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Mun2 Taps Mogollon as General Manager

By Mike Reynolds, Multichannel News

Bicultural programmer mun2 has named Diana Mogollon its general manager. In her new post, Mogollon, who had been serving as the network's vice president, programming and marketing, will focus on developing and driving overall mun2 Television strategy and providing operational leadership across the business.

Working with the senior management of the network that targets bicultural Latinos ages 18 to 34, she also will be responsible for identifying opportunities that will drive ratings, digital traffic and align the organization for future growth.

Succeeding Alex Pells who stepped down in December, Mogollon will report to Telemundo COO Jacqueline Hernandez, who has been heading the day-to-day operations of the NBC Universal cable property.

"Diana's deep understanding and knowledge of the U.S. Hispanic audience has been an integral part of our successful marketing strategy and initiatives over the last five years," said Hernandez in announcing the promotion. "In this critical role she will leverage that success and take the mun2 network and brand to new heights, connecting with the most influential segment of the U.S. Latino population."

As vice president of programming and marketing since 2005, Mogollon has been instrumental in developing innovative marketing platforms that reach and speak to the network's viewers including the annual music series Descarga. Mogollon also worked closely with programming and productions in support of all of the company's West Coast productions, including 12 Corazones and El Grito specials.

Prior to joining Telemundo, Mogollon served as the vice president of Galan Entertainment and was responsible for supervising all aspects of the company's wide-range of production, development, sales and marketing. Mogollon began her career in television at Lifetime cable network working on original movies and specials as the coordinator in the original programming department.

Whatever Happened to Principles

The following blog by NCLR (National Council of La Raza) President and CEO Janet Murguía regarding birthright citizenship was featured today on The Huffington Post. NALIP is an NCLR Affiliate.

The news that Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, once the leading Senate Republican advocates for comprehensive immigration reform, are joining with Senate Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl in support of repealing birthright citizenship, led me to conclude that Michael Gerson is absolutely right: that with some notable exceptions, such as Hispanic Republicans in Congress, Congressman Connie Mack, and former Governor Jeb Bush, the Grand Old Party has either taken leave either of its senses or of its principles.

Just last month at NCLR's Annual Conference in San Antonio, I spoke about growing anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric, an issue that we have tracked for the past several years. This speech focused on a troubling trend in the 2010 campaign, particularly among Republican candidates, who have expressed appalling desire to micro-chip immigrants like dogs and put landmines and electric fences along the border. Our Conference attendees were outraged by this and, most of all, by Arizona's latest gambit, SB 1070, which would have legalized and legitimized racial profiling and jeopardized the civil rights of millions of citizens and legal residents had a federal judge not issued a temporary hold on the law last week.

NCLR is a nonpartisan organization with a solid track record of working with a bipartisan array of lawmakers because we believe that it is essential to the Latino community's best interests to participate in, and be courted by, both parties. In fact, we have honored both Senator Graham and Senator McCain for their previous work on immigration and other issues affecting Latinos. In that spirit, I called on the Republican Party's leadership to denounce such rhetoric and actions--this would be both the right thing and the smart thing to do.

It's right since the party has had a long history of constructive and enlightened views on both the immigration issue and the Hispanic community which they are putting at grave risk. President Ronald Reagan spoke eloquently about the contributions and sacrifices that Latinos have made to this great nation, and he believed there was a place for the community in the Republican Party. He also received more than 40% of the Hispanic vote. Today, many are seeking to embody the Reagan legacy, but anyone who tries to claim the mantle of the Reagan legacy ought to live up to the totality of that legacy.

It's also smart since alienating 50 million Americans and ten million or so voters (and growing) could marginalize the party for generations to come, especially in key battleground states. Yet Republican leadership has instead embraced one of the mostdraconian proposals out there and allowed the extreme views of few to become the mainstream view that defines their party.

I will leave it to the historians and legal scholars to explain how incredibly irrational and ill-conceived repealing birthright citizenship is. But if it really is just a matter of trying to whip up the Republican Party's base by playing to anti-Latino and immigrant sentiment, it calls into question their principles. It is unconscionable that they are using human scapegoats to bolster their political fortunes and also willing to sacrifice one of the most revered and hard-fought amendments to the Constitution to score cheap political points.

We also have to question their judgment. Latinos are the fastest-growing group of voters in the country. More than ten million voted in 2008. Eight million more are eligible to vote but not yet registered. Our partner Democracia U.S.A. has estimated that 500,000 Latino citizens and potential voters will turn 18 every year for the next 20 years.

