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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: The Rise of Content 4.0 and Why No Content is "Free"

By Matt Weeks, Founder and CEO of EyeTMedia, an online ad network optimization company.

The Rise of Content 4.0 and how we pay for "Free" content now.
Why we should blow-up the idea that all content must be "free."

Andrew Vanacore wrote one of the best explorations of what seems to be driving content owners towards subscription and pay-for-view and away from so-called "free" access to content. That should be "ad-supported" content, not "free." Nothing is free.

We submit that we are paying for free content today, and we should embrace that as a fact, and blow-up the idea of totally free content by re-inventing how we (as consumers) tell our content providers and infrastructure partners and advertisers what we want, how we want it, and what we're willing to pay for it.

Let's explore why nothing is free.

The Rise of Content 4.0
We are today facing what we call "Content 4.0" The question is who will pay?
Content 0.1 was not paid-for because there were no payers. (Cave drawings & pottery come to mind.)
Content 1.0 was paid-for by "Benefactors." (Pyramids, statuary, paintings etc.)
Content 2.0 was paid-for by want-ads and political parties (newspapers, leaflets, magazines, display ads)
Content 3.0 was paid-for by CPG ads, political parties and anyone who would bid (Web, TV, Radio, and Cable/MSO)
Content 4.0 will be paid-for by any and all of the above, but controlled by the consumer. And it will arrive on multiple screens, pipes and formats. Bad content will die a swift death. So will poorly targeted ads.


Call for Entries: Lunafest

SHARE YOUR STORY: 10TH Annual Call for Entries

LUNAFEST is a traveling film festival of notable and award-wining short films by, for and about women. Films tour 150+ venues and screen in front of 20,000 people across the U.S. and Canada. ����

LUNAFEST is looking for films by amateurs, students and aspiring filmmakers. We are seeking a diverse range of films which embody the unique, touching and inspirational roles of women in our local, national and international communities. Films can cover all genres. We are especially thrilled to receive animated, documentary and humorous pieces.

To Submit your film: Visit LUNAFEST.ORG or WITHOUTABOX.COM
Film submissions are accepted from November 1, 2009 - April 15, 2010
$1,000 CASH PRIZE for the winning films

Established in 2000, LUNAFEST promotes women filmmakers, raises awareness for women's issues and supports women's nonprofit organizations. To date, LUNAFEST has raised over $470,000 for local women's community nonprofit organizations and over $285,000 for the Breast Cancer Fund.

For more information visit:

Call for Entries: Anasy Documentary Awards

The Anasy Documentary Awards are now accepting submissions. There is no entry fee! This year submissions for the awards wil be divided into 3 main categories:

1. Free topic competition "Talk Doc": it includes all documentary films that have social, cultural, historial, scientific and sporting subjects, whether documentary, docudrama, TV documentary or cinematic documentary.

2. "Child in our eyes" Competition: This competition specializes in documentary films that deal with all topics related to the child as a human being and a vital part of every society. The compeitition is launched in association with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) based on our interest in the child as a creative character that has various concerns, attitudes, visions and viewpoints which are different at the same time from the adults. Our aim is to close the gap in the production of documentary films for children.

3. Script competition: This category is related to the free topic. Script ideas and projects for documentary films that have free topics will be presented, where the winning ideas will be adopted and their production supervised by Anasy Documentary Awards.

For more information about the categories in the competition and the grand prize, and to download entry forms and submit your entries, please go to:

Call for Applications: Hot Flash Films Mentorship Program

Hot Flash Films will produce a slate of five films, in a variety of genres, directed by five women. Hot Flash Films are a consortium of five women from the Directors Guild of America - women who have already produced, acted, written, and directed documentaries, theater, short films, television, and film second units.

We are inviting you to apply to the Hot Flash Films Mentorship Program because we not only want to open doors for ourselves, but also want to provide opportunities for the next generation of women who are seriously underrepresented in the feature film community. Each of the five films will take on three (3) paid mentees in the positions of director, producer and cinematographer. Each director, producer and cinematographer for their individual film will be mentoring their respective mentee for the duration of pre-production, production, and in the case of the directing mentee, during post-production.

Extended Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2010

Click here to download additional information and an application for the Mentorship Program.

Low Budget Film Producing Workshop

Producing Your Indie Film
A Weekend Intensive - March 20 & 21, 2010

Presented by Suzanne Lyons, Co-Founder of the Flash Forward Institute, Snowfall Films, Inc and WindChill Films, Inc. Script to Screen - from the award winning producer of eight feature films in the past seven years.

