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  March 13, 2008  

NALIPsters and Latinos Announced for Tribeca '08

LPA Fellows Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Dawn Valadez premiere their LPA Documentary GOING ON 13 at Tribeca Film Festival this year. Held April 23 - May 4 in New York City, this world-class festival is one of the hot spots for indie premieres.

From Tweety Bird to Bow Wow, double dutch to chat rooms, Daddy's girls to first deceptions, watch as Ariana, Isha, Rosie, and Esme let go of childhood and fumble or sprint toward an uncertain future. This is puberty and for each of these girls of color, its a whirlwind of change and new choices. Without flinching, GOING ON 13 enters their world as they negotiate the precious, precarious moments between being a little girl and becoming a young woman.

Also showing at the Festival, in the Encounters section,
Celia the Queen, directed by Joe Cardona and Mario De Varona, written by Cardona. (USA) - World Premiere, Documentary.
Azucar! The voice of Celia Cruz, arguably the most influential woman in Cuban music, symbolized the soul of a nation and forced down barriers of racism and sexism. She radiates on screen as her legacy is revisited in this intimate and inspiring documentary. Featuring interviews with Quincy Jones, Andy Garcia, and Wyclef Jean. English, Spanish with English subtitles.

Chevolution, directed by Trisha Ziff and Luis Lopez, written by Sylvia Stevens and Ziff and produced by NALIP Board member VANGIE GRIEGO, also has its World Premiere, Documentary.
How did the iconic image of Che Guevara end up on beer bottles and bikinis? This inquiry into the ethics and aesthetics of appropriation investigates how the enduring symbol of Cuba's Communist Revolution skyrocketed to fame and was ultimately devoured by its own worst enemy: capitalism. English, Spanish with English subtitles.

GOING ON 13 Screening Schedule

Thursday, April 24, 5:30 pm, AV7-03
Sunday, April 27, 12:00 pm, A19-02
Wednesday, April 30, 3:30 pm, AV7-03
Friday, May 2, 9:30 pm, AV7-04
Sunday, May 4, 10:45 am, A19-03

AMC Village VII (AV7)
66 Third Avenue (at 11th Street)
New York, NY 10003

AMC 19th Street East (A19)
890 Broadway (at 19th Street)
New York, NY 10003

CPB/PBS Producers Academy Workshop Offers Scholarships

CPB and PBS are offering scholarships for 20 filmmakers to attend the CPB/PBS Producers Academy Workshop to be held at the studios of WGBH Boston, from Saturday, June 21-Friday, June 27, 2008. The scholarship includes the cost of the workshop, accommodations and travel expenses.

Over a seven-day period, participants in the Producers Workshop will attend an intensive course that covers a range of production skills. The goal of the Producers Workshop is to encourage a diverse and talented group of producers who will create new and greater programming achievements in public broadcasting.

All interested applicants must submit the application by 5:00 pm eastern on Friday, April 4, 2008. Further details and application form can be found at:

Please contact Abbe Harris or Cara White for further information:

Abbe Harris

Cara White

Call for Entries: 2008 Producers Guild of America Diversity Workshop

The Producers Guild of America is proud to announce its fourth annual producing workshop, “THE POWER OF DIVERSITY.” This workshop will draw upon a wide range of seminars and perspectives designed to foster the development of diverse voices in Television Comedy, One Hour Drama, Reality Television and Motion Pictures.

Up to twenty (20) participants will be encouraged to explore, create and refine creative visions and stories that reflect our diverse culture. Applicants may be at any stage of career development, from emerging creative voices to those well-established in their careers.

This year’s program provides a veritable “crash course” in producing, giving participants a comprehensive overview of the essential skills of the producing trade through a series of seminars and master classes with some of the top professionals working in film and television today, supported by one-on-one mentoring work with a member of the Producers Guild. Topics to be addressed include: writing, pitching, budgeting and scheduling, fundraising, marketing, and new media opportunities.

- Workshop call for entries is now open and closes on April 11th, 2008 at 5:00 pm.
- Applicants will be notified by April 25th, 2008
- Workshop sessions will take place throughout the month of May and June. If selected,
participants must be available to attend the duration of the program.
- Workshop sessions typically will be held weekday evenings from approximately 7:00 –
9:00 p.m. at The Producers Guild of America offices at 8530 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 450,
Beverly Hills.

Speakers at this year’s Workshop will include, Marshall Herskovitz (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai) Damon Lindelof (Lost), Tim Gibbons (Curb Your Enthusiasm) in addition to others.

