October 9, 2007


Now officially underway, the 11th annual Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival is bringing the best in Latino filmmaking this year to the Arclight Cinemas, October 7-14th. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to view and support films by these NALIP Members, Mentors and Fellows.

Made in L.A.
USA / 2007 / 90 min
Directed by LPA Fellow and Mentor Almudena Carracedo. Produced by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar.
October 11, 2007, 5:15 pm
Made in L.A. follows the remarkable journey of three Latina immigrants working in L.A. 's garment factories and their struggle for self-empowerment as they wage a three-year battle to bring a major clothing retailer to the negotiating table. This intimate film offers a rare and poignant glimpse into this "other" California , where immigrants in many industries toil long hours for sub-minimum wages, fighting for an opportunity in a new country.

Bragging Rights
USA / 2007 / 60 min
Directed by LPA and LWL fellow Sonia Gonzalez . Produced by Sonia Gonzalez, Ben Matias and LPA Mentor Faith Radle
October 11, 2007, 5:30 pm
Bragging Rights: Stickball Stories is an hour-long video documentary that chronicles the vibrant history of the urban game of stickball through its colorful players.

Below the Fold: The Pulitzer That Defined Latino Journalism
USA/ 2007 / 23 min
Produced and Directed by NALIP Member Roberto Gudino
Documentary Shorts Program
The year was 1984. A group of Chicano reporters at the LA Times pushed to provide a new perspective on California’s Latino population – something more than the poverty, gangs, and crime that the newspaper usually covered. Their reporting won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service that year. This groundbreaking series offered an in-depth examination of southern California's growing Latino community and was one of the first to accurately represent it. Prior to this prize winning series, a distorted view of Latinos had been perpetuated in the media, a view which is still perpetuated today. These journalists set out to change that while becoming an important voice in telling the story of the underrepresented Latino community in California.

Ten Steps
USA / 2005 / 7:07
US Shorts, Love Stories: Saturday October 13, 7:30 pm
Produced and Directed by NALIP member Pablo Goldbarg
A love story in ten steps, walking the limits between reality and imagination.

USA / 2007 /2 min
US Shorts, Diverse Stories: Saturday October 13, 9:30 pm
Directed by NALIP member Jose Sanchez-H. Written and Produced by LWL fellow Tina Datsko de Sánchez
Robinson, an experimental film, blends spoken word, music, dance, and images to tell the story of 19th Century revolutionary Simón Bolívar's unconventional education. Inspired by Jean Jacques Rousseau's ideal of the natural man, Robinson's teaching emphasized physical training and thinking for oneself.

Tomoko's Kitchen
USA / 2007 / 15 min
US Shorts, Diverse Stories: Saturday October 13, 9:30 pm
Directed by NALIP member Shawna Baca
The daily hustle and bustle of life screeches to a halt when an apartment security system fails, bringing together the lives of eight neighbors and a batch of home-made cinnamon buns.

For tickets, the schedule of short films and a complete schedule of screening times, please visit www.latinofilm.org

Discount for NALIP members
Workshops on Documentary Story Structure and Fundraising Demos

A unique chance to learn from story consultant Fernanda Rossi, The Documentary Doctor, author of the book "Trailer Mechanics", the bi-monthly column "Ask the Doc Doctor" and story consultant of over 150 documentaries, fiction scripts and fundraising trailers including this year's Academy Award Nominee Recycled Life by Leslie Iwerks.

Check info below for bio and workshop details.

DOCTORING YOUR DOC: How to Structure  your Documentary
Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
TRAILER MECHANICS: How to Make your Fundraising Demo
Saturday, November 10th, 2007
(you can attend either or both workshops (pass discount)

Led by story consultant Fernanda Rossi, The Documentary Doctor.

