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Article by Marvin V. Acuna

I attend numerous events in various parts of the country and abroad, sometimes as a student, but predominately as a speaker. Beyond the workshops, panels, and vendors peddling their wares, these events always host some type of planned social event. Be it the "welcome to," the "gala opening," the "gala closing," the "meet and greets," etc.. Different names, but same specific purpose: to network.

On the flight home from my most recent speaking engagement, I considered the following: Do screenwriters know how to effectively network at these events? Do they truly understand what effective networking actually is? Do they understand how it actually works? Because as I recalled my encounters with many of the screenwriters I had met at the event, it certainly didn't feel like they did.

According to, the definition of Networking is: "to cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position."

After reviewing the above definition, it made sense to me why most screenwriters I encounter at events are ineffective at networking. They misinterpret and misunderstand the definition thus becoming ineffective networkers. I know what you're thinking!... Click here to see if I'm correct:

Being an ineffective networker can stifle, stall, and/or prevent you from developing mutually valuable relationships.

Marvin, how do I know if I am an ineffective networker? Here's how:

You're an ineffective networker If You believe:

  • That networking is about one thing and one thing only: getting your script and/or pitching your idea to everyone in the room
  • That you're not there to make friends or to have fun
  • That it's all about your own needs--that there is certainly no interest in reciprocity
  • That casual conversation is a waste of your time therefore you simply jump into selling your script or an idea before the appetizer even arrives
  • That there is only one specific time and place for networking and it's called, "An easel sitting at the entrance of some ballroom with a sign that says so"
  • That it's best to attend with friends/co-workers, but then sit and talk with them the entire time

Marvin, the reason I'm networking in the first place is because I want to get something. I want to meet my ideal producer, agent, executive or manager and/or meet someone who can refer me to my ideal producer, agent, executive or manager. I want someone to buy my script!

Yes I know... I really do. Believe me: I get it.

But don't forget, your belief system is the key to effective networking. In fact, it's the MOST important aspect to understand.

Why not GIVE first?

Latino WriterCall for Submissions: Fall 2009 Television Writers Program

This program is not for beginners. It is for writers who can write at least a one half-hour comedy or a one-hour dramatic television script in English within a five-week period of time. The program will take place in Los Angeles, CA from November 7 to December 12. Each participant is expected to complete at least one script by the end of the five-week session, which will then be read by network executives. Those writers whose scripts show promise will be interviewed and mentored by the network executives with the idea of placing them on a show. Nine of our writers from previous sessions have already been placed. A stipend of $250 per week will be given to each participant.

Flight, housing, and meals will be provided. The program will commence on November 7. If selected, you must be available to fly and stay in Los Angeles, CA from November 7 to December 12, 2009. Writing samples must be in English and television scripts are preferred. Please note that writing teams are ineligible. The deadline for submissions is August 28. Scripts will be evaluated and program participants announced on October 12.

For writing samples to be considered, please submit the following:
  • Program application
  • Resume/Bio
  • Writing sample (1) hard copy and saved on a CD (PDF format)
  • Notarized release forms
  • A paragraph explaining why you want to write for television

To download program application and release forms, please visit

Writing sample must be postmarked by August 28 and sent to:

National Latino Media Council
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Pasadena, CA 91105

For more information please call Acasia Flores at (626) 792-6462.

Senate approves FCC nominations
(Variety) - The full Senate has approved the nominations of Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Attwell Baker to the two remaining seats on the FCC, according to a rep for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. That means the commission could be at full strength -- five commissioners -- by this week. FULL STORY

'Battlestar Galactica' treks on
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Chief Content Officer Public Media Service, Los Angeles
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One Hot Summer
Maya Original airs Sunday, July 26 on Lifetime.

Based on the novel by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera,One Hot Summer sizzles with the ups and downs of three Cuban-American women who always support each other in good times and in bad. Margarita Silva Santos (Vanessa Marcil-picture above), Viviana Suarez (Jacqueline Pinol), and Anabel Aguilera (Tessie Santiago) have been best friends for most of their lives. They live in Miami and meet frequently for lunch to share their ups and downs.

A Maya original film, One Hot Summer airs nationwide on Sunday, July 26 on Lifetime.

Directed by Betty Kaplan. Written by Nancy de los Santos and Gloria Calderon Kellet. With Raquel Barros, Carlos Adrian-Albas Castella, Guillermo de Cun.


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