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Are you signed up for the all new NALIP 2010 Actorfest Studio?!

WHAT IS THIS!?: This is a special NALIP 2010 Pre-Conference Event for all performers of color, any age or level of experience! Are you just starting out and looking to join guilds, and find managers? This is a fantastic opportunity to gain all the information you need. Are you represented but want to sharpen your success at auditions? This day is designed to teach, inspire, improve, and propel you forward!

WHEN IS THIS?!: Thursday, April 8 -- 8:00 am - 6:00 pm at the beautiful Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, located at 1700 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

FOR WHO & HOW MUCH?: $20 - register online now at Already registered for the conference? It's FREE - but you need to save your spot; - just sign up for it using your online registration profile! Only $10 for SAG and AFTRA members! $30 at the door, if available.

HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK!?: The NALIP 2010 ACTOFEST STUDIO will be a day of professional development panels and engaging workshops, conversations, and networking opportunities with casting, acting, and auditioning professionals who will share their wisdom and experiences during this unique event!

This special day will include workshops from SAG and AFTRA. It includes instructors to teach the secrets and techniques to a successful commercial audition; how to prepare for cold readings; and how to perform memorable monologues. Candidates will be selected randomly to participate in these interactive workshops and audition 'On-camera' in front a panel of commercial and feature casting directors, managers, producers, and the 200+ audience. Each session/audition will be taped for immediate analysis and feedback from our panel of industry professionals.

BUT WHY?!: Actors know, you can never train enough or meet enough people to make those magical connections. NALIP, SAG, AFTRA, and BackStage want more of you working, exposed, creating great characters and memorable roles. Come join us - NEXT WEEK!

25 Filmmakers Accepted into 6th Annual Latino Media Market, April 9-10, in Santa Monica, CA

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers and the Latino Media Market evaluators have accepted 25 filmmakers to participate at the upcoming Market meetings during the NALIP 2010 conference in Santa Monica, Out of a competitive pool of applicants, producers were selected to take meetings with executives and funders in the following categories: Low Budget Features, Documentaries in Progress, Completed Feature and Documentary Films, and Non-Scripted TV.

The Latino Media Market™ is an executive meeting series for select projects to have scheduled pitches, presentations and meetings with industry executives, funders, distributors, commissioning editors, representatives, and potential partners. This year, LMM Fellows will have the opportunity to pitch representatives of such companies as Alloy Media, Gravitas Ventures, Participant Media, Yari Film Group, Fox Searchlight, Lifetime Television, Women Make Movies, Snag Films, LPB, CPB, State Street Pictures, National Geographic, the Sundance Documentary Fund, ITVS, Warner Bros., Focus Features, IndiePix, Maya Pictures, and many more!

NALIP would like to congratulate the following filmmakers:
Stuart E. Altman, Toluca Lake, CA - Steaks and Strippers
Alex Avila, Austin, TX - Uncle Rosey's
Kimberly N. Bautista, Pasadena, CA - Justice for My Sister
Tricia Creason-Valencia, San Jose, CA - Stable Life
Pilar de Posadas, New York, NY - Karma, " Te Busca Kathy Kopp", "Barbara Pa'Siempre", "The Real Super Heroes"
Francis P. DellaVechia, Venice, CA - Horsepower (Caballo de Fuerza)
Jana Diaz Juhl, Los Angeles, CA - On the Run (Corre, Ojitos, Corre)
Eric Gaunaurd, Miami, FL - Loss of Innocence
Cynthia J. Gomez, Albuquerque, NM - Land Water People Time
Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Oakland, CA - The History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman
Spencer Kehe, New York, NY - Captive Beauty
Eduardo Letamendi and Armando Hernandez, Chicago, IL - 4 Days Til Christmas
Gayla K. Jamison, Atlanta, GA - In Our Son's Name
Esau Melendez, Chicago, IL - Immigration Nation ! The Battle for the Dream
Patrick Montesano, Miami, Fl - "Capital Intern"
Carmen Oguendo-Villar, New York, NY - The Needle (La Aguja)
Jennifer Pearce Paz, Santa Monica, CA - Cafe Con Change
Dora and Manuel Pena, San Antonia, TX - Dream Healing
Ernesto Quintero, Sierra Madre, CA - Kings of Brownsville: Pawns 2 Kings
Felix Rodriguez, Bronx, NY - "It Takes 2 to Mambo"
Marcus D. Russell, Los Angeles, CA - "Zchweet"
Jesse Salmeron, Houston, TX - This is America
Johnny Silver, Encino, CA - Final Girl
Monica Winter Vigil, Los Angeles, CA - Highway 101
Xavier E. Zaragoza from Douglas, AZ - An Unintended Consequence