- Early Registration by Nov. 1st (either workshop): $120 members* and students/$135 General
- At the door (either workshop: $135 members* and students/$150 General
- Pass for BOTH workshops: $200 members* and students/$230 General

*Members: Black Doc Filmmakers, CineWomen, Doculink, FIND, IDA and NALIP.

REGISTRATION AT: www.documentarydoctor.com and click on Latest News

Workshops Description:

A) DOCTORING YOUR DOC: How to Structure Your Documentary

Lots of ideas and even footage but no clue where to get started? Or maybe you are stuck in the cutting room? A solid understanding of story structure is as necessary to your documentary as a strong script is to a fiction film. With hands-on exercises, this full-day workshop for producers, directors, writers and editors, can give you the guidelines you need to find solutions that are true to your documentary's style. You will:

* learn story development techniques
* learn story structure templates in an innovative and easy way
* identify common pitfalls that waste your time and money during production
and post, and how to avoid them.
* analyze a film as practice for your own project
* analyze works-in-progress from the audience.

Bring your work-in-progress (Not required to attend). There will also be a

B) TRAILER MECHANICS: How to Make Your Fundraising Demo

"Can I see your trailer?" Let's face it, a fundraising trailer can make or break your film. It can get you funded or it can put you on the "passed" list. Stop the guess work of what works and what doesn't with this full day workshop for producers, directors, writers and editors. If you already read or are about to read the book by the same name, this workshop is a chance to see all that theory in action with real life examples. You will:

. learn the foundational story structures for fundraising trailers
. learn the most common mistakes filmmakers make when making their trailers
and how to avoid them (not the filmmakers, the mistakes).
. view trailers before and after Fernanda's doctoring.
. view successful fundraising trailers.
. view fundraising trailers from the audience followed by discussion.

Bring your trailer or footage (raw or cut) for discussion. (Not required to
attend) There will also be a raffle!

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS: Fernanda Rossi is available for private consultations. For more information visit www.documentarydoctor.com or write to info@documentarydoctor.com

Thank you to Los Angeles based producer/director Jonathan Skurnik for facilitating this event. http://www.jskurnik.com


Fernanda Rossi is a writer, filmmaker and story consultant who helps
filmmakers craft the story structure of their films in all stages of the
filmmaking process. She has doctored over 150  documentaries, fiction
scripts and fundraising trailers including this year Academy Award Nominee Recycled Life by Leslie Iwerks.

Along with her private consultations, she gives lectures and seminars
nationwide, such as Doctoring your Doc and Trailer Mechanics. Ms. Rossi has
also served as a Juror for the Chicago International Film Festival and a
grant panelist for New York State Council for the Arts, Latino
Public Broadcast and ITVS, which gave her a chance to view and evaluate over
300 fundraising  trailers and works-in-progress.

She pens the bi-monthly column Ask the Doc Doctor for Film Arts magazine (formerly Release Print) and is the author of Trailer Mechanics: A Guide to Making your Documentary Fundraising Trailer.

Her work as a story consultant, workshop leader and filmmaker has been
featured in Filmmaker Magazine, New York Times and other publications. She
has a degree in Film Production from the University of Buenos Aires.

IDA and The New York Community Trust Announce A$25,000 Grant!

Final Deadline: October 15, 2007

To honor the legacy of Pare Lorentz, we are looking for a Work in Progress that embodies Lorentz's central concerns-the appropriate use of the natural environment, social justice, and the illumination of pressing social problems-presented as a compelling story through skillful filmmaking. The film is also judged according to its production values--objective research, artistic writing and outstanding music composition, along with skillful direction, camerawork and editing.

One winner will receive a grant of $25,000.
IDA/Pare Lorentz Documentary Finishing Fund Grant was funded by a grant from The New York Community Trust

Final Deadline: October 15, 2007

Submissions must be works in progress. A tape or trailer of no fewer than two minutes and no more than seven minutes must be submitted to:

International Documentary Association
Pare Lorentz Finishing Fund
1201 West 5th Street, Suite M320
Los Angeles, CA 90017

[Download Entry Form]

email: eblast@documentary.org
web: http://www.documentary.org

Join us for "The Making of a Culture," featuring the documentary screening of Brown is the New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream. This free event will be held on the USC campus at Bovard Auditorium on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 at 7 p.m.

