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Article by Marvin V. Acuna

Each morning I awake at 6 a.m. and take Parker, my adopted Jack Russell Chihuahua, on a hike for about an hour. I then head to the gym for a 30 minute run on the treadmill, and swim for half an hour. This has been my ritual for the last eleven months.

This month I decided to switch up my ritual. I thought I'd begin to use free weights, in order to begin shaping my physical form, and take a break from swimming. In essence, I want to sculpt my physique.

Needless to say, I have been in pain. I mean pain. I say PAIN. But, two things keep me focused on my outcome: 1. A great saying, "Pain will make you bitter or better, it's up to only you," and; 2. The photograph of the body type I aspire to emulate.

The pain is enough frankly to cause me to slip back into what makes me comfortable and, more importantly, into what doesn't cause me pain. I hear the constant chatter yelling in my head, driven by my natural instinct of fight or flight: "stop!"

But I remind myself that I will overcome this uncomfortable pain. I am building slowly. And, one brick at a time, I will build the image I have crystallized in my mind.

Embracing your fears of the unknown, of the uncomfortable, and of the potential pain of disappointment and frustration is a key and crucial ingredient to your success as a professional screenwriter. Otherwise, I promise you, fear will rob you of your dream. It will paralyze you from taking the necessary actions to attain your dream. Don't let it.


Call for Applications: Assistant Directors Training Program

The Assistant Directors Training Program was established in 1965 by the Directors Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

The purpose of this non-profit training program is to provide equal access to men and women of diverse backgrounds to participate in an industry sponsored training program that provides on-the-job training. After the successful completion of training, graduates are eligible to join the Directors Guild of America as a Second Assistant Director.

The application period for the 2010 program is officially underway. Applications are currently available for download from our website and must be postmarked no later than November 20, 2009.

For more information, please visit our website or call 818.386.2545

LPA 2004 Fellows Invite You to Apply to Distribution Cooperative

LPA 2004 Fellows Dawn Valadez and Kristy Guevara-Flanagan (A Girl's Life) invite fellow NALIP members and friends to submit applications to New Day Films, the premiere educational distribution cooperative for social-issue films. New Day brings together talented and accomplished filmmakers dedicated to both finding educational audiences for our films, and earning revenue to support the independent filmmaking process.

Application deadline: September 5, 2009
Details and application available at:

Selling independent social issue films since 1971, New Day has developed a strong brand within the education community, built a huge knowledge base on distribution and marketing best practices, and grown revenues to over $1 million annually. When you join New Day you become part of a dynamic, democratically run company of filmmakers. We sell our films to educational organizations nationwide, including high schools, colleges, universities, libraries, prisons, community organizations, hospitals, labor unions, and political and religious organizations.


Review: Alexis dos Santos’s Unmade Beds
(indieWIRE) - As long there as there are young people living out their dreams in cities, there will always be young filmmakers eager and willing to follow them around churning out Bohemian anomie portraiture. FULL STORY

Distributor Report Cards
(The Hollywodo Reporter) - The Hollywood Reporter summarizes the year so far for the mini-majors, specialty divisions, and indies, and looks ahead to what they have in the pipeline. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

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Interns for Recording Studio (Coral Springs, FL)
We are opening a new recording/rehearsal facility September 1st in Coral Springs, and there are three intern positions available. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
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Martin Aguilera
LWL Fellow a top 3 winner in Slamdance Teleplay Competition

NALIP member Martin Aguilera (LWL 2004) has won 3rd place in the Annual Slamdance Teleplay Competition, Scripted Cateogry, for his teleplay "Miseducated."

The Teleplay competition is part of Slamdance's increasingly successful Writing component that over the past twelve years has discovered many new writers and continues to attract the attention of industry searching for the best new independent writing talent. Every year now top placed written works are subsequently produced or optioned.

Act III's Norman Lear and Lara Bergthold worked closely with Slamdance to find this year's top placed teleplay's, "We were excited about working with Slamdance to discover talented new and independent screenwriters and the effort did not disappoint. We look forward to getting to know these writers and to seeing their dreams realized on the small screen soon."