For more information on the Latino Media Market please visit:

Latino Who? Latino What? Latino Where?

By Elia Esparza, Latinowood

Oscar time and invisibility of Latinos has never been more visible. What happened to the new opportunities brought on in the 1980s and 1990s for Latino filmmaking and Latino film representation? According to the L.A. Times, "these shifts took place because of the rising cadre of Latino film professionals entering the mainstream film industry, many of whom had gotten their start in Chicano and other Latino cinemas, as well as the industry's rising interest in the Latino audience."

So what happened?

Money. It's about money and the lack of belief or understanding by Hollywood that Latino buying power now exceeds $1.2 trillion, according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. According to, Latino buying power will be the largest multicultural market by 2012. How much richer does a demographic have to be to gain Hollywood's respect?

The supposed know-it-all mostly white Hollywood still insist on its failed tradition of continuing to hire non-Latinos to select Latino projects (mostly written by non-Latinos) and then produce a finished product that fails with ratings or at the box-office. They're baffled as to why "Latinos aren't flocking to the theatres or watching their shows." What do non-Latinos know about the Latino experience? Nada.


IFP Announces National Distribution Lab for Independent Filmmakers

IFP announces the expansion of its prestigious Independent Filmmaker Labs, introducing the addition of its 2010 Distribution Lab in collaboration with Ted Hope & Jon Reiss.

While many programs are well geared toward teaching filmmakers how to write, produce, direct, and compose their films, IFP's Labs are currently the only program in the country that supports diverse, low-budget, independently produced filmmakers when they need it most: through the completion, marketing and distribution of their first feature film. Focusing exclusively on feature narratives and documentaries at this critical stage, this highly immersive mentorship program provides participants with the technical, creative and strategic tools necessary to launch both their films - and their careers.

"The IFP was originally founded to help filmmakers get their films seen and build the audiences necessary to help them sustain full bodies of work and lasting careers. It is our mission to make sure new voices are heard and that filmmakers are continually supported by a community of peers and professionals who can help them succeed", says Joana Vicente, Executive Director of IFP. "A lot of theory and inspiration exists about distribution on the Internet and in panels, but cold, hard facts and techniques are hard to come by. This program aims to fill that void by uniting all of the knowledge and tools that are now available to filmmakers to complete and distribute their films."

The need for collaboration is greater than ever - and as the oldest and largest non-profit in the country supporting independent filmmakers, IFP is in the unique position to provide participants with the individualized mentorship, one-to-one strategies, workshops and community of peers and industry 10,000 strong that can help them reach their artistic goals, support the launch their film, and maximize their exposure in the global marketplace.

IFP is collaborating with Hope and Reiss on the Distribution Lab due to their extensive independent film experience and dedication to first-time feature filmmakers. Ted Hope, co-founder of This is that and Good Machine, has produced close to sixty films, including the first features of Alan Ball, Michel Gondry, Hal Hartley, Nicole Holofcener, and Ang Lee. He blogs at and co-founded the Indie Film review site Recently named one of "10 Digital Directors to Watch" by Daily Variety, Jon Reiss authored Think Outside the Box Office: The Ultimate Guide to Film Distribution and Marketing for the Digital Era,the first step-by-step guide to help filmmakers navigate the rapidly changing landscape of distribution and marketing. A critically-acclaimed filmmaker, the book is based Reiss' own experiences as well interviews with experts in the field and other filmmaking pioneers.

