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  April 15, 2008  

PBS Premiere of Roberto Clemente from NALIP Board Member Bernardo Ruiz

On Monday April 21st at 9:00pm ET, PBS, through its award-winning series, American Experience will premiere Roberto Clemente (HD, where available.)

From independent Filmmaker and NALIP Board Member, Bernardo Ruiz, Roberto Clemente is an unprecedented look at the history-making player and humanitarian. In an era before players had handlers and press agents, Clemente was a bona fide humanitarian and activist. “If you have the chance to make things better for people coming behind you, and you don’t,” he famously said, “You are wasting your time on earth.”

"We're in a fascinating moment in history … and Roberto's story really speaks to themoment," Ruiz recently told USA Today.

Clemente features interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors David Maraniss (Clemente) and George F. Will (Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball) as well as journalist and author Juan Gonzalez (Harvest of Empire), Vera Clemente, Baseball Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda, and former teammates. Golden Globe Award-winning actor Jimmy Smits (The West Wing, NYPD Blue) narrates.

The filmmakers are excited to announce that on the day after broadcast, a Spanish-language version will be available for free viewing online at

“Given some of the recent and obvious absence of Latino stories,” says Ruiz, “this is an opportunity to show PBS that Latino audiences will not only watch, but that we expect a greater range and diversity of Latino stories at the national level.”

A Quiet Pictures film for American Experience. Written, Directed and Produced by Bernardo Ruiz. Coproduced by Caroline Waterlow. Narrated by Jimmy Smits. Senior Consultant: David Maraniss. Edited by James Rutenbeck. Directors of Photography: Michael Chin and Claudio Rocha. Original Score by Gary Lionelli. Associate Producers: Patricia Benabe and Lenina Nadal.

Call for Entries: The Council on Foundations Film & Video Festival

Celebrating 42 Years of Impact Using Foundation-Funded Film & Video

Deadline: June 27, 2008

The Council on Foundations and Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media (GFEM) are seeking submissions of films and videos for the Council on Foundations' 42nd Annual Film & Video Festival to be held May 4-6 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia.


The festival showcases films, videos, and television programs that have received support from foundations, corporate giving programs, and donor networks, with the aim of encouraging grantmakers to use media to advance their philanthropic goals. The festival promotes foundation support of creative, high-quality productions that expand the boundaries of the use of media for the social good.

Submissions may target local, state, regional, national, and international audiences. The committee will give special consideration to projects that demonstrate innovative strategies for distribution, outreach, public education, and civic engagement, such as the use of print or broadcast journalism, websites, networking, schools, libraries, or the meetings and conferences of nonprofit organizations.


To be eligible, projects must have received full or partial funding for either production or distribution from a private, community, operating, or corporate foundation, a corporate giving program, or a donor network. The grantmaker does not have to be a member of the Council or GFEM. The Council will not consider submissions that have been funded solely by public agencies or federal or state grants. The films and videos must have been completed within the past two years. Works may be of any length-from feature length to a brief public service announcement. No works in progress will be considered. All submission forms, DVDs, and entry fees must be received by June 27.


Get more information about eligibility and submission procedures, and download the submission form, at:

Nominations Announced for American Latino TV Awards

The award-winning, nationally syndicated TV programs "American Latino TV" (ALTV) and "LatiNation" announced today, the nominees for the 2nd Annual "American Latino TV Awards", with voting and promotion scheduled to begin this week. The "American Latino TV Awards" is a celebration of the show's historic sixth season and is highly anticipated after the success of the first ever "American Latino TV Awards" in 2007. "American Latino TV Awards" serves to recognize excellence and achievement in the American Latino community and as a tribute to the individuals, organizations and projects that have been featured in the producers' six-season library of multi-award winning and groundbreaking television shows.

The nominees (four per category with six categories) for the unique awards show format were selected by a team of American Latino TV producers. This year's awards show hosts four exciting new categories: Favorite Alternative Artist, Favorite Indie Film, Favorite ExtremeAthlete and Underground Fashion as well as returning categories Favorite Indie MusicalArtist(s) and Most Inspiring American Latino(s). The winners will be decided by online voting and announced during the syndicated broadcast of the American Latino TV Awards special, which will begin airing later this summer in over 70 cities nationwide. A promotional campaign of TV, radio, local and national print and online ads will direct viewers to which provides a detailed list of nominees, along with a short video segment of each one, and the ability to cast votes.

