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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: 10 (9 actually) Responses to the Issues Brought Up at the "Indie Film Summit"

Ira Deutchman has been making, marketing and distributing films for thirty-two years, having worked on over 150 films including some of the most successful independent films of all time. Currently Deutchman is Managing Partner of Emerging Pictures, a New York-based digital exhibition company. Click on Talk Back to discuss with other NALIPsters!

Thanks to MOMA and indieWIRE, some 60 or so representatives of the "indie" film world got together yesterday to discuss the state of the business. A tip of the cap is due to Eugene Hernandez and Anne Thompson for their valiant attempt to reign in a group of outspoken, opinionated and polarized people arranged around a conference room that was clearly designed for far fewer active participants than were attending this particular event. The very existence of such an event, and the number of notable people who showed up, is both a testament to how hungry we are for this type of discussion, and a reason to be hopeful about the future of the business. In the course of a rambling two plus hours of talking, some deep arguments were addressed, some real insights were made and some of the attendees slipped into the kind of self-serving pitches that we hear on a million panels. But by the end of the day, I felt that all the real issues facing our business had at the very least been thrown on the table. My only frustration was that each of the many topics that came up deserved further exploration. Hopefully this can happen in a series of more focused discussions some time in the future.


Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) Unveils its 2009 Lineup

The 13th Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) will present the best of Latino filmmaking from October 11-16 at the Mann Chinese 6 Cinemas in Hollywood. Opening with Pedro Almodovar's Broken Embraces, LALIFF's cinematic journey will continue with award-winning and sure to please films from emerging and established filmmakers from around the world including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Japan and Uruguay.

Depicting the diversity, creativity, innovation and sometimes, provocative, Latino experience, LALIFF's lineup includes Gigante (Uruguay), winner of the Alfred Bauer and Best Debut Film Awards at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival; Down for Life (USA) named "the biggest surprise" at the recent Toronto International Film Festival; La Nana (Chile) winner of the World Cinema Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Don't Let Me Drown (USA) and the documentary Sin Mapa (USA).

Several films by NALIP members will be screening at LALIFF. Short films by NALIP members include: El Tux, dir. Paco Farias. Cleats, dir. NALIP Executive Board member Mar�a Agui Carter. Niña Quebrada, dir. Jen Kleiner, written and produced by Diana Romero and starring Yvette Yates. Braceros, dir. Belinda J. Carre�o. Feature films by NALIP members include: Amor a Morir, dir. Fernando Lebrija, co-written/produced by LWL mentor Harrison Reiner. Don't Let Me Drown, dir. Estela winner/LPA mentor Cruz Angeles. Down For Life, dir. Alan Jacobs, produced by Frank Aragon. Dark Mirror, dir. Pablo Proenza, produced by Erin Ploss-Campoamor. Latin Music USA: Bridges-Chicano Wave, dir. John Jay Valadez, and Latin Music USA: Bridges-Divas and Superstars, directed by Adriana Bosch; series senior producer Adriana Bosch, producer Pamela Aguilar, producer John Valadez, and production manager Salme Lopez. Keep an eye on the LALIFF website for screening dates and times.

LALIFF is pleased to present the World Premieres of Anita (Argentina), a story about a Jewish girl with Down syndrome in a conflicted Buenos Aires directed by Marcos Carnevale, LALIFF's 2006 Audience Award Winner for his critically acclaimed film Elsa and Fred, and Grado 3 (Chile), a riveting comedy about relationships by promising director Roberto Antiagoitia.

