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Dipstick on Diversity: A Message from NALIP's Executive Director

Dear NALIPsters,

The New Year is not just a time of resolutions and aspirations, project starts and dynamic exercise routines. In our industry it is also a moment that brings into sharp focus certain advances, or setbacks, in the field of media diversity. For one thing, it is "Awards season," a summary and celebration of the best and most appreciated creative efforts of the previous year. For another, it is "Sundance season," time for the big daddy of independent film festivals to highlight and launch the creme of the crop of 3724 feature-length submissions put forward by indie narrative and documentary filmmakers.

As such, it is a chance to touch in and notice: how are Latino/a media artists doing? Where are NALIPsters in this mix? What do we still need to do to make measurable progress for our filmmakers and their important, valuable, creative stories?

Well, as the Hollywood Reporter noted this week: "While commentators regularly pore over Academy's annual list of nominees in search of people of color, it's really the film industry's fault when they fail to materialize. For, particularly behind the camera, the industry has been slow to diversify, and it's that reality that is reflected in the Academy's nominations." Hm. It does make sense great U.S. Latino/a artists cannot be nominated if their films are not yet funded and produced, or if they are not selected to work on projects made within the industry. It also comes as no surprise that the executive branch of our industry - the decisionmakers, studio executives, agents and managers, bankers and marketers - are also "slow to diversify." But in NALIP's 11th year, this seems worse than slow: it appears that diversity is really on a backburner in manner regards. The dipstick on diversity reading is far too low for the 21st century, where Latinos and other minorities are the majorities in many states, and in consuming media across all platforms.

We at NALIP cannot let this happen. Even in a challenging economic climate where the industry has taken drastic measures to cut costs and employees, development slates and philanthropic donations, they also had record box office profits in 2009, and some great candidates for the Academy and other awards. We want to appreciate those who are giving Latinos opportunities - to intern and work, to write and direct, to have projects developed and funded - while we don't let up the pressure around the apparent need for more executives and others "behind the camera" of color.

What about in indieland? While we are very proud of LPA Fellow Nicolas Entel, who has been invited to Sundance TwentyTen with the wonderful documentary "Sins of My Father," just licensed for broadcast by HBO, there is no LA MISMA LUNA as at Sundance 2007, no SLEEP DEALER as at Sundance 2008, no DON'T LET ME DROWN as at Sundance 2009. The U.S. Latino documentaries that are coming out of the Latino Producers Academy, LPB or ITVS are not represented there, either. We hope that the next wave of 2010 festivals - SXSW, Tribeca, Miami International and Los Angeles to name a few key influencers - will discover and invite U.S. Latino projects. In addition, we have to remain active in our efforts to train and develop great Latino filmmakers in programs like our Latino Writers Lab and Latino Producers Academy, to advocate for Latino executives and representatives in positions of influence, to introduce key indie and industry companies to our most advanced projects at the Latino Media Market, and to celebrate the accomplishments of our own.

Next week we launch registration for NALIP 2010: Navigating in a Sea of Change. Co-chairs Alexis Garcia (WME), Peter Murrieta ("Wizards of Waverly Place"), and educator Margarita de la Vega-Hurtado plan an exciting weekend of plenaries and panels on What is Really Working Now. I know that we are all eager to explore that, so that the dipstick measurement of diversity at this time next year is more expansive and inclusive of our artists.

Kathryn F. Galan
Executive Director

Call for Submissions: Film Independent's Screenwriters Lab

Film Independent's Screenwriters Lab is an intensive five-week program running two evenings a week in Los Angeles in July and August. The Lab is designed to help screenwriters improve their craft, develop their voice as writers, and take their current scripts to the next level. During the Lab, Fellows receive feedback on their scripts from the Lab instructor, outside advisors, and the other writers in the program.

A secondary goal of the program is to help advance the careers of the Lab Fellows by introducing them to film professionals who can advise them on both the craft and business of screenwriting.

Deadline: March 1, 2010
Details and application available at:

The Screenwriters Lab is sponsored by the Writers Guild of America, West.

Lab Fellows have one-on-one meetings with established screenwriters, producers, and other industry professionals who act as advisors on the participant's projects.

A maximum of ten projects are selected for the lab. Writing partners are welcome to apply as teams.

Screenwriters Lab Fellows receive:
* A one-year membership with Film Independent
* A pass to the Los Angeles Film Festival
* Year-round support from Film Independent
* Lab fellows are eligible to join the Indie Writers Caucus of the WGAw.