"Educating filmmakers about the new distribution and marketing realities is of critical importance for our community, " says Jon Reiss "Media content creators of all types need to realize that the days in which you could merely "create" and let someone else distribute and market are nearly over. A new paradigm exists in which making films and finding a way for that film to reach an audience are not merely equally important, but need to be organically integrated into a seamless whole."

Taking the next logical step in its five-year old Lab Program, IFP is currently in the process of selecting 20 projects (10 documentaries and 10 narratives) from a national candidate pool for an expansive, year-long Lab Fellowship that continues to assist filmmakers with their marketing and distribution plans either concurrent with or directly following their festival premieres.

Participation will include:
• Year-round access to IFP Programming Staff and Lab Leaders, including producers Lori Cheatle (51 Birch Street), Lesli Klainberg (Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema), FILMMAKER Magazine Editor-in-Chief and Producer, Scott Macaulay (Gummo), Susan Stover (Laurel Canyon) and director and marketing & distribution specialist, Jon Reiss (Think Outside the Box Office, Bomb It!).
• Ongoing one-on-one mentorship with established independent producers & filmmakers throughout the year; Mentors include producers Howard Gertler, (World's Greatest Dad, Shortbus), Peter Gilbert, (Hoop Dreams), Ted Hope (Adventureland), Tia Lessin,(Trouble The Water, Fahrenheit 9/11) (Peter Phok, (Trigger Man), Heather Rae, (Frozen River), Anish Savjani, (Wendy and Lucy, Nights and Weekends), Amy Sewell, (Mad Hot Ballroom).
• Participation in a five-day summer intensive Completion Lab, featuring workshops, case-studies and individualized sessions providing filmmakers with technical, creative and strategic advice needed to complete their films; programming includes editing, sound design, music rights & composition, as well as building the foundation for festival, marketing, sales and distribution strategy. ( 2009 Workshop leaders included, amongst others: Filmmakers and DIY pioneers Lance Weiler (Head Trauma), Gary Hustwit (Helvetica), Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers); Anton Sanko, Composer ("Big Love", Delirious, Handsome Harry); Barry Cole, Music Supervisor, Spot Music (Beauty Shop); Editors Sabine Hoffmann (Hounddog, Ballad of Jack & Rose, Brother to Brother), Michael Levine (Billy The Kid, My Kid Could Paint That), Lee Percy (The Ice Harvest, Maria Full of Grace; Boys Don't Cry), Sam Pollard (When the Levees Broke, Mo' Better Blues, Jungle Fever), Jay Rabinowitz (The Limits of Control, I'm Not There, The Fountain);
• Broadening filmmaker networks through access to IFP's Independent Film Week in the fall, where fellows will attend an intensive Strategy & Networking Lab focused on specialized workshops on web building, sales & marketing and audience building. Fellows will also take part in pre-scheduled meetings with potential buyers, investors, sales agents and key festival programmers, as well as build audiences through the Lab "Sneak Preview" Showcase. All participants will additionally have full access to the 35+ interactive panels at IFP's Future of Film: Filmmaker Conference;
•A winter intensive Distribution Lab, specifically focused on hands-on creation and analysis of the necessary tools and initiatives for each films' festival launch, individualized distribution strategy, and web and marketing plans. Supervised by Jon Reiss, this will include the creation and review of marketing materials for each project (such as trailer, key art, press kits, social media outreach campaigns, websites etc.), as well as establishment of online and on-site audience building techniques for multi-tier, long-term release strategies.

"The hard truth is that very few filmmakers truly "do-it-themselves." In order to get their films completed and truly take greater control over the distribution and marketing of their work, filmmakers need strong partners, collaborators and a community of like-minded artists to support their creative endeavors," says Amy Dotson, Deputy Director of Programming for IFP. "IFP looks forward to providing these connections for our Lab filmmakers and also leading the way for helping the next generation of independent filmmakers succeed in today's difficult marketplace."