USA Premieres include Down for Life (USA) directed by Alan Jacobs, which was named "the biggest surprise of the festival" at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, starring Laz Alonso, Calvin Broadus, Kate del Castillo, Elizabeth Pena, Emily Rios with Danny Glover and introducing Jessica Romero. The film is based on a New York Times article that depicts a single, fateful day in the life of a 15-year-old Latina gang leader in South Central Los Angeles, played by newcomer Romero. In addition, El Premio (Peru) by well known Peruvian director Alberto "Chicho" Durant; Amar (To Love, Mexico) directed by Jorge Ramirez Suarez starring Maria Aura, Bruno Bichir, Tony Dalton, Pedro Damian, Luis Ernesto Franco, Diana Garcia, Javier "Chabelo" Lopez, and Adal Ramones; and the award-winning film Retorno a Hansala (Spain) directed by Chus Gutierrez, inspired by the real-life tragedy about a shipwreck of Moroccan migrants in which 37 drowned, 13 of whom were from Hansala.

West Coast Premieres include sci-fi romantic comedy Santos (Spain/Chile) directed by Nicolas Lopez starring Javier Gutierrez, Elsa Pataky and Leonardo Sbaraglia; Paraiso (USA) directed by Leon Ichaso (El Cantante, Pinero) which explores the generational and class divides within the exiled Cuban community; and Spoken Word (USA), directed by Victor Nunez (Ulee's Gold, Ruby in Paradise) with Kuno Becker and Ruben Blades starring as son and father struggling to reconnect, and Miguel Sandoval. In a special screening, LALIFF will also present Gigante (Uruguay), the directorial debut of Adrian Biniez, who won the Alfred Bauer and Best Debut Film Awards at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival.

Los Angeles Premieres include the recipient of the World Cinema Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, La Nana (Chile) from director Sebastian Silva, an intelligent microcosm of Latin social hierarchy through a maid's journey to free herself from a mental servitude of her own making; Solo Quiero Caminar (Spain) directed by the acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Agustin Diaz Yanes starring Diego Luna, Victoria Abril, Ariadna Gil, Pilar Lopez de Ayala and Elena Ayala; El Lince Perdido (The Missing Lynx, Spain), winner of the 2009 Goya Award for Best Animated Film, directed by Manuel Sicilia and Raul Garcia; and El Cuerno de la Abundancia, (Horn of Plenty, Cuba) directed by Juan Carlos Tabio, a wonderfully crafted comedy that reflects on the socio-economic difficulties of contemporary Cuba starring Jorge Perugorria, Paula Ali, Mirtha Ibarra, Laura De La Uz, Enrique Molina and Yoima Valdes.

LALIFF will also present a special screening of the heartfelt family drama La Mission (USA), directed by Sundance Film Festival veteran Peter Bratt (Follow me Home) starring Benjamin Bratt, Jesse Borrego, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Max Rosenak, Patrik Shining Elk, Erika Alexander, Christopher Borgzinner.

Films competing in the Opera Prima Category include the USA Premiere of Morenita (Mexico) the award-winning film by Alan Jonson Gavica, recipient of the Best Director Award at the Huelva Latin American Film Festival. The film tells the story about a man who, in a desperate attempt to save his family from a notorious drug dealer, causes absolute pandemonium when he kidnaps Mexico and Latin America's most adored religious icon, the Virgin of Guadalupe. Additional films in the category, include the West Coast Premieres of El Regalo de la Pachamama (Bolivia), a beautiful spiritual tale by Japanese director Toshifumi Matsushita; Cinco Dias Sin Nora (Five Days Without Nora, Mexico) the internationally acclaimed dark comedy written and directed by Mariana Chenillo, and Don't Let Me Drown (USA) directed by Cruz Angeles, which follow two Latino teens in a post-September 11 world, starring E.J. Bonilla, Geendilys Inoa, Gina Torres, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Yareli Arizmendi and Damian Alcazar. The winner of the Best Film Award by the Jalisco Academy of Motion Pictures and Visual Arts at the 2009 Guadalajara International Film Festival, Amar a Morir (Mexico/Colombia) directed by Fernando Lebrija will have its Los Angeles Premiere after a successful box office run in Mexico. This film was conceived and written by two filmmakers who met when they participated at the 7th edition of LALIFF.