Only one application/project per applicant please. Applicants must apply by mail only. No
faxes or drop-offs will be accepted. To apply please submit:
• Application (download at
• Signed release form (download at
• Synopsis of project (TV Comedy, One Hour Drama, Motion Picture); or detailed 1-2
page plan of execution (Reality Television Series). In addition to summarizing the
project, the submission must demonstrate an engagement with questions and issues of
• A current resume.

Send four (4) copies of all materials to:
PGA Producing Workshop
Producers Guild of America
8530 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 450
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

For inquiries contact: Jackson Burke, (310) 358-9020 x100. The PGA Workshop is offered at no charge: A good idea and passion are the only requirements for admission.
All projects must be registered with the Writers Guild of America prior to submission

Support Latino Films - Maldeamores & La Misma Luna

PLEASE SUPPORT THESE FILMS IN THEIR OPENING RELEASE and thereafter. This is how we get more films made about the Latino experience. Take your friends and families! These are really good films. Vote for more Latino movies with your dollar!

Both films were recently featured at NALIP Conference 9!

Maldeamores opens this Friday, March 14th

The film is a three-part look at the ironies of love, with stories that involve a young boy, a hostage situation, and a divorced elderly couple caught in a love triangle.

Watch the Maldeamores trailer and read an interview with the Directors Carlos RuRu Mariem Pz Riera:

La Misma Luna opens Wednesday, March 19th

A boy crosses the Mexican/US border to reunite with his mother who is living in Los Angeles. Directed by Patricia Riggen.

Watch the trailer and read an interview with director Patricia Riggen:

TrailBlazer Funding Classes Discounted for NALIP Members

Carole Dean, author and founder of the Roy Dean film & editing grants, is looking for dedicated filmmakers who want to focus on funding their films for her TrailBlazer Funding class in April. It meets 3 times in Hollywood and between classes you have full access to Carole to work on the phone or in person. You work on the foundation of your film, pitching, proposals, presentations, trailers and marketing. We create goals and a “to do” list to achieve them. Bill Woolery, trailer editor, and David Raiklen, composer/musician are guest speakers .

The last member of NALIP who took this class, won the Roy W. Dean film grant for 2007, Chelo Alvarez. We work with Carole’s books, The Art of Film Funding and The Art of Manifesting: Creating your Future. Both your faith in your film and your belief in yourself are paramount to funding.

For more info see LA TrailBlazer class at or call Carole at 805 984 0098.

PS: We are taking application for the Roy W. Dean film grants... Deadlines soon.

SXSW Panel: Latino Cinema Knows No Boundaries

By Laura Tillman/The Brownsville Herald

Along with films and music, Austin's annual South by Southwest festival offers pass-holders the chance to attend intimate panel discussions with experts and some of their favorite artists.

Monday, three of the festival's Latin American born filmmakers joined moderator Charles Ramirez Berg, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, to discuss "New Trends in Latino Cinema." About 30 seconds into the talk, however, they realized they might not have much to say on the given subject.

"I think there is a change in that Latino filmmakers are getting away from being so easily identified or grouped together and I think that's good," said Berg, who initially organized the event as a conversation between himself and producer Elizabeth Avellan.

Avellan, who worked with her husband Robert Rodriguez on films like "El Mariachi," "Desperado," and "Sin City," recommended that Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil, who brought his film "Mancora" to the festival, join the conversation. Then, when they discovered that Mexican director Jonas Cuaron, the 26-year-old son of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" director Alfonso Cuaron, was bringing his first film "Ano Una" to the festival, they invited him to join in.

Berg welcomed the panelists to discuss whether each of them recognized any trends in Latino cinema, and Cuaron, the youngest of the group, quickly questioned the term itself.
"I think talking in general about Latin American cinema becomes restrictive," he said. "I have Mexican cinema influences, but I also love Iranian and European cinema."

The other filmmakers underscored this sentiment. It's limiting to categorize Hispanic filmmakers as Hispanic, they said. Filmmakers are filmmakers and the movies they make are as diverse as the Americas themselves.

"Some films in neighboring Latin American countries are never even screened in those other countries," said Montreuil, pointing out that while the nations are close together, their respective artistic communities might be more foreign than most people realize.

The panelists own films prove this point. Montreuil's film "Mancora" brings viewers to Peru and takes its 22-year-old protagonist on a story of dark self-discovery and redemption following his father's suicide.

Cuaron's film on the other hand is an often comedic, experimental collection of photographs documenting an actual year of the filmmaker's life. Cuaron then set a fictional narrative over the photographs, offering an un-stereotypical look at an American tourist's experience in Mexico City.

Ultimately, the filmmakers said they appreciated the evolution of filmmaking in Latin American countries, but they were eager to move on.