As part of IFP's ongoing commitment to diversity, the Independent Filmmaker Labs also seek to ensure that at least 50% of the participating projects have an inclusive range of races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities and physical abilities in key creative positions. 50 % of all selected projects also come to the program from directors working outside New York and Los Angeles.

Since 2005, the Labs have previously focused on helping low-budget, first time filmmakers complete their films and launch them at festivals. To date, 87 documentaries and narrative features have participated in the Labs, with 65% participating narrative and documentary films completed and premiered at major US and international festivals (including such recent narratives The Imperialists Are Still Alive! (Sundance Narrative Competition 2010) and Zero Bridge (Venice International Film Festival 2008) and documentaries War Don Don and Beijing Taxi (SXSW 2010).

The Independent Filmmaker Lab program is supported by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council for the Arts, Newman's Own Foundation, SAGIndie and Time Warner.

  Cantinflas Biopic In the Works
(Variety) - A biopic on Mexican icon Cantinflas is underway with Argentine scribe/helmer Gabriela Tagliavini tapped to write the screenplay, based on a story by pic's helmer Alejandro Gomez Monteverde (Bella). FULL STORY

Pepsi Starts 'I Count' Hispanic Initiative
(AP) - PepsiCo is taking advantage of the 2010 Census with an initiative called "Yo Sumo" (Spanish for "I count") that encourages Hispanics to go beyond just being counted numerically and to share their experiences that have helped shape the American landscape. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Articles From Female Filmmakers
We are looking for contributions to, a new website for women interested in making documentary films for both personal and professional consumption. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Male Voiceover Actor
Seeking male voice over actor for end tag of a Spanish-language jingle that will air on TV. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

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In Memoriam: Jaime Escalante

Jaime Escalante, the math teacher who transformed a tough East Los Angeles high school and inspired the movie Stand and Deliver, died Tuesday. He was 79. Escalante died at his son's home near Sacramento, after battling bladder cancer for several years, family friend Keith Miller said. Our condolences go out to his family.

NALIP 2010 Last Chance Registration Closes on April 5th!

Register for NALIP 2010 by April 5th or miss out on this jam-packed weekend of plenaries and conversations, workshops and networking events, and keynotes. Or purchase a Day Pass for Friday, April 9 ($225 for members) for a chance to hear newly added keynote speaker Roberto Orci (writer of Transformers, writer & exec. producer of Star Trek, "Alias," and "Fringe") plus see a sneak preview screening of Rodrigo Garcia's Mother and Child starring Samuel L. Jackson and Naomi Watts!

Alma Hernandez
LPA Fellow's short invited to Arizona Int. Film Fest.

The short film Desconocidos (Unknown) by NALIPster Alma M. Hernandez (LPA 2008) has been accepted to the Arizona International Film Festival, taking place April 15-25 in Tucson. Desconocidos is a short - with a feature in mind - about what really happens to the bodys of those who risk their lives for a shot at reaching the Land of Opportunity and don't make it. Some remains are claimed by a family member in their country and others are not.

Screening Times:
Wednesday, April 21, 9:30PM
Saturday, April 24, 4PM
at The Screening Room
127 East Congress, Tucson

Isabel Cueva
NALIPster's film screening at LA Women's Int. Film Fest.

In The Name of Freedom, a short film written, directed, produced by, and starring NALIP member Isabel Cueva, will screen at the Los Angeles Women�s International Film Festival this Thursday, April 1 at 3:45pm at the Laemmle's Sunset 5 theaters in Hollywood. The festival is produced by Alliance of Women Filmmakers, a non-profit that empowers women filmmakers to create diverse roles for women.

After an army Squad is ambushed, an American soldier becomes captive in the hands of the enemy. While being interrogated and tortured inside a cave for days, she is surprised by another prisoner, who changes her life.


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