"The Claytons," written by by Beverly Neufeld, took top honors in Slamdance's scripted category. "FX Factory" is the winner of Slamdance's unscripted category and was conceived by the newly formed partnership of James Wade, Brian Beacock and Lauren Bass.

Runners-up in the Teleplay Scripted Category are 2nd place "Standards and Practices" by Chase Sprull, 3rd place "Miseducated" by Martin Aguilera, 4th place "Fatima" by Sabrina Naqvi and 5th place "Corporate Debt" by Zach Esper.

Louis E. Perego Moreno
NALIPster honored with El Diario de la Prensa's El Award

LPA 2005 Fellow Louis E. Perego Moreno (a/k/a Tio Louie) was selected by the leading metro-NY Spanish-language newspaper, El Diario de la Prensa as a recipient of the 2009 "El Award." He is being honored as one of 25 of the Tri-state area's most successful and influential Latinos making strides in the corporate, business, entertainment, sports and community arenas. This award will be presented at the Grand Havana Room on October 22nd. He is being cited for his work combining filmmaking and advocacy for Latinas, Latino Gays and Urban Youth. For ten years he founded and ran a non-profit training Latino and Black youth to produce 70 documentary shorts addressing social, public and mental health issues.

As an LPA graduate, he has produced a documentary feature entitled, Latina Confessions ("What does it mean to be Latina in the U.S.A.?"), which he has taken to 20 colleges recently from the state of Washington to North Carolina, and for Hispanic Heritage 2009 launches a Wise Latina campaign featuring educated and professional Latinas. He is currently Co-producer on another LPA graduate, William D. Caballero's autobiographical documentary on his Puerto Rican family in Fayettville, North Carolina, American Dreams Deferred. He also just received another award, the 2009 Gold Remi Award at WorldFest Houston as Director, Producer, Writer of an industrial video for the NYC utility company, Con Edison. He was the Producer of English and Spanish-language Ford national 2008 advertising campaign, Friend-to-Friend and Town-to-Town for television commercials, radio, print and New Media

David Mendez
NALIPster executive producing The Blob remake

NALIP member David Mendez will be executive producing the remake to The Blob, produced by Richard Saperstein and to be directed/written by Rob Zombie. Production on the remake of the 1958 horror classic will begin next spring. A Variety story covers the available details, including hints at Rob Zombie's vision for the film.

David is also working on a few other projects which will soon be announced with Richard Saperstein, as well as continued development for 700 Hill and The 88th State, which both have Latino themes.

Anthony Rivero Stabley
NALIPster organizes evening of Bolivian shorts

Bolivian-born filmmaker and NALIP member Anthony Rivero Stabley has organized a special night at the Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles as it presents an Evening of Award-Winning Bolivian Short Films at the Los Angeles Theater Center. This first-time exhibition features work from Bolivian Directors - Sergio Bastani (Yard of Blonde Girls), Jose Sanchez-H. (Road to the Coast, News For Manuela), Adriana Montenegro (From The Core), Rodrigo Patino (Fine Line), Bernardo Pena (Get Outta Here!!), Nelson Serrano (Drastic Change) and Anthony R. Stabley (Electronica: One Year Later, This is Not a Film).

The screening is on Friday, Sept. 4 at 8:00pm, at The New LATC located Downtown. Click here for details.

This memorable event was organized by Anthony Rivero Stabley and Festival Director Emilio Vega with the participation of Actress Carla Ortiz (Los Andes No Creen en Dios) and Bolivian Consulate Marco Antonio Cuba. Confirmed attending guests - Actor Eddie Steeples (My Name is Earl), Bolivian Actresses Paola Menacho, Carolina Zaballa, Director Sergio Arau (A Day Without a Mexican), Actress Yareli Arizmendi (Like Water For Chocolate) and Producer David Hillary (Spun).

"The idea for this type of screening is to expose Bolivian Filmmakers to the Hollywood Film community so that we may build working relationships between both cinema groups. This type of interaction is vital as it relates to funding and the future distribution of projects."


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