"After producing a number of bigger budget features I thought producing the SAG ultra low budget would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong. Wearing 100 different hats was a huge challenge. I've now produced three SAG ultra budget films in just sixteen months and I can't wait to tell you what I've learned. In my workshop you'll learn from my experience and benefit from my success. I promise to take you through a structured crystal clear step by step process that will actually make low budget film making look easy!" Suzanne Lyons, Producer

THE COURSE: This workshop is unique in that it will literally guide you through the entire process of making your film. From my own hands-on experience on my last few films (specifically CANDY STRIPERS, SEANCE and PORTAL) I will be taking you through every detailed facet of filmmaking.

- How to option a screenplay
- Forming an LLC
- Preparing a sales presentation for investors
- Creating your killer pitch
- Designing your business plan
- Getting a mentor
- Hiring a line producer
- Scheduling your EPK
- Creating an empowering environment on set
- Finessing a budget & schedule
- Hiring a director
- How to cast your film
- Developing a detailed timeline
- Creating a marketing strategy
- The details of pre-production
- The secrets of a great Production
- Learning the ropes of post
- Choosing the right distributor
- Getting the best deal from your distributor
- Preparing for delivery
- Entering Film Festivals
- Taxes (1099s, Accounting and K1s)

Anyone who wants to make a film! Whether you are wanting to produce your film to enjoy the financial rewards or to display your artistic talents (or both!) this workshop is for you. With my first ultra low budget film I had a competition at AFM between Lions Gate and ScreenGems and within three months of the film market my film grossed 155% in territory sales. I have also had films distributed by Miramax, Sony, Lionsgate, been in the director's Forte Night at Cannes, been featured in Variety and Hollywood Reporter, won awards that range from best film at Shockerfest to the prestigious BAFTA award. Believe me, you will be in good hands.

"With Suzanne Lyons's expert guidance, my career went from directing low budget, straight-to-video thrillers to directing two studio features for Warner Brothers and Universal. Suzanne is a true master of movie career coaching and an inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to know her."
Mark Rosman, Director, "A Cinderella Story", "Perfect Man"


The cost of this course NOW, will save you thousands and thousands of dollars on your film LATER!


(Get well over $15,000 worth of contracts, business plans, deal memos and much more)
Participants will receive the following:
- LLC Private Placement Memorandum
- Cast and Crew deal memos
- Sale Presentation Outline
- A Business Plan
- Writer and Director contracts
- SAG ultra low budget guidelines
- Sample budget and schedule
- Composer Contract
- Sound designer deal
- Color correction contract
- Distributor contract
- Detailed delivery list
- Additional Releases
- Breakdown Services guidelines
- Location deals
- Post Production deals
- LLC Operating Agreement & Subscription Agreement

"I have worked on many productions over the years and one of my most pleasant experiences was working on Seance. Not only was Suzanne professional, she was courteous and respectful as well. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."
Adrian Paul, Actor "Highlander, TV Series", "Seance"

GUEST SPEAKERS: Entertainment Attorney and Sales Agent/Distributor for Q & A

SUZANNE LYONS BIOGRAPHY: In the late 1990's Ms. Lyons co-founded Snowfall Films, Inc. and has produced 5 feature films with actors including Christopher Walken, Naomi Watts, James Caan, Alfred Molina, Brenda Blethyn, Jon Lovitz, Dean Cain, Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda and Adrian Paul. She has had a film in the Directors Fort Night at the Cannes Film Festival, won a BAFTA and Suzanne's first film is now being produced as a Broadway Musical. Snowfall Films is gearing up to produce its next picture titled SCOUTS HONOR which well be shooting in Europe in 2010 as well as an Animated Christmas Feature, OMARR THE CAMEL with interest from Randy Travis and Amy Grant. Suzanne is co-producing a family film with the WWE that shoots in June in New Orleans ( In 2005 Snowfall Films created a genre division, WindChill Films, Inc. and has completed 3 films to date, selling one to ScreenGems and two to Lionsgate and winning Best Picture at Shockerfest. Ms. Lyons is co-founder of the Flash Forward Institute. She has led hundreds of film industry seminars to over 15,000 participants of all level and all facets of the industry in the US and Canada. (