Brown is the New Green features comedian George Lopez, one of the most successful Latinos in the history of American television. While offering audiences a behind-the-scenes account of Lopez’s life and career the documentary also examines how American media and Hispanic marketing are shaping the contemporary Latino identity.  The screening will be followed by an engaging discussion moderated by Oscar Garza, editor-in-chief of Tu Ciudad Los Angeles Magazine and featuring Bruce Helford, executive producer of the George Lopez show, The Drew Carey Show and Roseanne; Nely Galán, president of Galán Entertainment and former president of entertainment for Telemundo; and actress, writer and producer Luisa Leschin, who was the co-executive producer of the George Lopez show and Phillip Rodriguez, the documentary's maker.

The event is free and open to all so please feel free to pass it on.

For more information about this documentary visit www.brownisthenewgreen.net.

CANVAS opens to Theaters OCTOBER 12TH

Written and directed by NALIP member Joseph Greco, CANVAS, the emotionally charged story of one family’s struggle with mental illness will be in theaters October 12, 2007. The film stars NALIP member Paul Lasa, Joe Pantoliano, Marcia Gay Harden and Devon Gearhart.

In his debut feature film, writer/director and NALIP Member Joseph Greco explores mental illness through the eyes of a child as he learns to cope with his schizophrenic mother in a sincere depiction inspired by the filmmaker’s own childhood.  The tough topic matter is addressed with a surprisingly uplifting and sometimes even humorous tone that illustrates how from tragedy springs hope, growth and understanding in this remarkably heartfelt tale.

Ten-year-old Chris Marino, played by newcomer Devon Gearhart, just wants to be normal but his mother’s (Marcia Gay Harden) bouts of paranoia and delusion give new meaning to the term dysfunctional family.  Dad, John, (Joe Pantoliano) breaks his back as a construction worker struggling to pay for Mary’s doctor bills, and find the right medicine to treat her schizophrenia, leaving little time or energy to give to his son.  When Mary’s behavior takes a dangerous turn, father and son watch helplessly as the police drag Mary out of the house to hospitalize her in a mental institution.

Unable to face his wife’s illness or console his son, John begins building a mysterious object in the driveway of their home.  He quits his job, the bills pile up, but John compulsively works day and night to build a sailboat, abandoning his son at his darkest hour.  Ridiculed at school and terrified that he too will become ‘crazy’, Chris is left adrift without a mother or father’s support.  Desperate to escape his troubled family, Chris makes plans to move in with an aunt in Alaska resulting in a dramatic confrontation between father and son.

With newfound understanding and respect, father and son work tirelessly to complete the boat together, hopeful that Mary will join them on the maiden voyage.  Mary, still plagued by voices but lucid enough to
acknowledge her illness, makes the painful decision not to join her family.  Disappointed but determined not to let down his son, John sets sail and teaches Chris the magic of sailing.  Working together, father and son come to terms with Mary’s illness and inspire each other to hope.  In a grand gesture John and Chris bring the boat to Mary—reuniting the family and fulfilling a special promise made long ago.

CANVAS will open in New York and Chicago on October 12, 2007 and in Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix on October 19, 2007.

For more information, please visit www.canvasthefilm.com 

TalentoHispano.com presents the First International Film Showcase Talento Hispano.

We've teamed up with the SanTan Short Film Fest in Queen Creek Arizona to participate in their Festival on November 16-18th 2007.