The nominees for each category include:

1. FAVORITE ALTERNATIVE ARTIST: Paula Baby (Pin-up Model), Danny D. (Auto Artist/ Pin-striper), David Cortes (Action-figure Sculptor) and Zarco Guerrero (Cultural Mask-maker.)
2. MOST INSPIRING AMERICAN LATINO:Dr. Richard Carmona (17th Surgeon General of the U.S.), Ceja Family (Successful owners of Ceja Vineyards), Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics Illustrator/Editor-in-Chief) and Joe Conzo (E.M.T. and Legendary Documentary Hip Hop Photographer).
3. FAVORITE INDIE FILM:"Bragging Rights" (Documentary about the connection between Latino culture and Stickball), "Brown is the New Green" (George Lopez hosts this documentary about media and marketing misrepresentation of U.S. Latinos), "Antonia" (Brazilian award-winning film), and "Shut Up and Do It" (Actor fed up with Latino portrayals directs and stars in his own film).
4. FAVORITE INDIE MUSICAL ARTIST: Madball (Hardcore Metal Rockers), Ladybug Mecca (Afro-Brazilian/Blues/Hip Hop fusion), Calavera (Hardcore Punk/Psychobilly) and The Pinker Tones (Electronica/Dance/Lounge/Pop)
5. FAVORITE EXTREME ATHLETE:Texas Rollergirls (Female Roller Derby Team), Rey Misterio (WWE Pro Wrestler), Jonathan Tagle (Skydiver) and Jennifer Santiago (Combat Martial Artist).
6. UNDERGROUND FASHION: Listen Clothing (Music-inspired Designs), (Globally-minded T-shirts), 1 Soul DesignsStop Staring (Vintage Pin-up) and El Jefe Clothing (Rock/Urban Cross-cultural).

The awards show sponsors include Volkswagen, Bud Light, General Motors, McDonald's, State Farm and U.S. Army. Visit
and for more information.

Call for Independents' Voice in the Digital Age

The following document is the result of informal discussions among approximately 30 Bay Area independent producers beginning in 2006 concerning the rapid technological and economic changes confronting the field. The group decided that the most urgent need was to establish a nation-wide network of independent producers and their organizations prepared to discuss these issues and advocate for policies which would help the field survive and flourish.

A yahoo group has been formed where this nation-wide conversation of independent producers can occur. To join the discussion simply send a message to . You will need a Yahoo ID to participate in the group. Names and e-mail addresses will be kept in strict confidence. We invite all independent media makers and their supporters to participate in this dialogue and in the formation of policies which will allow us to play a vigorous role in the digital age.


1. We are in the midst of a communications revolution which threatens the fragile ecology of independent production, while offering unprecedented opportunities for public interest media.

2. Digital delivery is overturning long-established patterns for the funding, rights, distribution and hence revenues of independent work, often with deleterious impacts on their producers.

3. Powerful governmental and corporate forces are making decisions which will shape the future internet age with little reference to the sustainability of independent production.

4. Independent producers themselves are uninformed about the long-term implications of these rapid changes and unorganized to offer any alternatives to them.

5. They lack a vigorous grassroots advocacy network to keep them up-to-date, allow them to articulate and aggregate their own interests and policies and to lobby broadcasters, funders, internet content providers and a potentially more sympathetic Congress.

6. This is a proposal to activate just such a nation-wide coalition to insure that independent producers can survive and thus cultivate more democratic and diverse media in the internet age. Independent production may be the cutting edge to carve out an open, well funded civic or "public interest" sector in the otherwise commercial marketplace of the internet.


1. Has free, user generated content (UGC) completely superceded the need for compensated, professional, independent production as an essential element of public interest dialogue in the internet age? Or does independent production remain a primary source of diverse voices and views for our civic life? Is there still a vital public interest in its sustainability?

2. Even among experienced supporters of "public interest" media, there has been a tendency to confuse the raw quantity of UGC with the quality of that content and the contexts in which it appears. As a result content and content-producers are consistently under-valued and under-funded while scarce funds are diverted to often ill-conceived, pre-mature "new media" projects.

