Center
1200 N. Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

November 5th
Survival in the Weave, Curandera, Dead in the Sierra, Posada Carilles

November 6th
1988, Land Grant Struggle, Juares in LA, We Don't Play Golf Here, Flat, Alma, Perros Sin Amor, Primera Communion, Unbeknown, Darkside, And When you Seen What She’s Seen, CYN, ABC's

November 7th
Tia Chucha’s Café
10258 Foothill Boulevard
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342
Milagros, The Great Tamale War, Isabel, Tomako's Kitchen, Compas , Search for the Chupacabara

November 8th
East Los Angeles College
1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Maquillaje, Pancho Goes to College

November 9th
Olvera Street - Pico House
845 N. Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Intelligence, Sex Drunk, Crossroads, LA Noir, Isabel, The Great Tamale War , Father G and the Homeboys

November 10th
Plaza De La Raza
3540 N. Mission Road
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Roosevelt, Alma, The Gift, Kiest Park, Gigante, Loss of Innocence, Blackout, La Quincenera, Lalo Guerrero, Made In LA

November 13th
Roosevelt High School
456 S. Mathews Street
Los Angeles CA 90023
Father G and the Homeboys



Wild Wimmin Films is pleased to announce that 3 Américas the feature film debut of LWL 2004 Fellow Cristina Kotz Cornejo had its World Premiere last week at the Woodstock Film Festival on October 11-14.

Here is what one reviewer said about the film (excerpt from a longer review at www.aivf.org):

An Upstate State of Mind:
Day One at the Woodstock Film Festival
, by Sarah Coleman

"América Campo, the 16-year-old heroine of Cristina Kotz Cornejo's astonishing 3 Américas, would love to live in the Austin suburbs - or anywhere far away from her hot-headed, controlling uncle in Boston. A troubled teen (she's lost both parents) América is also a pain in the ass: she scowls, lies and shoplifts compulsively. When a domestic dispute results in a tragedy, América is sent to live with her grandmother Lucia in a poor suburb of Buenos Aires. Here, the gloomy teen has to cope with deprivations that go way beyond her grandmother's frostiness: there's no indoor toilet, the refrigerator constantly breaks, and her peers, forced out of high school by poverty, scavenge the streets for plastic bottles to recycle.

The film is beautifully shot, and the screenplay is a marvel of minimalism in which every word matters. As América, newcomer Kristen Gonzalez gives an utterly compelling performance, her smoldering temper perfectly offset by the bone-weariness portrayed by veteran Argentinian actress Ana Maria Colombo. If the story has a somewhat predictable arc - two prickly, difficult women gradually come to care for each other - it's handled gracefully and with infinite subtlety. Kotz Cornejo based some of the narrative on her own experiences as a teen, and in the post-screening Q&A she described how she had to resist a producer who "wanted me to change the script to include tango, because I didn't want to be that clichéd." Luckily, she succeeded: the film is a cliché-free zone, and a richly nuanced character study."

For photos and video from the festival go to ckcfilms.blogspot.com

and for more information on the film visit www.3americasmovie.com


Selected out of hundreds of submission, NALIP member Shawna Baca and LPA Fellow Santiago Tapia were chosen for Project Involve. Film Independent's Project:Involve is dedicated to increasing cultural diversity in the film industry by cultivating the careers of under-represented filmmakers. The program, which runs from October through June, offers a combination of one-on-one mentorships, filmmaking workshops, community screenings, and job placement.



Richard Gonzales' CAPT UNDERGARMENTS wins best narrative short at the 3rd Annual Ava Gardner Film Fest in Smithfield, North Carolina.

Read the article in The Herald here, or visit the offical film MySpace page.