"I believe that the world wants to hear new voices, new forms even in mainstream cinema," said Avellan. "I think we're ready for new stories told a different way."

Read the Article Online

PBS's American Experience - Roberto Clemente

Monday, April 21 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings)

On December 31, 1972, Roberto Clemente, a thirty-seven-year-old baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, boarded a DC-7 aircraft loaded with relief supplies for survivors of a catastrophic earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua. Concerned over reports that the Nicaraguan dictatorship was misusing shipments of aid, Clemente, a native of neighboring Puerto Rico, hoped his involvement would persuade the government to distribute relief packages to the more than 300,000 people affected by the disaster. Shortly after take off, the overloaded aircraft plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, just one mile from the Puerto Rican coast. Roberto Clemente’s body was never recovered.

On Monday, April 21, PBS’s AMERICAN EXPERIENCE premieres Roberto Clemente, a one-hour documentary about an exceptional baseball player and committed humanitarian, who challenged racial discrimination to become baseball’s first Latino superstar. From independent filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz, Clemente features interviews with Pulitzer Prizewinning authors David Maraniss (Clemente) and George F. Will (Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball), Clemente’s wife Vera, Baseball Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda, and former teammates, to present an intimate and revealing portrait of a man whose passion and grace made him a legend.

Roberto Clemente’s untimely death brought an end to a spectacular career. In his eighteen seasons with the Pirates, he led the team to two World Series championships, won four National League batting titles, received the Most Valuable Player award, and earned twelve consecutive Gold Gloves. In his final turn at bat for the 1972 season, Clemente made his 3,000th career hit—an achievement that had been reached by ten major league players before him, and only fifteen since.

Born in a poor rural barrio in Puerto Rico in 1934, Clemente grew up “with people who
really had to struggle,” he later recalled. An avid baseball player throughout his youth,
Clemente was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954 just seven years after Jackie
Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. As a black Latino, Clemente
encountered many of the same obstacles and prejudices as the first African-American ball players. His starting bonus of $10,000 was just a fraction of the amount paid to white
draftees, and during his first spring training in Florida in 1955, segregation laws meant
that while Clemente’s white teammates relaxed at beaches, swam in pools, and stayed in
hotels that didn’t admit blacks, he was frequently forced to find his own lodging, and eat
meals on the bus.

Roberto Clemente was offended by the racism he encountered in the United States, an
injustice he had not experienced growing up in Puerto Rico’s relaxed racial climate. Later in his career, after signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clemente often felt estranged in the blue-collar steel town, where the white majority saw him as a black man, and the
African-Americans too labeled him a foreigner. The local sports press often took jabs at
the rising star by quoting him in broken English.

But by 1964, Clemente led a National League all-star team that featured more Latino
players than ever. His success in baseball became an important symbol for the nation’s
growing Latino population as he excelled in America’s pastime while still maintaining his
Latino identity. Today, seventy percent of foreign-born baseball players in the United
States hail from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, or Puerto Rico.

Eventually, Clemente used the podium his fame offered to talk about human rights and
his dream to help underprivileged youth in Puerto Rico. During road trips with the Pirates, he routinely stopped to visit sick children in area hospitals. “If you have a chance
to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and
you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this earth,” he told a Houston audience in 1971, just one year before his death.

“With all the negative attention being paid to baseball these days, it’s important to look back at the kind of impact a true sports hero can have on our nation,” says AMERICAN EXPERIENCE executive producer Mark Samels. “Roberto Clemente was much more than an athlete—he channeled that fame into a larger mission of helping people, broke racial barriers, and continues to inspire today.”

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Festival 2008 (Houston)

The Self Portrait: The Life of Frida Kahlo
April 4, 2008 - 8 p.m.

$6.00 per person (all ages) presale via phone at 866-468-7621 or online at

$10.00 per person (all ages) at the door

1900 Kane St.
Houston, TX 77007

TWN Wednesday Night Seminars (NYC)

Walk-in seminars on production topics you need - from fundraising to budgets, to media management. All classes are $20/$10 (low income) unless otherwise noted. Register now at

March 19, 6:30PM, Production Planning and Budgeting with Ann Bennett
Preparing to produce your film - from research and preproduction to post production and distribution, with a special focus on preparing budgets. With lots of useful handouts! Led by Producer/Director Ann Bennett, who has worked for WGBH, WNET, HBO, The History Channel, England's Channel Four, and the renowned Blackside Productions.