There is no doubt that as citizens and as voters, we will remember the discrimination, the harassment, and the demonization. Our children, and our children's children, will remember the people who tried to criminalize our families and tried to take away our birthright as Americans. And we will also remember who did nothing to stop it. Most of all, Latinos will remember who stood with us, and who did not. The choice is yours, Republican leaders.

Call for Applications: California Documentary Project Grants

The California Documentary Project (CDP) is a competitive grant program of the California Council for the Humanities in partnership with the Skirball Foundation. CDP supports film, radio and new media projects that document the California experience and explore issues of significance to Californians.

CPG grants support film, radio and new media projects that document the California experience and explore issues of significance to Californians. Projects must approach subject matter from a humanities perspective; enhance our understanding of California and its cultures, peoples and histories; and be suitable for California and national audiences.

Eligible applicants may apply for a:
Production Grant - November 1, 2010 deadline
Research and Development Grant - November 1, 2010 deadline

For details and application information, plase visit the California Documentary Project grant guidelines webpage.

  U.S. Broadcast Networks Seek Diversity in Canada
(The Hollywood Reporter) - NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox were in Toronto this week for a two-day open casting call for actors from visible minorities to appear mostly as day players on network series produced in Canada. FULL STORY

Justice Sotomayor Inspires NBC’s "Outlaw" Starring Jimmy Smits
(Latin Heat Online) - After viewing an advance screener of the pilot episode of Jimmy Smits' new NBC series, Outlaw (premiering Friday, September 24, 10pm), I am more than curious how the show's creators came up with the idea for the character of Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Casting: Latino Lead for Short Shooting in Peru
Award winning cinematographer/director is looking to cast the lead for a short film that will be shooting in Iquitos Peru in mid September (all expenses paid). FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza & Associates
AMARTE Design & Digital Printing
9513 Longden Avenue
Temple City, CA 91780

1323 Lincoln Blvd., #220
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Alex Zacarias
Short based on NALIPster's doc screening at UN event

NALIP member Alex Zacarias' (LPA 2004) documentary The Lost Taino Tribe urges the re-examination of the Puerto Rican identity by exploring the controversial revival movement of the indigenous Indians of Puerto Rico known at the Tainos. A video short based on the documentary was selected to be part of the International Day of the World's Indigenous People Event at United Nations in N.Y. The focus is on filmmakers as transmitters of culture and information on indigenous peoples' issues.

Time: August 9, 2010 from 2pm to 5pm
Location: United Nations Headquarters in Conference Room 1 in the temporary North Lawn building

Those who wish to attend the observance should register by noon Friday 6 August, by sending an email with full name at:

David Bianchi
NALIPster's doc picked up for distribution

NALIP member David Bianchi (LPA 2007 & 2008) just sold his feature length documentary Outspoken to the National Film Network for DVD worldwide release. Outspoken received critical acclaim and was an official selection of the Hollywood Black Film Festival and a selection of the NALIP Latino Producers Academy documentary track.

Outspoken is a character study of American activists against the war in Iraq and a candid look at parents who have lost sons in the war.

Francisco Ordonez
NALIPster's short screening at Holly Shorts

NALIP member Francisco Ordonez's short film Cookie will screen this weekend at the Holly Shorts Film Festival, and later at the prestigious Academy Award qualifying Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

Cookie will be showing at Holly Shorts on August 8 10:00PM - 11:59PM at Laemmle Sunset 5.

Cookie, written and directed by Francisco Ordonez and produced by LMF Productions, LLC, tells the story of an interaction between three boys and a prostitute that leaves one of the young men believing that he has been pick-pocketed.

Cookie is a trailer piece to Ordonez's feature length project, Wordisbond, a gritty coming of age tale set in New York City.

Alex Ferrari
NALIPster's short now available in an iPhone app

NALIP member and LPA mentor Alex Ferrari's (LPA 2006, 2008) new short film Red Princess Blues is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the Apple iTunes App Store (keyword: Red Princess Blues). This is one the first - if not the first - times a short film has been distributed through an app. The new trailer can be seen here.

Synopsis: In this twisted modern day fairy tale Zoe, a young teenage girl, is lured into an after hours carnival tent by the sleazy rock-n-roll carney Rimo, she then gets more she bargained for. It is up to the mysterious Princess, the star of the new knife show at Roscoe's Carnival & Freak Show to pull Zoe out of the wolf den that she has fallen into to.


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