Ranging from social and political films to personal journeys, this year's Documentary Category include Sin Mapa (USA) directed by Marc De Beaufort, an insight into the internationally renowned Latin urban alternative duo, Calle 13, as they choose to disappear from the map after winning six Grammys to embark on an exploration through Ecuador, Peru and the Amazon to connect with the people and cultures distant from their fans. In addition, making their directorial debut, Luis Rincon brings El Arbol Olvidado (The Forgotten Tree, Mexico), and John Urbano with the documentary Beauty of The Fight, (Panama/USA), winner of the Best Documentary Award at the 2009 Athens International Film and Video Festival. Also in the category, Pachamama (Brazil) directed by Eryk Rocha, gives a voice to the otherwise silenced inhabitants of the Brazilian rain forest and Stages (USA) directed by Meerkat Media Collective, an unlikely, though moving and surprisingly funny collaboration between young and old.

The vitality of Cuba is present in two documentaries: Titon, de La Habana a Guantanamera (Titon, from Havana to Guantanamera, Spain) about the life of acclaimed filmmaker Titon, Tomas Gutierrez Alea, directed by actress and Titon's wife, Mirtha Ibarra; and the highly anticipated Sons of Cuba (Cuba) directed by Andrew Lang, which gives a glance into the reclusive and prestigious Havana Boxing Academy, the boarding school that hand picks 9- year-old boys to turn them into the best boxers in the world and has made Cuba a dominating force in Olympic boxing for the past quarter of a century.

LALIFF is also presenting a documentary selection from Latino Public Broadcast (LPB), including the winner of the Freedom Award at the 2009 Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha, Qatar, New Muslim Cool (USA) directed by Jennifer Maytorena Taylor. The film chronicles the life of Hamza Perez, an American of Puerto Rican heritage who was a gang member and a drug dealer before converting to Islam. Other documentaries include Children of the Amazon (Brazil) directed by Denise Zmekhol; Latin Music USA: Bridges-Chicano Wave (USA) directed by John Jay Valadez and Latin Music USA: Bridges-Divas and Superstars (USA) directed by Adriana Bosch.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science recognizes LALIFF as a qualifying festival, making the winner of its Short Film Category eligible for Oscar consideration. LALIFF is proud to present exceptional films that hail from all over the world making this year one of the most competitive and exciting programs ever. From immigration, family drama, to comedies and love stories, LALIFF's Shorts Program titles will be presented as follows:

Amanecer (Colombia/Australia), dir. Alvaro D. Ruiz; Braceros (USA/Brazil), dir. Belinda J. Carreno; The Book of the Border (USA/Mexico), dir. Andres Torres-Vives; Nina Quebrada (USA) dir. Jen Kleiner, and Tijuanerso (USA/Mexico) dir. Paul Bodadilla.

El Tio Facundo (Mexico/Cuba), dir. Alejandro Cachoua; No se Preocupe (Spain) dir. Eva Ungria Lupiani; Porque hay Cosas que Nunca se Olvidan (Spain) dir. Lucas Figueroa; El Trip, (USA); Ventura Montoya; El Tux, (USA) dir. Paco Farias; Twilight Tango (USA) dir. Jason C. Sting, and The Last White Dishwasher (USA), dir. Claudia Duran.

Amor Crudo (Argentina) dir. Martin Deus and Juan Chappa; Prayer in the Night (Denmark) dir. Inma Carpe; La Nostalgia del Sr. Alambre (Mexico) dir. Jonathan Ostos Yaber; Como Conoci a tu Padre (Spain), dir. Alex Montoya, and Red Mesa (USA) dir. Ilana Lapid.

El Muerto (Puerto Rico) dir. Williamson Quintero; Pim, Pam, Pum (Spain) dir. Andoni De Carlos, Asier Urbeita; Hermanos (USA) dir. Maria Biber-Ferro; Quase Todo el Dia (USA) dir. Gandja Monteiro; Rising Up (USA) dir. Eduardo Letamendi; Tag (USA) dir. Henry "Heno" Fernandez, and Little Village (USA) dir. David Priego.