* We are looking for short films in any category, from 5 to 20 minutes in length.
* Films may be up to three years old.
* If produced in spanish, we need english subtitles.
* Submissions can be done by sending a link (URL) to a website showing your film, like a personal site, YouTube or Myspace. Email the link to festival@talentohispano.com . They can also be sent on a tape to the address below.
* There's no cost for entries.
* Selections can be sent via FTP as Quicktime or AVI file for faster processing.
We also accept MiniDV or Betacam SP copies mailed to this address:

1225 N. 36th street
suite 2083
Phoenix, AZ 85008

If you need it returned you must included a self-addressed stamped envelope.

* Submission deadline is October 31st 2007.
* Selections will be featured at the SanTan Film Festival on November 17th and 18th 2007 and will be eligible to win festival cash prizes of up to $2500.
* For more information please email us at festival@talentohispano.com

Queremos Saber de Ti.

TalentoHispano.com presenta la Primera Muestra Internacional de Cine Talento Hispano, en combinacion el SanTan Short Film Festival.

Buscamos cortometrajes en diferentes categorias:

* Se aceptan cortos de 5 a 20 minutos de duraci
* Los cortos pueden haber sido producidos en los os 3 a
* Se prefieren cortos con subtlos en Ingly con temas de interuniversal.
* Se pueden someter cortos en linea para agilizar el proceso de seleccion, por medio de una liga (URL) al sitio donde se encuentre, como YouTube o Myspace.
* Los cortos seleccionados se pueden enviar atrav de un archivo AVI o Quicktime (720x480 de baja compresi
o fcamente en cinta MiniDV o Betacam SP (NTSC) a esta direcci

1225 N. 36th street
suite 2083
Phoenix, AZ, USA

* La fecha lte de entrega es el 31 de Octubre de 2007.
* La muestra se llevar cabo el 16, 17 y 18 de Noviembre 2007 durante el SanTan Film Festival en Queen Creek, Arizona y con quienes estamos trabajando en conjunto en este evento.
* Los cortos seleccionados automcamente pueden participar en el SanTan Film Fest y tienen la posibilidad de concursar sin necesidad de pagar inscripci ganar hasta $2500 des en efectivo.

TalentoHispano es la primera comunidad en la dedicada a promover cineastas, actores, modelos y ms
de origen hispano en el mercado de los Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo.

Para mayor informacise puede comunicar con nosotros a festival@talentohispano.com

Queremos Saber De Ti

2nd Annual Gasparilla Film Festival

Tampa Continues to Showcase US Independent Films Featuring a Latin Beat
With a nod to its Hispanic heritage, the Gasparilla Film Festival presented by Wachovia  will take place from Wednesday, February 27th- Sunday, March 2nd, 2008.

The 5 day Festival  will showcase more than 50 films and shorts in the following categories:

Latin Panorama - a broad range of top Latin independent films
Extreme and Action Sports- wild thrills and adrenaline-pumping action
Fun & Fear - a mix of comedies and horrors
Short Films - including family- friendly and music video
Special Screenings - Featured American indies

The Festival will be juried by reputable filmmakers and journalists who are industry professionals. Separate juries will be used for both the Latin Panorama section and the Extreme/Action Sports section.

Jury and Audience Awards will honor the following categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture -Short, Best Picture - Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Original Screenplay, Best Latin Film, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Homegrown Music Video, and the Young Filmmaker Award. Other award categories will also be presented at Closing Night Ceremonies at the Florida Aquarium on Sunday, March 2nd, 2008.

The Festival will take place at venues in and surrounding Ybor City - Tampa’s National Historic District and Latin Quarter. The Festival will begin its celebration of independent film with a VIP reception and Preview Party at Tampa’s historic Tampa Theatre, a nationally recognized historical landmark

Please submit all films and shorts by going to http://www.withoutabox.com or if you have questions, please email us at info@gasparillafilmfestival.com

Gasparilla Film Festival website: http://www.gasparillafilmfestival.com

Knockouts for Girls

KNOCKOUTS FOR GIRLS, a non-profit, provides college scholarships and boxing training for underprivileged girls. We are having our first fundraising event on October 17th, at Republic on La Cienega, which will feature Live Female Boxing matches.

