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  January 27, 2009  

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Personal Networking is an Investment, Not an Inconvenience

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Article by Marvin V. Acuna

Last night I had dinner with a group of friends, beyond the tasty grilled salmon and asparagus, we were engaged in spirited conversation. Of the group, I am the only one vested in the entertainment industry.

One of my friends, a scientist, made an off handed remark that the entertainment industry was very challenging because it has nothing to do with talent, but everything to do with "who you know".

While I respect her position and agree personal networking is a crucial ingredient to transforming from aspiring artist to entertainment industry professional, I also believe it's not just "who you know", but how one navigates those connections—and whether one chooses to do so at all.

"People can find their paths as long as they're motivated to do so and able to motivate people to help them. But, no matter how motivated you are, you have to be able to motivate the other person, who can put you in touch with the next person, and the next person has to do it too," says Duncan Watts, a professor of sociology at Columbia University.

Again, personal networking is instrumental to your career. It's an invaluable tool to identifying unique and rare opportunities suited to you, as well as to maximize the value of your current relationships.

Here are three basic guidelines for successful personal networking.


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NALIPsters & Latinos Shine at Sundance '09

NALIP’s Estela winner Natalia Almada (LPA 2003) won the Excellence in Directing Award at Sundance for her film El General, which premiered at the 2009 Festival last week. The lyrical film examines her controversial great grandfather, former Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles.

Cary Joji Fukunaga was awarded the directing prize for an American dramatic film for Sin Nombre, a Sundance-developed feature that follows Central American immigrants as they make their way through Mexico. The jury singled out Brazilian D.P. Adriano Goldman for a cinematography award for the same film. Chilean actress Catalina Saavedra won an acting award for her performance in the World Cinema winner The Maid.

Roberto Arévalo
NALIPster screening two docs at Emory, Jan. 29

NALIP member Roberto Arévalo, documentary producer and media educator, will present A Cuban Family and A Cuban Thought, two of his most recent documentaries at Emory University, Atlanta Georgia on January 29th at 6pm. If you would like to attend please click here to RSVP.

Una Familia Cubana / A Cuban Family 30:00, 2008 Cuba In Spanish with English subtitles This is a poetic portrait of an Afro-Cuban family living in Marianado, a modest neighborhood in Havana. Through their daily interactions they reflect on the challenges, pleasures and sense of purpose that shape their lives. The video highlights in a meticulous and intimate manner the musical, sexual, linguistic and culinary attitudes of Cubans. Their sense of humor, and connection with extended family members and neighbors are weaved together to present a painting of Cuba using the most powerful representation of a culture: the family.

Un Pensamiento Cubano/ A Cuban Thought 22:00, 2008 Cuba In Spanish with English subtitles Fom Havana, Cuba, twenty-five year old Cuban Clarissa Martinez shares poetry and thoughts from her diary as she explores her neighborhood and her home. Her constant analysis of herself, capitalism, communism and love, takes us on a journey of personal, cultural, and political examination. Her love for Cuba, her passion for history, literature, art and her struggle to connect with others becomes a metaphor for the complex realities of young Cubans living in a post-modern Cuba.



Comic 'Zombo' Gets Big-screen Treatment
(The Hollywood Reporter) - Death Ray Films, a production company formed recently by Kevin Munroe, Chris Patton and Robert Sanchez, is teaming with Maya Entertainment to bring Dark Horse comic "El Zombo Fantasma" to the big screen. FULL STORY

Gregory Nava's Film 'El Norte' Marks 25th Anniversary
(Los Angeles Times) - When Gregory Nava's "El Norte" opened in U.S. theaters 25 years ago, immigration was less of a political hot-button issue than it is today. Back then, the mass exodus of refugees from Central American countries such as El Salvador and Guatemala was driven as much by civil war as by economics. FULL STORY

A Quieter Sundance, But The Films Still Made Noise
(indieWIRE) - Sundance 2009, despite being the festival’s 25th anniversary, was noticeably quiet to all in attendance, from young filmmakers seeking out journalists, “Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle” director David Russo complained openly about the lack of coverage for his film, to servers at Main Street restaurants watching their tips shrivel. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

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Experienced Local/Regional Commercial Producers (Chicago or NYC)
Hispanic Spots, a division of iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc. is looking for production companies and freelance producers with experience in producing local and regional TV commercials (for cable or local networks) in Chicago or New York for the US Hispanic market. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Additional Producer for Feature
Frank Aragon of 1211 Entertainment is seeking a qualified experienced producer to join his team for an upcoming feature film set in the 1940's. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Masters in Public Broadcasting Opportunities at Ohio U.
The Ohio University School of Media Arts and Studies and the WOUB Center for Public Media in Athens announce graduate associateships for women and persons of color to study public broadcasting in a 12 month (September 2009 to August 2010) MA Program, with a $15,000 stipend. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Casting: NALIP Member's UCLA Film
UCLA film "Afanadora," produced by NALIP member and award-winning filmmaker Diana Romero (LPA 2004), is currently casting. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Prop/Set Designer for Short (NYC)
Seeking prop/designer for Lovebug, a sci-fi futuristic short film. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION


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