Inocente- (Brazil) dir. Beto Schultz, Thiago Luciano; Marina la Esposa del Pescador (Spain) dir. Carlos Hernandez; Socarrat (Spain) dir. David Moreno; Cleats (USA) dir. Maria Agui Carter; La Guerrera (USA) dir. Erika Cohn, and Death Rattle (USA) dir. A.J. Garces.

El Descubrimiento (Mexico) dir. Alonso Alvarez Barreda; El Viejo (Mexico) dir. Gabriela Paciel; Abuelo (USA); dir. Mary Ann Kellogg; Hacia la Vida (USA/Mexico) dir. Fidel Arizmendi; The Memory of When (USA) dir. Gary Perez; Tango (USA) dir. Allan Giron, and Welcome to Paradox (USA) dir. Archie Hernandez. [Arancele (Brazil) dir. Melo Viana will be screened with Titon, de la Habana a Guantanamera]

Pedro Almodovar's Broken Embraces (Spain) will have its West Coast Premiere during the festival's Opening Night and GABI Lifetime Achievement Award Gala on Sunday, October 11 at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre (6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA). Written and directed by Almodovar, the film stars Penelope Cruz, Lluis Homar, Blanca Portillo, Jose Luis Gomez, Ruben Ochandiano and Tamar Novas. Almodovar will also be honored with the GABI Lifetime Achievement Award.

LALIFF's screenings will take place at the Mann Chinese 6 Cinemas at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028-6103. The Closing Night and the Award Ceremony & Gala will take place on Friday, October 16 at Paramount Theatre at the Paramount Studio Lot, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90038.

For more information LALIFF, festival screenings and to buy tickets, please visit:

Deadline Approaching: Film Independent's Spirit Awards

The final deadline is approaching for submissions to Film Independent's 2010 Spirit Awards. Films are selected in part for their uniqueness of vision, original, provocative subject matter, and economy of means (with particular attention paid to total production cost and individual compensation).

FINAL DEADLINE: Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For a complete list of eligibility requirements, guidelines, submission fees, Frequently Asked Questions, and entry forms, please visit the Spirit Awards website.


V-me Launches Weekly Movie Show En Pantalla
(PRWeb) - With Hispanics representing some of America's most passionate film fans, V-me, the 4th-largest U.S. Hispanic TV network, expands its ongoing movie offer with the premiere of En Pantalla - the first-ever series on Spanish broadcast TV completely devoted to movies. FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen, Mariska Hargitay Among TV’s Highest Paid Stars
(Access Hollywood) - Charlie Sheen is at the top of the scripted TV heap, according to TV Guide. The mag reported that the “Two and a Half Men” star takes home $875,000 an episode for his role as Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom. FULL STORY

Internet Influences Film Audiences
(Variety) - If marketing mavens want to reach younger moviegoers when promoting their films, they need to embrace social networks or risk being ignored. FULL STORY


Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Casting: Thesis Film for LMU
Casting Notice for Graduate Thesis Film for Loyola Marymount University. Story Line: The legend of la llorona comes to life in 1840s Alta California, Mexico as the Mexican-American war rages on. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Casting: Latina Woman for Docu-Series
Good Clean Fun (MTV's "Run's House" with Run-DMC and "Life of Ryan") is currently casting a new docu-series that will follow the real life of a dynamic young Latina woman living and working or studying in Los Angeles. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
Alex Mendoza
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In Memoriam: Francisco G. Rivela

Its with great shock and deep sadness that we forward the news that a wonderful actor, Spanish language voiceover artist and audio book narrator Francisco G. Rivela passed away from a heart attack. He was a staunch advocate for the rights and working conditions of Spanish language performers. He was a warm, funny, multi-talented and terrifically charming friend and colleague. It is a great loss to the NY actor's community, and will be greatly missed.

