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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Jeff Gomez - Transmedia is a Responsibility Not a Privilege

By Jenni Powell. Courtesy of Tubefilter News. Click on Talk Back to discuss with other NALIPsters!

"Distant Mountains", "The Spine of the Mythos", "Keiretsu": these were just some of the terms and concepts being explained to a room packed full of rapt professionals as they listened to Transmedia visionary Jeff Gomez speak for eight hours plus (he went long but no one minded one bit) on June 2nd at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, CA.

People had traveled from as far as Italy, Mexico, and Canada to attend and participate in this rare opportunity to gain valuable insight into Gomez's process when creating a Transmedia property: from mapping out every aspect of your franchise to production of materials across platforms to whether to keep your I.P. ownership or allow fans to extend your universes--Gomez always leaned towards giving fans as much creative ownership as possible in order to extend the chances of longevity.

People feverishly took notes or typed away on laptops as Gomez openly shared years upon years of experience in creating story universes designed to not only extend beyond just one entertainment platform but indeed should work in tandem to create a cohesive and engaging whole. One of the first diagrams Gomez revealed was a set of shapes, each shape representing a platform (movie, game, book). He described a "Typical Media Franchise", in which the shapes are simply stacked and leaned against each other: touching, but not truly connecting. He then revealed his Transmedia philosophy in diagram form in which the shapes truly fit with each other, forming a perfect rectangle. He called this Transmedia Elegance.


Call for Applications: UnionDocs Collaborative Program

UnionDocs Collaborative Program is an opportunity for emerging documentary producers in Brooklyn, NYC. We are earnestly seeking the diversity in perspective that international participants would bring to this alternative approach to media education and production.

The UnionDocs Collaborative is a one or two-year program; both a rigorous platform for exploring contemporary approaches to the documentary arts, and a process for developing an innovative group project. The program focuses on providing what we believe are the most effective educational resources for individuals at the beginning of their careers:
* Mentorship toward the production of an original work.
* Dynamic interaction among a network of talented peers.
* Direct contact and structured exchange with visiting artists.
* Exposure to a wide variety of practices and models.
* Regular group critique sessions.
* Exposure through a toured exhibition and/or publication of annual project.

The first iteration of this year's UDC project, "Documenting Mythology," premiered at Doc Fortnight 2010: The Museum of Modern Art's International Festival of Nonfiction Film, and will be presented in Boston next month by The Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University. A wider international distribution effort and tour is planned for the coming fall.

The hope is to make the UDC as much of an international experience with documentary arts as possible. UnionDocs is a media arts non-profit, not a not an accredited university. Options beyond student visas for travel may need to be pursued. To the best of it's ability, UnionDocs will attempt to help selected participants with this process and also provide residency options as available. The application deadline is August 1st, and further details are available online:

Latin Horror Hosts Night of Classics at Vampire-Con

Latin Horror joins Vampire-Con as a presenting partner during the 2nd Annual Vampire-Con Film Festival. Latin Horror will be hosting a night of classic Latin horror films on Friday, June 25th, including the 1931 Spanish-language version of Dracula, staring Carlos Villarias; and Vicente Aranda's 1972 spooker, The Blood-Spattered Bride (La novia ensangrentada).

Sandwiched between these two famed horror dramas is Looking For These?, a short-form, dark comedy about a sect of female Vampires who use a South Bronx comedy club as a hunting ground for their 'feed.' The film is written and helmed by comedian-turned-dirtector Arnold Acevedo and produced and shot by Edwin Pagan. Looking For These? is the first film produced under the Latin Horror banner.

The Vampire-Con Film Festival runs from June 24th-26th.

7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

For full details, point your web browser to

  Salma Hayek Pleased With Hollywood
(Contactmusic News) - Salma Hayek thinks Hollywood is finally embracing Latino stars. The 43-year-old actress - who was born and raised in Mexico - believes the film industry is quickly beginning to include stars from a Latin background in its plans. FULL STORY

Chavez and Morales Hype Stone Doc
(indieWIRE) - Latin American Presidents Hugo Chavez from Venezuela and Evo Morales from Bolivia spoke of democracy, social justice and a cautious opening in their relationships with the new Obama administration last night, when they were at New York’s Lincoln Center with American filmmaker Oliver Stone to talk about his new documentary, “South of the Border.” FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

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Services Offered: Spanish Translator, Transcriber, Editor and Proofreader
Freelance translator of movie subtitles with 20+ years of professional experience including work on the following films: Nuremberg, The Cove, Sergio, and Frozen River. FULL DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES OFFERED

From the Editor
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Jairo Alvarado
NALIPster moves to 3 Arts management position

NALIP 2010 conference speaker and former NALIP intern Jairo Alvarado, who stepped right out UCLA and stepped into a job as a Warner Bros creative exec 18 months ago, is leaving next month to become a manager at 3 Arts. The 24-year old Alvarado said he wasn't thinking of a career change before a general meeting with 3 Arts' Tom Lassally, another Warner Bros exec who made the career transition after he exited the studio. "We discussed all the short films I advocated and spread around to agents, and it turned into a three-hour conversation with Tom saying, 'You've got to meet Erwin," Alvarado said. He spent another two hours with 3 Arts chief Erwin Stoff, and walked out with a job offer.

Alvarado said he's helped about a dozen young directors get signed during his 18 month Warner Bros stint. He was an early advocate of Fede Alvarez's short Panic Attack, which was acquired by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, and Ricardo De Montreuil's The Raven, which is also in deal talks. "I've discovered I like finding new talent the town responds to," he said. Stoff said the management company has made it a priority to find fresh voices, and Alvarez has a nose for it. "In his new career as a manager, he will have the opportunity to build lasting and nurturing relationships with the kind of talent he has successfully advocated in he past," Stoff said. Alvarado starts the new career track July 19.


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