Please check out our website for mission statement and more information.

We are also looking for a celebrity judge to help judge the boxing event.  It would be great to have a Latino judge, as many of the underprivileged kids that we are aiming to help are Latino.
Thank you so much!
Lydia Castro
323 363-1749

The Music Supervision and Film Scoring Panels

The Professional Latino's In Entertainment presents "The Music Supervision and Film Scoring Panel" on Sunday October 14th 2007 during the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

Join top music professional's who work in the film and music industry as they discuss how music is placed in films, how to acquire the rights to music, placing the right song in a scene of a film, composing the right music for a film and how to profit at the same time.

This FREE event is open to EVERYBODY who has the passion to get into the business of composing and scoring music, music placement and music supervision in films. Musicians are also encouraged to attend this event. The panel will include a group of professionals who have an extensive background in the Film Music business.  This event is from 12:00 pm-1:30 pm during the 2007 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival at the ArcLight Cinemas located 6360 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 on the 7th floor parking structure.

David Jordan
Co-founder of the Professional Latin's In Entertainment and President of LA CORPORACION MUZIC.

Karima Torres
Creative Manager - Film, TV, Advertising & Special Markets
Peer Music, Inc.

Frankie Needles
Mun2 TV Host, Music Producer

Emilio Kauderer
Latin Grammy Winner
Film and television music credits include "Conversations with God," "Life with Bonnie," "Resurrection Boulevard," "CSI Miami," and the theme song to Showtime's "Dead Like Me."

Ray Yee
Senior Director
Film/Television Relations

Mark Northam
Film Music Magazine

For more information on the film festival, log on to www.latinofilm.org or email lacorpamuzic@aol.com.

Con el disco en las calles y sonando en las principales radios del país, LOS CALZONES comenzaran con el rodaje del video clip de "LOCO", primer corte de TANGUITO, su octavo disco de estudio. Este video clip será filmado íntegramente en San Carlos de Bariloche a 3 cámaras y durante 4 (CUATRO)días, estará dirigido por JUAN BALDANA (quien ya ha realizado los videos de "YO QUIERO MORIRME ACA", "ELLA VENDRA" y "UNO, DOS, ULTRAVIOLENTO"). Las filmaciones comenzaran el día 24 de Noviembre.

Mientras ajustan los últimos detalles de guion para esta filmación, LOS CALZONES siguen tocando todos los días en PUERTO ROCK, y preparan la presentación oficial de TANGUITO.

"no te calles" esta gacetilla.


11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Confirmed attendees include: Actor Hector Elizondo; “Caine” Creator and Executive Producer, Cynthia Cidre; Belinda Menendez, President, NBC International Television Distribution; Actress Lupe Ontiveros; “Motorcycle Diaries” and Oscar nominated writer Jose Rivera; as well as NALIP’s own, Kathryn Galan.




Celebrate Latino heritage with the winners of this annual short-film contest featuring the debut cinematic efforts of minority moviemakers whose work has been selected by a blue ribbon panel of Hollywood judges.

Jesus Chuchi Rivero, a Director/Director of Photography; is a veteran skilled in the use of HD digital cinematography dedicated as an alternative to film productions. This coming October 3rd, Showtime will be highlighting Chuchi's latest cinematic photography work for the film"Escondido" . Chuchi experienced in single and multi camera use as Director and DP. Great, famous and not so famous personalities of the world have come across his lens a few examples as Director in film's such as"Consecuencia la Vida" and "Pretty Boy". As Director of Photography "Street Survival"(USA Distribution), Lechon"(Pork) HBO and Slamdance2006, "Mi Historia, My Culture"(International Primetime appearance), recently completed another feature film "Gringo Wedding"(International Distribution), He will also be Director for Ingrid Hoffman's "Delicioso" on Univision and serves as Director of Photography for Food Network show "Simply Delicioso". He continuously serves in a primary role as DP to an extensive list of Independent Filmmakers and Network clients. Also, with 5
years as Marketing Manager for Sony Broadcast and Professional Latin America and just over 27 years in the industry and over a million miles covering the world in ENG, Sports, Documentaries, Commercials and Corporate productions.

