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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: A Decade of Filmmaker Empowerment Coming

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By Steven C. Beer for indieWIRE

For many independent filmmakers and producers, 2010 - starting with the upcoming Sundance Film Festival - figures to be a watershed year and the beginning of a Decade of Filmmaker Empowerment. After years of disenchantment with traditional all-rights distribution deals, filmmakers and producers are poised to take matters into their own hands and forge a truly independent path to marketing and distributing their films.

For over 30 years, the Sundance Film Festival has been the jewel of the domestic film festival crown. Year after year, audiences flock to Park City to screen original films from new voices with fresh perspectives. Film industry executives attend the festival to discover and possibly work with a new class of promising filmmakers. For the new generation of filmmakers, Sundance is an unparalleled opportunity to gain recognition and screen films before appreciative audiences.

The economic climate over recent Sundance seasons has been harsh however. For many filmmakers pursuing traditional deals with multi-screen commitments and substantial minimum guarantees, January, 2010 is likely to represent another winter of frozen dreams. The once hot seller's market where distributors chased producers with rich deals has cooled down considerably. The surviving mini-majors have concluded that marketing and distributing independent films can be risky business. The recent demise of Paramount Vantage and Warner Independent and downsizing at The Weinstein Company and Miramax contributes to a chilly forecast for this January.

The road from Park City to the urban art house cinema is icy and treacherous. Here is the good news: there are warmer days ahead offering a more stable course to distribution. The new terrain promises unprecedented control and maximum flexibility as filmmakers and producers hit the distribution trail.


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NAACP Nominee List Has Latino Talent Front and Center
(Latin Heat Online) - Lopez Tonight, Zoe Saldana, America Ferrera, Selena Gomez, Adam Rodriguez are just a sampling of the nom list. FULL STORY

Familiar Latino Faces Star in 2010 TV Shows
(San Antonio Express) - Several Latino entertainers will be returning to the airwaves in 2010. Some familiar faces will be featured on series making their season premieres, and others will be seen in guest appearances on popular and long-running shows. FULL STORY

New Fashion Project 'The mun2 Look' Premiering
(PR Newswire) - mun2 announces its new, highly-anticipated fashion project, "The mun2 Look," a half-hour series that takes a look at the raw, edgy trends inspired by the unique U.S. Latino lifestyle and influencing today's runways. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

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Casting: Young Male for AFI Thesis Film
The film Hard Silence, being produced through The American Film Institute thesis program, seeks it's lead actor of Carlos Ruiz. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Reality TV Development Assistant
Seeking someone with desire to move into the reality TV development world. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

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MEDIA ADVOCACY SPOTLIGHT: My Web Series Made Possible by Net Neutrality

By Ruth Livier

I've been a working actress for years. But being an artist at heart, I was increasingly dissatisfied by the number and type of roles that were available to me. So in my quest to expand my job opportunities and income potential, I turned to writing. Insert laugh here. Yeah, that in itself didn't completely do the trick because I was still bumping up against the traditional Hollywood gatekeepers.

But then I discovered the power of the Web, and my world was suddenly full of possibilities. I could take my ideas and my talent online.

Initially, I created my Web series YLSE as a half-hour TV pilot, but quickly realized that even getting a meeting with media execs would be a fruitless battle. I was dissuaded many times from even trying.

After all, my show didn't naturally fit the cookie-cutter content that typically gets the green light. YLSE is a bicultural dramedy about a modern American Latina: someone with big dreams juggling a career, a not-so-successful love life and a family that sometimes doesn't understand her progressive American ways.


Sebastian Gutierrez
Elektra Luxx (sequel to Women in Trouble) to premiere at SXSW

The world premiere of Sebastian Guteirrez's Elektra Luxx will be at the 2010 SXSW Film Conference and Festival. Following the successful world premiere of Women In Trouble at SXSW 2009, writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez returns with the world premiere of its hotly anticipated sequel. The film follows a hectic day in the life of former adult film superstar Elektra Luxx as she tries to survive in the straight world. The film stars Carla Gugino in the title role, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Timothy Olyphant, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Malin Akerman.

Amie Williams
NALIPster a semifinalist in filmmaker competition

NALIP member Amie Williams is one of just 23 semifinalists in The Ultimate Filmmaker Competition, with her film Jua Kali: Harsh Sun, based in Kenya. Finalists are determined by internet voting, so visit the competition website and vote by January 8! Jua Kali: Harsh Sun is about recent post-election violence in Kenya, told through the eyes of a young Kenyan girl.


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