March 26, 6:30PM, Byron Hurt, Director of Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes
Byron Hurt, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer, and anti-sexism activist, talks about making his recent documentary, Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, which premiered at the Sundance Festival and was broadcast on the Emmy award-winning series Independent Lens, and his film I Am a Man: Black Masculinity in America. A former graduate of the TWN workshop, Hurt aims to make films that help make change. Free Workshop!

April 2, 6:30PM, Fundraising: Grant Proposals and Producing a Winning Sample with Dorothy Thigpen
Just in time to talk about the NYSCA proposal and sample, Dorothy Thigpen, Filmmaker and Executive Director of TWN, goes over useful tips on grant writing and sample production. Bring your proposals and samples for critiques!

April 9, 6:30 PM, Techno Organizing with Rolando Brown of the Hip Hop Association
This workshop demystifies using the new age of Web 2.0 online services instead of desktop applications, and details how storing data online rather than onto one's desktop or laptop hard drive can help with the overall effectiveness and value of the information being created, stored and/or distributed among the community.

April 16, 6:30 PM Sound Tips with JT Takagi

April 23, 6:30 PM, Camera/Hard Drive/P2

Third World Newsreel
545 8th Avenue, 10th Floor
between 37th and 38th streets
1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, R, Q, W to Times Square 42nd street
212 947-9277 x 304
Register by emailing:


Latino Writers Lab
App. Deadline - March 17

Don't forget, applications for NALIP’s 2008 Latino Writers Lab™ MUST ARRIVE by Monday, March 17!

The Lab includes skills development by professional instructors, direct mentoring of your work-in-progress by writer/mentors, and professional lunches on issues of relevance to writers.

For more information and to apply to the program, please click here to download the application now!

Yazmin Ortiz
Completes Principal Photography on Mockumentary

NALIP member Yazmin Ortíz has completed principal photography on her mockumentary “Looking for George.” Shot in Athens, Santorini, Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, L.A. and San Juan, Ortiz begins post production as she receives news that she is also selected to receive funding by a European fund for her screenplay “The Kidnapper.” (This is the second time Ortiz is selected by the fund. Her previous screenplay “Redemption” was also selected for funding in 2005).

Ortiz’s newly-formed production company Blind Ambition Films, LLC, plans to produce low budget-high quality universal-theme Latino stories for the U.S. and Latin American markets. “We are collaborating with several NALIP members from across the nation and Puerto Rico, as well as other Latin American countries. There is a genuine need for Latino entertainment content and we are committed to bringing these stories to the community. As a Latina actor/director, I will continue to seek every opportunity to take our stories and talent to audiences in America and around the world especially through internet marketing. In this global community we are lucky to live in we believe cyberspace will be the next great audience to tap. We have universal stories to tell!”

In 2004 Ortiz was selected to attend the Berlin Film Festival’s Talent Campus to represent the U.S. out of 3600 filmmakers worldwide where she became the first Puerto Rican female director to be inducted to the campus; as well as becoming a Phi Beta Delta member ~ an honor society for international scholars to which Colin Powell and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson also belong. Ortiz’s work on stage and film range from being picked by renowned director Franco Zeffirelli out of 100 actresses to play the bride in the his production of “Pagliacci” to appearances in motion pictures, as well as television shows.

Ortíz is the recipient of a Women In Film Lucy Award scholarship, a graduate of UCLA, LACC and California State University, Northridge and has taught at several L.A. area film schools. Her graduate studies focused in digital cinematography, technologies convergence and high definition exhibition. She has directed, produced, written and shot over 16 short films and a docudrama and is scheduled to direct her film “Redemption” by the end of the year. On the web at



ABC Signs Horta to Beauty of a Deal
(Variety) - "Ugly Betty" showrunner Silvio Horta has made a beauty of a deal with ABC Studios. Scribe has signed a two-year, mid-seven-figure pact that will keep him aboard ABC's Thursday-night dramedy. Pact will also give him the opportunity to develop new projects for the Disney-owned studio. FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen to Star in Horror Movie
(Digital Spy) - Charlie Sheen has reportedly signed on to star in a horror film from the makers of Saw. FULL STORY

Gaviria's Latinos Takes RTVE Award at Guadalajara Meetings
( - Iberoamerican Co-production Meetings at the Guadalajara International Film Festival honour Colombian project Latinos from El Baile Films. FULL STORY (subscription)

Patric Joins Diaz in "Keeper"
(Reuters) - Jason Patric will play Cameron Diaz's husband in the family drama "My Sister's Keeper," which Nick Cassavetes is shooting in Los Angeles. FULL STORY


Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Latino/Latina Comedy Writers
U Rock Films is looking for two comedy writers to for a web series. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Television Internships
Red Varden Studios offers part-time internships year round to students of all majors and all class levels. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION


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