James Stevens-Arce
NALIPster heads Hispanic Marketing at N.C. Agency

James Stevens-Arce, former vice president of the Puerto Rico chapter of NALIP, has joined the North Carolina-based Howard, Merrell & Partners advertising agency as vice president/director of Hispanic Marketing.

In his new role, Stevens-Arce will lead the creative efforts of the agency's newly formed Hispanic Marketing Group. The bilingual group will focus on the development and execution of advertising, direct mail, public relations, and social media marketing targeting Hispanic markets in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.

According to Jim Cobb, president and CEO of Howard, Merrell & Partners, over the past few years, clients have been asking for the agency's support in reaching the Hispanic community, both on the Mainland and abroad. "In order to provide the highest level of integrated service, we felt it was the right time to establish the Hispanic Marketing Group," said Cobb. "Jim's vast knowledge and experience will be invaluable in helping with cultural adaptations for brand campaigns created by the agency."

Stevens-Arce, who is a native speaker of both English and Spanish, most recently headed his own creative consulting group in Puerto Rico, where he was also a founding partner at the DMC, Inc. advertising agency. Prior to that, he served as the creative director for Foote, Cone & Belding Advertising/Caribbean. Stevens-Arce's account experience includes work for such high-profile clients as Citigroup, Sears, Mazda, Clairol, Nationwide Insurance, Max Factor, Bristol-Myers, and Colgate-Palmolive, among others.

"Jim's expertise brings a new dimension to our agency," added Cobb. "Our new Hispanic Marketing Group reaffirms our ultimate goal to meet our clients' holistic marketing needs by allowing us to extend the campaigns that we develop strategically and skillfully so they speak to the Hispanic markets in their language and with their sensibilities."

Stevens-Arce holds a B.A. in Rhetoric and Composition and an M.A. in Speech and Theatre, both from the University of Illinois.

About Howard, Merrell & Partners
Raleigh, NC-based Howard, Merrell & Partners Inc., specializes in linking business and communications strategies to yield higher levels of financial performance for its clients. Founded by Jack Howard in 1945 and later reorganized as Howard, Merrell & Partners under Mac Merrell's leadership, the agency is a pioneer in understanding and applying the power of emotions to develop more effective business and communications strategies. Agency service offerings include brand development, creative development and production, consumer insight research, public relations, media asset services, event planning and management, social media, interactive services, Hispanic marketing and strategic planning.

Recent clients include BASF, Butterball, Canvas on Demand, Central Aquatics, CHD Meridian Healthcare, Cisco, Colonial Bank, Doctors Vision Center, Georgia-Pacific Professional (Dixie(R) and enMotion(R)), Hewlett-Packard, Interton, INVISTA (CORDURA(R) brand), NC Beautiful, O2 Fitness, Oliver Twist Restaurant, ReSound, THOR*LO, UltraPet, and Zilla. The agency's work has been honored by the Telly Awards, the Addys, Graphis, The London International Advertising Awards, The Communicator Awards, Sir Walter Raleigh Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, The InSpire Awards and the North American Precis Syndicate. For more information, visit

2009 Disney ABC Television Writing Fellows Staffed

All of the 2009 Fellows have successfully staffed on Disney ABC Television Group series. Additionally, a number of the program's alumni have joined writing staffs this season at levels ranging from producer to staff writer.

Latino/a Fellows staffed on 2009 series include:
Lourdes Diaz - Cougar Town (ABC)
Mark Valadez - Scrubs (ABC)

George Reyes & Claudia Lopez
NALIPsters' doc in IFP's Film Week

NALIP members George Reyes and Claudia Lopez were selected to participate in IFP's Film Week - Spotlight on Documentaries Section in NYC during the week of Sept 19-23, with their documentary-in-progress La Muñeca Fea (The Ugly Doll). There was a screening of their trailer at Film Week, and the project was well received.


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