He alls serves as a major contributor and consultant for Sony in the Digital Cinematography production world. As a consultant, he assist's TV stations in technical and production applications and configurations. Considered an HD specialist, he speaks continuously at Universities, Colleges, film festivals and conferences throughout. His professional career has also been covered in numerous occasions by the press in expressing his professional opinion about the film and video industry.


NALIP member Pablo Goldbarg’s "Ten Steps" in LALIFF.

USA / 2005 / 7 min

Written, Edited, Produced & Directed by NALIP Member Pablo Goldbarg

A love story in ten steps, walking the limits between reality and  imagination.




The 2007 Imagen award winning short film, PRIMERA COMUNION, written and directed by NALIP Membership Coordinator Daniel Eduvijes Carrera will be screening this week at the 22nd annual Bogota International Film Festival in Bogota, Colombia. Taking place October 3-11, the Bogota Film Festival was initially created to reward Colombian film production, but has since evolved into one of the most prestigious festivals of its kind, bringing together the best in national and international filmmaking.

In PRIMERA COMUNION, a young outsider is confronted with the harsh rituals of a rustic Mexican pueblo where cruelty underlies street life and Catholicism alike. Filmed on location in historic Atlatlahucan, Morelos (Mexico) with a cast composed primarily of the town’s children, the film is Daniel’s graduate thesis project for an MFA in screenwriting and directing from Columbia University in the City of New York .

For more information about PRIMERA COMUNION or to request a screener copy of the film please visit  www.myspace.com/primeracomunion. To learn more about the Bogota Film Festival or for a complete festival schedule please visit www.bogocine.com

Farmers Insurance is the Premiere Sponsor of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance Fri, 05 Oct 2007 4:04 PM PDT
LOS ANGELES----Lights, Camera, Action! There will be a full week of Latino film action coming October 7-14, as Farmers Insurance Company takes the premiere sponsorship role at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival for the second year.

Noticias Infobolsa / Titulares
InfoBolsa Fri, 05 Oct 2007 9:17 PM PDT
Farmers Insurance is the Premiere Sponsor of the Los Angeles Latino . International Film Festival International Film Festival 05/10/2007 23:04:00 Business Wire Lights, Camera, Action!

Latino film fest comes to town
The Sacramento Bee Thu, 04 Oct 2007 0:31 AM PDT
Eleven years after its birth, the San Francisco-based International Latino Film Festival is expanding to Sacramento.

America Ferrera named Hispanic Woman of the Year
Orange County Register Thu, 04 Oct 2007 11:30 AM PDT
'Ugly Betty' star honored for advancing position of Hispanics in TV, film. The accolades keep coming for America Ferrera. The Emmy-winning star of "Ugly Betty" is now the Hispanic Woman of the Year, the Hollywood Reporter and Billboard announced Thursday.

AEM is a leading entertainment marketing and PR agency based in Marina Del
Rey. We work on film campaigns geared towards the U.S. Latino market. Our
clients consist of major and independent studios.

Job Description: PR Director

Minimum 4 years experience in Hispanic PR/advertising industry
A Bachelors degree in related field
Must be fully bilingual (English-Spanish)
Proven written and verbal skills in both Spanish and English
Strong communication skills
Detail oriented
Strong Organizational skills
Ability to thrive and be productive in a fast-paced, high pressure,
multi-task work environment with tight deadlines.
current knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic market
Solid understanding of account management, media relations and promotions
Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite required.
Candidate must be confident, fast, upbeat and a team leader.