Call for Entries: FEST - International Film Festival (Free)

FEST - International Film Festival are now accepting entries for the Official Competitive section in the festival, aimed for directors up to 30 years of age, and we are inviting you to submit your works. FEST is now one of the most important cultural events in Portugal. FEST is a great opportunity and an excellent forum for new filmmakers, and an excellent place for those who wish to establish themselves in this industry.

The categories are in competition are: Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Music Video. And alternatively the "Castelo de Prata" Competition for feature films from directors on its first or second feature film.

Submission Deadline: March 12, 2010
Details and entry form avialable at:

The Antiques Roadshow Open Call

We all have them - old items, sitting in the attic or closet, passed down by a cousin's cousin, estranged fathers, or a mothers, sister's brother. We hold on to them because they are a part of our family and because, we hope to someday pass them along to younger generations - even if all they become is trendy decor, or dust collectors. And we all hope that their history will someday tell a story.

We're ready to hear it.

Does it make you laugh? Cry? Who gave you the piece, and what did they tell you about it? Whatever the details, The WGBH Lab, in partnership with PBS's own Antiques Roadshow, wants to see your item and hear its story.

Showcase your piece in an original home movie or creative short film, no longer than 2 minutes. Be unique, and fun with your antique and its story. We want your video to dazzle our audience, and us as well. Your reward? - How about a pair of tickets to a live taping of Antiques Roadshow this summer?

From now, until the end of May, we will be awarding 3 video submissions with a pair of VIP tickets to attend a live taping of an Antiques Roadshow appraisal event.

Additionally, your video could be chosen by Antiques Roadshow for national broadcast at a later date, to be featured on their website, or chosen as a stand alone video short to be aired on PBS stations nationwide!

Click here for details and submission information.

Then, dig out your treasure and get working on your video!

  Maya Takes Palm Springs Title “Chamaco”
(indieWIRE) - Miguel Necoechea’s “Chamaco” (“The Kid”), the latest feature film by Los Angeles-based Rogue Arts, was acquired over the holidays by Los Angeles based Maya Entertainment. FULL STORY

Esai Morales Stars in Syfy's Caprica
(Latin Heat Online) - Premiering Friday, January 22 on the Syfy channel is "Caprica," starring Esai Morales (Jericho, NYPD Blue, and Resurrection Blvd.). The series is a futuristic prequel to the iconic Battlestar Galactica series, which had starred Edward James Olmos. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

From the Editor
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780

1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401

MEDIA ADVOCACY SPOTLIGHT: The Internet Must Not Become a Segregated Community

Co-authored by Malkia Cyril, Chris Rabb and Joseph Torres

When Fox News' Glenn Beck called President Barack Obama a racist this past July, the online advocacy group launched a campaign to convince advertisers to boycott the show. To date, some 285,000 people have joined the effort, and more than 80 companies have pulled their ads.

CNN parted ways with Lou Dobbs last month after civil rights groups and mobilized thousands of Latinos online to call on CNN to dump the talk show host for spewing hate against immigrants for years.

None of this - not these advocacy efforts, not countless small business success stories, not even the election of President Obama -- would have happened without a free and open Internet. For communities of color, the Internet provides us with a unique opportunity to speak for ourselves without first seeking approval or permission or having to secure major funds to do so. But the big telecommunications companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast want to create an effectively segregated online community where they will act as our gatekeepers.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now considering new rules that could protect the fundamental principle of "Network Neutrality" once and for all. Net Neutrality prohibits Internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking, discriminating against or deterring Internet users from accessing online content and applications of their choice - such as e-newsletters, blogs, social networking sites, online videos, podcasts and smart-phone apps.


Javier Robles
NALIPster's script wins award in Latino Screenplay Competition

NALIPster Javier Robles' script "1000" was awarded the LSC Honorable Mention Award by the Latino Screenplay Competition, one of only four prizes awarded in the feature length screenplay category this year.

"1000" tells the story of real life lucha libre legend Mil Mascaras, who travels to New York and must battle his own demons before he can defeat the evil creatures that are terrorizing a local neighborhood and threaten the woman he loves. The film project is a revamped version of the classic luchador films of the 60's and 70's that made names like Santo, Blue Demon and the mighty Mil Mascaras worldwide cult figures. Mil Mascaras himself was personally notified of the award, to which he expressed his sincere thanks and desire for the project to become a reality soon.

This is Javier's third success with "1000," having already been selected for the 2009 NALIP Latino Media Market and the 2009 Writer's Workshop with Harrison Reiner. For more info on this exciting project please visit


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