"Suzanne is a wonderfully engaging speaker and "teacher". She knows feature producing inside and out and presents every step with complete clarity." A seminar not to be missed by anyone making a low budget feature!"
Becky Smith, Director,"Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", Producer/Director/Writer, "16 to Life", UCLA Professor

NEW 2010 PRICE: $850.00 (Includes Course Materials)
Fly-in Special is $200.00 off the cost

To Register: Call Snowfall Films at 818-558-5917 or email Suzanne Lyons directly at

Or go to and go to the Online Store
Check and Visa/MC (paypal) accepted
$200 non refundable Deposit to hold your space

"Suzanne has that rare ability to combine artistic creativity and smart business sense....she's proven that by taking a SAG ultra low budget and somehow squeezing out a quality film that looks like it cost a million!"
Mark L. Smith, Writer/Director "Seance" "Vacancy"

WHERE: Burbank, CA
WHEN: March 20 and 21, 2010
Saturday, 8:30am - 6:30pm
Sunday, 9:00am - 6:30pm

  David Valdes on Denzel and The Book of Eli
(Latin Heat Online) - LPA mentor and NALIP Lifetime Achievement Award winner David Valdes, one of the producers of the post-apocalyptic adventure/drama The Book of Eli, recently sat down with Latin Heat publisher Bel Hernandez to talk about the movie, working with Denzel Washington in front and behind the camera, and his upcoming projects. FULL STORY

Redford: Sundance Going Back to its Roots
(indieWIRE) - "We're going back to our roots." That's the message that Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford and new festival director John Cooper attempted to hammer home during Thursday's opening news conference. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Latino Film Organization Seeks Interns
Are you concerned about the current state of Latinos working in the film, documentary, and television industries? Are you interested in learning about Latino media or arts non-profits that help mediamakers? Or are you looking to give back to your artistic and cultural community? If so, here is your chance to contribute to the success of the nation's premier Latino media arts organization. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
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Sebastian Aloi
NALIPster's feature opens Friday in Manhattan

NALIP member Sebastian Aloi - recently relocated from Argentina to Los Angeles - produced the feature film The Paranoids, directed by Gabriel Medina. Distributed by Oscilloscope, the film opens in Manhattan this Friday at Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street, Greenwich Village.

The following review by Simon Abrams appeared in The L Magazine this week:

As tedious as it normally is to watch overprivileged twentysomethings stuck in a creative rut find their way out by finding romance (on film, that is; in real life, voyeurism totally rules), there's somehow always room for one more film to defy that tried-and-true expectation. The Paranoids, co-writer/director Gabriel Medina's portrait of a wiry, mullet-sporting angry young Argentinean with an autistic artistic temperament, is both lively and brooding, alternating between taking its protagonist's all-too-relatable perfectionist, antisocial tendencies deathly seriously, and taking the piss out of them (as in a dream sequence that liberally paraphrases Taoist philosophy, and one of the most dramatic video game boxing matches on film). Medina is sincere about recreating his protagonist's worldview, but he also has the proper distance to recognize that it's the stuff of bittersweet comedy.

It should come as no surprise that The Paranoids is in part based on Medina's own youth. Luciano Gauna (an excellent Daniel Hendler), a budding screenwriter unable to finish a script he's been working on for years, is a control freak. It's how he struggles to cope with knowing that his best friend Manuel (Walter Jakob) has already made a big splash with his own TV show-cum-overnight franchise while he's stuck dressing up as a big purple monster suit for children's parties (Barney he ain't). And he has a thing for Manuel's girlfriend Sofia (Jazmin Stuart). And he can't dance (he's got this windmill thing going with his right arm but it could be he's just used too much Tiger Balm).

Thankfully, The Paranoids, a film about a character constantly striving to maintain emotional equilibrium in his mopey little life, is so good at walking its protagonist's volatile tight rope. Hendler has a hungry look in his eyes that sustains many of his character's repressed, passive-aggressive confrontations, which always boil down to a stare and a pout anyway. Medina knows just how hard it is for Luciano to experience life outside of his terms and perfectly mimics that impulse in his meticulous pacing and camera blocking. The aforementioned video game battle is one of the funniest contemporary expressions of the phallocentric contest that is the love triangle, the romantic comedy's standby representation of sexual tension. It's surprisingly tense, more than a little silly, and filmed with a Fincheresque OCD precision�everything a comedy about a twenty-something's bruised ego should have in a nutshell.


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