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NALIP Discount on Tickets for So Cal Premiere of In The Heights

In The Heights
Orchestra tickets JUST $39*!
Pantages Theatre, Hollywood
June 22 - July 25, 2010

Did you hear our awesome news? Line-Manuel Miranda, the the Tony Award-winning creator, composer-lyricist and original star of In The Heights has confirmed that he will reprise the lead role of 'Usnavi' exclusively for our Pantages Theatre engagement! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, hurry ... because no one likes hearing the words "sold out" when they try to buy tickets to a must-see event!

"While most of our audience is your typical, theatergoing audience, it's wonderful that we've become an event show for Latinos on Broadway. Still, the overwhelming majority of people who come to see our show - and this was particularly true off-Broadway - are not Latinos. And they come away loving it." - Lin-Manuel Miranda, Creator and Star of In The Heights

To order tickets online click here, call 1-800-982.ARTS (2787), or visit the Pantages Box Office between 10am - 6pm daily

Must use code 39TIX3 when ordering

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony Award-winning creator, composer-lyricist and original star of Broadway's 2008's Best Musical In The Heights will reprise the lead role of 'Usnavi' as the show celebrates its Southern California premiere engagement**. This sensational new show about chasing your dreams and finding your true home features incredible Tony-winning dancing and a thrilling Tony-winning score. Travel with us on an exhilarating journey into a vibrant Manhattan community - a place where the coffee is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. Experience the next chapter of the classic American story at the most joyous, exciting and award-winning new musical on Broadway. Find out what it takes to make a living, what it costs to have a dream, and what it means to be home...In The Heights.

*Limited time offer. Offer is side orchestra tickets for $39 - Or upgrade to Center Orchestra for $10 more. Excludes Center Orch A-Z. Prices also available in Front Mezzanine A-H ($39 Side, $49 Center) Offer limited to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday evening performances between 6/22-7/2/10 + Thursday matinee 7/1. Offer subject to availability. May be discontinued at any time. All online and phone orders incur customary Ticketmaster convenience charges.

**Mr. Miranda will not perform in matinee shows on 6/27, 7/1, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25.

Memories of Overdevelopment at the New Media Film Festival

Dear friends and colleagues,

This is Noel Lawrence. I am Director of Programming for the New Media Film Festival which will be held at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles from June 11-13.

As part of our festival, we are very proud to host the Los Angeles premiere of Miguel Coyula's Memories of Overdevelopment (Memorias del Desarrollo) which premiered at Sundance 2010 and won "Best Picture" at the Havana Film Festival: New York.

We would love for you attend the screening. You can buy tickets here:
Please use the discount code T200 to get a $2.00 off the regular ticket price.

If you cannot make it, please forward this note below to anyone you think who might be interested in attending the screening. We have very small resources to show some very great films.

Memories of Overdevelopment (Memorias del Desarrollo)

New Media Film Festival
Sunday, June 13 2:30pm

Downtown Independent Theatre
251 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA
Telephone: (213) 617-1033

2010 | USA, Cuba | 113 Mins. | Dir. Miguel Coyula

Sergio is a writer and intellectual who leaves the Cuban revolution and "underdevelopment" behind only to find himself at odds with the ambiguities of his new life in the "developed" world. A character study of a loner with no clear cut politics or ideology. A stranger in a strange land struggling with old age, sexual desire, and the impossibility of the individual to belong in any society.He recalls his childhood in Havana: the apartment of his beloved Aunt Julia, the chaotic Revolution in the streets below, her death from illness. He admits his longing for his estranged brother, Pablo, a filmmaker threatened as a homosexual, who left Cuba for London after Sergio, a propagandistic journalist, failed to defend him in his Havana magazine.

Past and present disappointments with women flood his memoirs: a humbling affair with Dierdre, a New York grad student and political activist; a probing conversation with Angela, an artist's model who recreates classic nude poses in Western Art; his abandonment in Havana of Ana Maria, his first wife, whom he left pregnant with a daughter, Claudia, he's never seen. He returns repeatedly to his long and disastrous commitment to politics and the consequences of his "loserdom." The film's narrative is a collage of flashbacks, daydreams, and hallucinations comprising live-action, animation, and newsreel footage assembled to suggest the way personal memory works, subjectively and emotionally.

The film is based on the new novel Memorias del Desarrollo by Edmundo Desnoes, which is a follow up to his 1968 novel Memorias del Subdesarrollo, adapted into the seminal film of the same name by Tomas Gutierrez Alea.