3. UGC and social networking offer promising opportunities for the circulation and discussion of content. However, independent producers have a key role to play providing the journalistically sound, policy–oriented programs as well as the artful, personal visions which can serve as catalysts for the larger social conversations necessary to revitalize our democracy.

4.There are no technological fixes. Radio, television, cable, DVD were all touted as solutions to the problem of media diversity and serious public interest debate in this country. Each has failed, as the internet will fail, unless public broadcasting, Congress and foundations supply a consistent and substantial source of funds for producing alternative, high quality, non-commercial content, the kind which individual producers create.

5. Why should under-represented voices and views have to rely on cost-free, amateur expression while mainstream corporate interests can spend millions of dollars disseminating their ideas? As Blake observed: "One law for the lion and the lamb is tyranny."

6. The internet, while it connects millions of people around the world instantaneously, tends, because of its increasing commercialization, to position its users as consumers not citizens. UGC is hence a necessary but insufficient instrument for generating consensus and mobilizing users behind concrete action. Independent production with its organic links to particular causes and constituencies can act as a link between a wider public and social activism. This is true whether productions are shown in schoolrooms, union halls, house parties or embedded in relevant internet sites.

7. The reinvention of a sustainable model for the production of independent public service and arts content on the internet is obviously one of the great unresolved issues of the internet age.


1. The sustainability of public service, independent production is threatened today by two mutually reinforcing trends: the loss of ancillary, revenue-generating rights and cutbacks in funding from traditional sources for non-commercial media.

2. Digital convergence has been predicted for a decade. The distribution of media content by terrestrial and cable telecast and by DVD rentals and sales are inevitably and rapidly merging in a single delivery platform, the internet. But this has given birth to the misguided inference that digital convergence inevitably leads to a convergence of digital rights as well.

3. Major funders of independent production like public television or HBO are increasingly demanding all digital rights: web-casting, streaming and downloading, both domestic and international. Yet they are paying independent producers no more for these rights than when they simply wanted domestic broadcast and cablecast rights.

4. The Writers and Directors Guilds and Hollywood have also begun to grapple with the question of a fair distribution of revenues from ancillary, specifically digital rights. Independent producers, however, lack the strong organizations to set guidelines or negotiate an equitable share of these rights with funding sources like PBS and HBO and content aggregators such as i-Tunes, Amazon Unbox, Jaman, Indiepix, Reframe, etc.

5. Independents have a particular need for ancillary rights revenues. DVD and international sales revenues are critical to sustain them through the lengthy, largely un-funded development stage characteristic of most American independent production.


1. Independent production will only become sustainable in the internet age if independent producers inform themselves, articulate policies, organize and lobby before the relevant agencies and organizations. They will need to form alliances with other internet content producers, independent producers’ academic, journalistic and industry supporters and, above all, the formidable grassroots constituencies their programs serve.

2. As a first step, we propose inviting independent producers and their organizations to participate in a vital policy discussion of the issues facing the field as a result of the digital revolution. This discussion will help independent producers identify and prioritize critical issues at the same time it will mobilize producer interest nationally. Additionally, preliminary contact with key foundations and funder/presenters such as ITVS will lay the groundwork for a collegial rather than adversarial relationship as we move forward.

3. This dialogue will guide in the creation of a policy agenda. Issues addressed by such an agenda might include: the division of internet rights, digital rights management and licensing, two-tier pricing for the educational and home markets, more open access to major internet portals, industry-wide standards for digital royalties, net neutrality, increased funding for independent production and legislation with an impact on the sustainability of such production.

5. A Liaison or Organizing Committee consisting of representatives of any interested media arts center, media advocacy organization or internet-based independent producer group will be formed when it comes time to draw up and implement this policy agenda.

6. These representatives will perform the necessary functions to mobilize their particular networks: keeping their constituents informed and active, organizing outreach to potential outside supporters, initiating press coverage, appearing at various conferences and board meetings, making individual contact with network, ICPs and foundation officers, and, if necessary, lobbying Congress. Funds will be raised for a paid organizer to coordinate the network's activities.