Oct. 25, 2007 - (indieWIRE) - Magnolia Pictures has acquired the world rights (excluding Spain) to director Nacho Vigalondo's "Timecrimes." "Timecrimes," which won the Best Feature Prize and the Silver Medal for Audience Award at the 2007 Fantastic Fest in Austin, details a man who discovers the perils of time travel. It is the feature film debut of Vigalongo, who previously was nominated for an Academy Award for the short film "7:35 in the Morning." "Working with Magnolia on 'Timecrimes' is a dream come true. Knowing that my film is going to be shown in USA is something I can't describe," said Vigalongo. Magnolia will release the film theatrically in 2008. FULL STORY HERE


Oct. 25, 2007 - (Variety) - In a surprise development, studios held back on stockpiling feature films in Los Angeles during the past three months in the face of strike fever but third-quarter TV production stayed sizzling. Third-quarter feature stats showed 1,897 days of off-lot shooting on public property in the Los Angeles area -- down 22% from the third quarter of 2006 and off 24% from the previous quarter. It was the slowest third quarter for features in four years, according to permit statistics issued today by the Film L.A. agency. "We had heard that production should continue to increase as contract talks instensified but we just didn't see that happen during the third quarter," Film L.A. president Steve MacDonald said. FULL STORY HERE



Seeking DP for a short film funded by the HSF/McNamara Creative Arts Grant. Planning to shoot on or about the weekends of Nov 16-19, Nov 23-26, Nov 30-Dec 3, Dec 7-10.

This is a labor of love so our funds are not enormous. Though there's the potential for pay, we're also keen on finding someone trying to bulk up their resume with a fantastic short film or someone with great experience who's passionate about the subject matter.

You'll be working with a first-time Director who has her MFA from USC's School of Cinematic Arts; winner of several prestigious writing awards, but who is now seeking to expand her horizons as a director.

Please email reel links ASAP along with resume and rate to:


Please contact me directly for a mailing address.

"Niombra" Thirteen's a tough age, but it's that much tougher when you're a white kid moving into a Latino, low-income neighborhood. Still, Ryan succeeds in making a friend out of Chato, a neighbor whose brown skin has got everyone wondering when he'll turn delinquent. But Chato's really just a kid with a mission to help out his struggling parents and Ryan's a neglected child of a hippie divorce willing to do anything he can to keep his friendship with Chato strong, even if it means getting jumped into a gang.


Casting roles for "Niombra", a short film to be shot the weekends of Nov 16-19, Nov 23-26, Nov 30-Dec 3, Dec 7-10. USC Cinematic Arts Alumni and Graduate students involved.

CHATO - Lead / MALE / 12 TO 16 / Hispanic CHATO (14) lives in a bad part of town with his mother, Camila, who operates a home-made taco stand from her front yard. Ever since his father was deported, Chato has struggled to make his way through the world in the absence of a father figure and at a difficult age. He's frustrated, impatient, and his mind is hungry for knowledge. His mother pressures him to work, his cousin pressures him to join his gang, and he knows there's gotta be something bigger out there for him. Somehow he holds it all together and manages to be a good kid beneath his tough exterior.

RYAN - Co-Star / MALE / 12 TO 16 / Caucasian RYAN (14) is a good kid, a little bit shy and unsure of himself, as many boys his age are. His parents are recently divorced and he's been struggling with the absence of his father ever since he and his mother moved to a new place. He gets picked on here and there but he's got a tough spirit in him, and willing to do anything to prove himself.

SHANNON - Co-Star / FEMALE / 30 TO 40 / Caucasian SHANNON has just moved to a bad part of town with her 13-year-old son, Ryan, after divorcing his father for another woman. She's a health nut and a do-gooder, but sometimes oversteps her bounds and pressures people into things they don't want to do. She's very protective of her son and wants the best for him, but she's in danger of crushing him if she tries to hold him so tight. Shannon has sympathy for those less fortunate than her but doesn't always know the right way to help them.

"Niombra" Thirteen's a tough age, but it's that much tougher when you're a white kid moving into a Latino, low-income neighborhood. Still, Ryan succeeds in making a friend out of Chato, a neighbor whose brown skin has got everyone wondering when he'll turn delinquent. But Chato's really just a kid with a mission to help out his struggling parents and Ryan's a neglected child of a hippie divorce willing to do anything he can to keep his friendship with Chato strong, even if it means getting jumped into a gang.

TO SUBMIT, email headshot and resume to: lindayvette@gmail.com Please also indicate which role you are submitting for.

Please contact us via email for a mailing address if you do not have digital forms of your headshot and resume. We're looking to cast all roles by Nov. 5th so please send your info in ASAP.




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