Written, directed, edited and photographed by Miguel Coyula
Produced by David Leitner
Music by Dika Durbuzovic, Hayes Greenfield, Miguel Coyula
Excecutive Producers: Steve Pieczenik, Suzana Dejkanovic
Starring: Ron Blair, Eileen Alana, Susana Perez, Lester Martinez, Dayana M Hernandez, Wanda O'Connell, Reb Fleming, Jean Marie Offenbacher.

Call for Applications: Cine Qua Non Lab Screenwriter's Workshop

Cine Qua Non Lab is pleased to announce the launch of the Screenwriter�s Workshop for filmmakers, to be held this summer from Friday, August 13 to Monday, August 23nd.

Cine Qua Non Lab's mission is to provide a space for Mexican and international filmmakers to envision and develop their work, and to bring them together to exchange ideas, share perspectives, and find new opportunities for collaboration. We are located in the small village of Tarerio in the north of Michoac�n state, 35km from the capital of Morelia, and encompass a property that sits on the northwest shore of Lake Patzcuaro, surrounded by the beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The Screenwriter�s Workshop is a ten-day workshop that gives independent screenwriters an opportunity to work on their short and feature length narrative scripts in a supportive environment. The workshop is structured to give participants a balance of feedback through workshop sessions, as well as time to work individually.

Application Deadline: June 30
For details and application information, please visit the Cine Qua Non Lab's webpage.

Eight to ten filmmakers will be selected to participate. Applications will be accepted in English or Spanish. However, all participants will need a fluent command of the English language, as the workshop will be held in English, and scripts must be read & translated into English for all workshop sessions.

Applications will be accepted for feature film scripts that are ready for the revision process; feature film treatments that are ready to be turned into pages; and short films that will be revised or written at the residency.

Funding for this year's workshop is provided by the Universidad Michoacana and Villa D'Aqua.

Sí TV Raises $24 Million in Equity & Debt Financing

Sí TV announced today that it has raised $24 million in a combination of equity and debt financing transactions. The equity investments came from the network's existing investor group.

Michael Schwimmer, Sí TV's chief executive officer, said the transactions further strengthen Sí TV's financial position and overall business, and will support growth initiatives, including further investment in the creation and acquisition of high quality programming for the network's target American Latino audience.

Sí TV is an independent network, majority owned and controlled by independent investors.

In May, Sí TV announced that Javier Saralegui, who served as president and chief operating officer of Univision Online and President of Galavision for a combined 20 years, has joined the Sí TV board.

  Dennis Leoni Sells New Series to Showtime
(Latin Heat Online) - Dennis Leoni creator and executive producer of the ground breaking drama Resurrection Blvd. which aired on Showtime from 2000 - 2002 , has sold a new series concept to the same network and is currently working on the pilot script. FULL STORY

World Cup Fever a Headache for Some
(The Hollywood Reporter) - The greatest show on turf, the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament, kicks off Friday in South Africa for a month of sporting highs and lows. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Crew for AFI Directing Workshop for Women Short
An American Film Institute (AFI) Directing Workshop for Women (DWW) short film Nice Guys Finish Last (Genre: Horror) seeks candidates interested in several crew positions. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
  Mis estimados amigos,

You may be aware that for many years I have avoided any political comment in this newsletter, since when I initiated it (almost 10 years ago), I made the commitment to keep it just in the business side of our industry. You may also be aware that I have used always an irreverent tone, peppered with a good dose of Spanglish, even when my own mortality was evident. That is the way I like it to continue, but today, a very serious issue of concern to all of us is forcing me to deviate from my intended path for the newsletter: the recurrent, strong and relentless attack we face now, as it is represented by the plethora of state laws being unleashed against us. So please forgive me if this upsets you in any way, but for the next few issues I will be touching on this issue, it is that serious, it is that relevant, it is that important for all of us (Latinos or not) to pay attention. It is important that you get informed about the laws listed below, that individually they can be defended, seen them as a whole, they reveal their true intentions. And here are my thoughts:

I do not believe this is about immigration, civil rights or constitutionality, and I do not believe this is to be blamed on the Caucasian (Whites), nor in to the Republicans (Conservatives), nor in to the Christians (Pious Traditionalists) nor the fearful Old (Tea Party) or not even in to those with unhealthy levels of prejudice (Racists), I do firmly believe that the ones to blame is a very small but very powerful portion of the population.