7. Beyond these initially identified activities and flexible organizational structure, the long-term shape, scope and direction of this coalition will evolve in response to the needs of the independent producer community.

8. A yahoo group has been formed where this nation-wide conversation of independent producers can occur. To join the discussion simply send a message to You will need a Yahoo ID to participate in the group. Names and e-mail addresses will be kept in strict confidence.

NALIP Member Discount at

We started because we saw a need to offer products that speak to Latinos from both aesthetic and cultural perspectives. We promise to carefully select only those brands whose designs come straight from the source, the streets of Latin America.

NALIP members can receive a 30% discount at by entering the coupon code "naliporg".




Barbara Gonzalez
NALIP member's short semi-finalist in Indie Spirit Fest

NALIP member Barbara J. Gonzalez's short film Attendance was accepted into the Indie Spirit Film Festival. She produced the film and the lead male actor, Thomas F. Vilorio (Jake), is Dominican.

Screening at the Indie Spirit Film Festival, April 25-27, in Colorado Springs, CO. 2008 Festival info & screening time/place available on the festival website.

"Attendance" (short, romantic comedy), 14 min.
Director: Robert Woolsey
Producer: Barbara J. Gonzalez

Jake, a loud, boisterous ad sales rep is on a 'date from hell' with Heather, a shy nurse. His only chance at redemption comes from an attendant in the most unlikely of places. Some times we can all use a little attendance...

Raza Burgee
Screening film in LA

Member RAZA BURGEE is holding a screening with up date of Film

"Fifty For Women Ain't What It Used To Be"
April 23, 2008
7-9:30 PM
6700 Santa Monica Blvd / Las Palmas
Los Angeles, CA.

Starring:CARMEN MARTINEZ, JERRY VELASCO, VICTORIAREGINA GALBADON, KIMBER EASTWOOD, IONA MORRIS and other outstanding guests. The film is 28 minutes long.

There will be Entertainment with "HOTTIE" From the show "FLAVOR OF LOVE"

Cristina Kotz Cornejo
2 screenings of 3 Américas

NALIP member Cristina Kotz Cornejo's film 3 Américas has two screenings coming up, one in Austin and the other in Brooklyn:

Cine Las Americas International Film Festival
April 16-24, 2008
Tuesday, April 22 @ 6pm

Regal Metropolitan 14
901 Little Texas Lane
Austin, TX

For more info:

BAM Cinemátek: Creatively Speaking Film Series
BAM Rose Cinema
Friday, April 25, 2008 @ 4:30pm
30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 636-4100



Cross-cultural Cinema
(San Antonio Current) - When it comes to Latino film in Hollywood, no one can deny the impact directors Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men), Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth), and Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel) have had on the industry. That’s all well and good, but what about Latino filmmakers who were born in the U.S., have a unique perspective on Latino issues, and want to translate those to film? FULL STORY

Fest Honors the Career of John Leguizamo
(CBS) - Versatile and charismatic actor John Leguizamo was at the Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia Thursday night to receive an Artistic Achievement award for his long and distinguished career. FULL STORY

Doc on Former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro Premiering
(Phoenix Business Journal) - A documentary film about former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro will premiere April 24 with proceeds from ticket sales going to support the mission of the Raul H. Castro Institute on Hispanic Public Policy. FULL STORY

Mom's New Boyfriend
( - On June 17, 2008, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release My Mom's New Boyfriend on DVD, starring Meg Ryan as a mom who finally finds a good new guy in her life, depicted by Antonio Banderas, only to discover he's a notorious art thief under investigation by her very own F.B.I. agent son, played by Colin Hanks. FULL STORY

Grammy Nominated Torres Releases English-Language Debut
(Billboard Publicity Wire) - Already one of the most acclaimed songwriters in Latin pop, Elsten Torres is releasing his English-language debut, If You Say So, in April 2008 on UNO Entertainment. FULL STORY


Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Casting: NYC Testimonials for Gothamopolis
Gothamopolis TV is currently seeking interactive participants for its 8 Million Big Apple Bytes" audio testimonials as part of its upcoming scripted production, Gothamopolis. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Casting: Talented Families
Know any talented families? Do you and your family perform together? Sing together? Dance together? Family of rappers, gospel, pop, rock, country or any style of talent are being sought out. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION


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