Responsible for:
Managing client relations (daily)
Weekly reports to clients
Managing film campaigns and providing strategy and direction to team
Communication with top media outlets
Attend client pitches and presentations

Send resume and cover letter to info@aem-la.com REQUIRED job title in
Subject line -- PR

AEM is a leading entertainment marketing and PR agency based in Marina Del
Rey. We work on film campaigns geared towards the U.S. Latino market. Our
clients consist of major and independent studios.

Job Description: Publicity Assistant


Minimum 2 years office experience
Bachelors degree
Must be fully bilingual (English-Spanish)
Excellent written and verbal skills in both Spanish and English
Strong communication skills,
Detail oriented
Great organizational skills
Ability to thrive and be productive in a fast-paced, high pressure,
multi-task work environment
Proficient in Microsoft Office

Send resume and cover letter to info@aem-la.com Required: Job title in
Subject line --Publicity Assistant.

Bilingual Producer (Los Angeles)

Job Description:
 MTV Tr3s is seeking a bilingual Producer based in Los Angeles. Candidate will write weekly scripts, research and develop segments with talent. Coordinate and oversee interviews, stunts and production in the field. Supervise all aspects of post production from editing to ensuring on-time delivery for approvals and delivery to air. Work with rights and clearances to acquire and clear material if necessary. Candidate must work well under pressure and adapt quickly to last minute changes in production. Candidate should have a strong interest in music (Latino and general market), be savvy on who is who in the Latino and general market. A strong knowledge of the entertainment and celebrity world as well as an insider perspective for showcasing Latino lifestyle on the West Coast.

Required Qualifications:
 Ideal candidate is highly creative, great at storytelling and has a sense of humor. Should be original and skilled at adapting and developing creative ideas into entertaining television content. Must have solid (3+ years) experience writing and producing programming for on-air. Ability to write and speak Spanish and English. A team player with a positive attitude a must.

Desired Qualifications:
 Familiar with editing on Avid. Proficient in operating a camera a plus.
 Please submit resumes and reels for consideration.
 MTV Tr3s
 Production /L.A. Producer Resume
 1515 Broadway 16th Floor
 New York, NY 10036
 Email: Tr3sproduction@mtvTr3s.com


Top screenwriter/director needs a full-time personal assistant.

Intelligence, discretion and loyalty are crucial in this position, as well as stellar organizational and communication abilities.

A great candidate for this job is someone who:
-- enjoys being in a good mood and maintaining an optimistic and sunny attitude
-- is very well organized and can stay on top of a thousand little details
-- has a good grasp of basic technology:  Mac, Final Draft, etc.
-- is self-directed, and can take an assignment and run with it
-- has excellent internet research skills
-- enjoys reading
-- can maintain confidentiality
-- has excellent communication and phone skills
-- has good story sense, with experience reading & covering screenplays
-- enjoys the non-movie business-related work just as much, as THIS KIND OF ASSISTANCE IS SIXTY PERCENT OF THE JOB:  arranging special events, travel, shopping, handling mail -- everything that makes a working mom's life easier
-- has a reliable car
-- knows the town pretty well, with prior experience as an assistant

Primary responsibilities include:
-- keeping the boss's personal and professional lives running smoothly
-- maintaining the schedule & call log
-- running errands, like shopping and dry cleaning and occasionally bringing in lunch
-- gathering necessary information by doing research
-- arranging travel details

It will be very convenient if you live in Santa Monica or close by ˆ you may spend a large portion of your work time at your own home, reading scripts, making calls, doing research, etc.  You will need to be available a lot, but within that context you will also have a lot of personal time on your own∑so this job might be great for someone who is also involved in something else, like writing, painting, parenting, etc.

You are the perfect candidate if you take pleasure in a job well done, whether it's meticulously placing an order for flowers, or covering a script.  This is not a job for the highly ambitious ˆ we need someone who wants to do THIS job, and isn't angling for a promotion.

Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.

Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at INFOLIST.com <http://www.InfoList.com>  for priority consideration, please email your cover letter and resume (in the body of the email, NO attachments, please) to:


Caruso Visual Productions Inc. - Animation Writers

We are looking for writers who have completed sports-themed animation screenplays. We will not be optioning the screenplay, as we are looking to hire a writer. We will, however, need to see that the writing style meets our sensibilities. We will look over your logline and synopsis, and if your script looks interesting, we will request it as a sample.

We are looking to write an animated feature that involves an international sports theme (preferably soccer) and is aimed at a pre-teen viewing audience (ages 8-13). The main character will overcome many obstacles.

WG and Non-WG writers welcome.

My credits include: 'Tough Love,' 'Nightcrawlers,' 'Into the Heat' and 'Bitter Circle.'

1. Please go to www.InkTippro.com/leads
2. Enter your email address (you will be signing up for InkTip's newsletter - FREE!)
3. Copy/Paste this code: hadxvs1xxy
4. You will be submitting a logline and synopsis only, and you will be contacted to submit the full script only if there is interest from the production company.

IMPORTANT: Please ONLY submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for EXACTLY.

If you aren't sure if your submission fits, please ask InkTip first. Please mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at INFOLIST.com, and please email any questions to:


We are looking for infomercial testimonials for a new fitness product to be introduced to the public. It's a total body workout that focuses on developing your core strength. Developed by the physical therapist to the Lakers and the NHL this unique workout is like no other and incorporates upbeat cardio and toning exercises. Be the first non-professional athlete to experience what will be the hottest, newest, greatest way to tone up and lose weight!

Ideal candidates are attractive, outgoing, and enthusiastic. All ages and all ethnicities are welcome. We are looking for both men and women. Great candidates include people who want to lose a pant/dress size or may have recently "fallen of the fitness wagon!" Perhaps you've recently had a baby or you want to get into shape for a big event, wedding, vacation or special birthday. Maybe it's just time to take control of your body and health. If so, this program is perfect for you! Ideal candidates would like to lose 8-25 pounds only.

Selected individuals will attend classes 3 times a week for 8 weeks. They will also receive personal coaching, motivation, and the eating program that will be sold in conjunction with this program.

If selected, you must be available to come on Saturday, October 13th, for a "before" photo and an "after" photo on Sunday, December 9th. Classes start on Monday the 15th of October and will run Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7AM-8AM OR 11AM -12PM (if selected, you would choose ONE class time to attend on a regular basis.) The location for all the training is at a beautiful studio in Culver City. Please take that location into consideration before you call. Classes will run through Friday, December 7th. After that you will do an after photo and measurements.

Depending on results, you maybe selected to be a television testimonial for our infomercial. These interviews are unscripted. It's just you expressing your honest opinions of the product and program. All participants need to be agreeable to participation in this, as well as the before and after photo.

WE WILL BE MEETING WITH PEOPLE ON Wednesday, October 10th in the Culver City area. Appointment times should last no longer than 25 minutes. We want to make sure we have similar goals and you are right for this project. Sign yourself up, or come with a spouse, friend, sibling, or roommate. We are seeing people from 10am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm.

This is a reputable, highly regarded company and we only want to meet with sincere and motivated people who are going to be diligent about using the product and attending classes. Participants who are selected will receive all the classes at no charge, the product to keep, and a $100 expense stipend upon completion of the program.

Do not call if you are already appearing in an infomercial, or if you have shot for one in the past two years. Do not call if you don't live or work near the Culver City area.

Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at INFOLIST.com for priority consideration, and email ALL the following information to:
You MUST include ALL the following information to be considered:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Best Contact Number
4. Height
5. Weight
6. A short desciption of your fitness goals.
7. A current picture in jpg format (small file size, please!)
8. Your ideal time to meet on Wednesday, October 10th
9. Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at INFOLIST.com for priority consideration!



Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780


1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401



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