They are better classified as Extremists (All or nothing position), Regressive (vs progressive), Ethnocrats (power for one ethnic group alone), Xenophobic (everything foreign is undesirable), Monoculturists (only one culture is viable), Individualists (only my interest is to be of concern), AND, here is the big difference with all the above, Classists (Morbidly Rich), that in their large majority just happen to be Republican Christian Conservatives Caucasians, that, because their economic privilege and manipulation techniques savvy, were able to entrench their position when they had one of their maximum exponents in the pinnacle of power for 8 years (and I am not talking of our ex-POTUS).

Now that they realize that their days are counted because the rising political power of those that do not think like them (i.e. Progressives, Liberals, Women, Minorities) they feel threatened, since they know that a progressive, multicultural, generous and empathic society is opposite to their interests, political power and privilege.

They are in the last ditch efforts (AZ's Prop 200, AZ's SB1102, AZ's SB1153, Orly Taitz Act, AZ's SB1070, AZ's HB 2281, AZ's SB1097, US H.R. 1868 and the proposed by Pearce AZ equivalent, TX BOE 2011 Social Studies Standards, etc.) for their preservation and that it is why they are at their most dangerous.

They know that within all of us there is always an amount of prejudice against that it is different from us. With their propaganda skills they can inflame and recruit uneducated (or at least uninformed), people of their likenesses, that have a high dose of ingrained prejudice and that are suffering of fear for their future, anxiety for their well being, due to the current social and economic conditions, and so are easy prey to their manipulation.

-Ironic is that what makes them fearful and anxious was prompted by them when; exported our jobs (the ones we want to do), just to increase their bonuses; lied about imminent mass destruction, just to feed the, owned by them, military industry and gain a chokehold on the oil market, also owned by them; suckered us into onerous interest mortgages and then played Russian roulette with them; emptied our retirement accounts, while filling their overseas ones; and raped nature and resources, with an economic necessity excuse.

All within their plan since, again, thanks to their propaganda savvy, they knew they could divert the focus on their guilt towards the imminent threatening raising political population (Latinos). The old killing of two birds with one stone.

Following this commentary, I will be publishing in the next few issues on specific action points that you can follow in order to counter these draconian forces. You can start joining the Facebook group 1 MILLION Strong AGAINST the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 (actually now close to 1.6 Million).

Because, they will not stop on Latinos but they will continue with all the groups that they see as threatening (in order of perceived threat by them: Blacks, Jews, Asians, Middle Easterners, Progressive Caucasians, GLTB, Women), let's work all together to eradicate and isolate this retrograde forces as we de-program, one-by-one, all those that have been indoctrinated to hate, because different to them, we don't want to exclude even those that want to exclude us. And because we live in the greatest most functional and honest democracy in the world (not perfect, just the best), we can easily do, if we dedicate ourselves to achieve our goals of Life, FREEDOM and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780

1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401

2010 HBO/NALIP Documentary Filmmaker Cash Award DEADLINE

HBO has teamed with NALIP to find the next great Latino Documentary Film!

One Latino Filmmaker will win $10,000

deadline: June 11, 2010

Visit the HBO/NALIP Documentary Filmmaker Cash Award webpage for details and an application.

Ralph Lopez
NALIPster's film premiering at Texas Filmmaker's Showcase in LA

Katrina's Son, a new film by acclaimed director Ya'Ke Smith produced by NALIP member Ralph Lopez, is premiering as part of the Texas Filmmaker's Showcase alongside other shorts from Texas.

Fri., June 25 at 7:00pm
Texas Filmmaker's Showcase
Screening in Los Angeles
Director's Guild of America Theatre
7920 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: After losing his grandmother during Hurricane Katrina, a young boy travels to San Antonio, TX to find his mother, who abandoned him years earlier.

La Mission Premiere in Phoenix, AZ on June 11

Meet Benjamin Bratt, Peter Bratt and Special guest George Lopez! - June 11, 7pm screening: AMC Arizona Center 24, 565 N. 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ. Cost $25.00 for film screening. For ticket info, please call 480.345.3988.

The Bratt Brothers (Ben & Peter) describe La Mission as a love letter to the San Francisco neighborhood and community that inspires them, but it's a gift for all of us. The film focuses on Che, a deeply devoted father who controls his world through violence and intimidation, and Jes, his son, who is struggling to fully manifest himself and his sexuality.

Watch the trailer online here.


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