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Latino Public Broadcasting Announces Recipients of 2010 Public Media Content Fund

Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB), a non-profit organization funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, announces 20 newly funded programs as part of its twelfth annual Public Media Content Fund, formerly Open Call. The funding initiative invites independent producers to submit proposals for funding on Latino-themed programs or series.

"For the first time, LPB is supporting digital media projects as well as broadcast content that will appeal to diverse, younger viewers on the big screen as well as the small screen, with stories that unearth our past and point the way to our country's future," said Edward James Olmos, LPB Chairman. "Now more than ever, these stories are crucial to helping us understand each other, across generations and geographies, beyond culture and class."

"We are proud to support such a wide range of important topics, from gay teens in Los Angeles, to the struggles over the curriculum and immigrant rights in Arizona, the historical significance of Cesar Chavez and the cultural legacy of Puerto Ricans and Cubans. These stories will touch viewers' hearts." said Patricia Boero, LPB Executive Director.

The 2010 awarded projects (alphabetically) are as follows. NALIP members' names are in bold.


Above the Fold (LPA project)
Producer: Roberto Gudiño (LPA 2008), Caroline Waterlow (NALIP Mentor)
Category: Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

A one hour documentary about a group of young Latino journalists who respond to negative portrayals of Latinos in the Los Angeles Times by writing their own stories. They were vindicated in 1984 when they became the first Latinos to win the Pulitzer Prize. Filmmaker Roberto Gudiño met co-producer Caroline Waterlow at NALIP's 2008Latino Producers Academy (LPA) where she was a mentor.

The Arizona Project
Producers: Carlos Sandoval, Catherine Tambini
Category: Research & Development; 1 Episode/90 Minutes

A feature-length verité documentary that will chronicle the emotionally charged battle over SB1070, Arizona's controversial immigration law.

El Béisbol:: The Story of Latinos in Baseball
Producers: A.P. Gonzalez, Nancy Oey
Category: Production; 2 Episodes/60 Minutes

A two-hour documentary that takes an in-depth look at Latinos and Baseball, emphasizing the rich history, social struggles, phenomenal growth and eventual triumph of Latino players of Latin American and Caribbean heritage.

El Bús
Producer: Maria Hinojosa
Category: Research & Development; 4 Episodes/60 Minutes

A mosaic of the stories found along the way as Maria Hinojosa journeys through America; providing a snapshot of communities that are increasingly diverse and coping in creative ways to survive in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Cesar's Last Fast (LMM project)
Producer: Richard Ray Perez (LMM 2009)
Category: Production; 1 Episode/90 Minutes

A multi-platform, cross-media documentary film about the private sacrifice behind Cesar E. Chavez's struggle for the humane treatment of farm workers and the impact Chavez's legacy has on a new generation of organizers fighting today.

Producers: Bienvenida Matias (NALIP Board Member, LPA 2003), Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez (former NALIP Board Member, LPA 2003, LWL 2003), Tami Gold
Category: Research & Development; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

More than bragging rights, the Coquito Master contest gives Puerto Ricans a platform to put their imprint on their culture through the making of this traditional Christmas drink.

Farewell, Ferris Wheel
Producers: Miguel Martinez, Jamie Sisley
Category: Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

An examination of the endangered American carnival and the small Mexican town of Tlapacoyan, which provides one third of America's carnival labor.

El Jardín
Producer: Natalia Almada (LPA 2003)
Category: Production; 1 Episode/90 Minutes

Through the night-watchman's vigilant eyes we enter into the world of El Jardín, a cemetery in the drug heartland of Mexico where the lives of guilty and innocent intersect in the shadow of this bloody conflict that has claimed nearly 30,000 lives.

Making Viva Max
Director: Jim Mendiola (LPA 2010, LWL 2006). Producer: Faith Radle (NALIP Mentor, LPA 2005)
Category: Post-Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

In 1969, a Hollywood movie crew making a comedy about Mexicans retaking the Alamo, fights the Daughters of the Republic of Texas for permission to shoot their film on the historic grounds of the "sacred shrine."

¿Más Bebes?
Producers: Virginia Espino, Renee Tajima-Peña
Category: Post-Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

A one-hour documentary that reveals the disturbing history of hundreds of Mexican-origin women who were coercively sterilized at Los Angeles County Medical Center - USC during the late 1960s and 1970s, often based on little more than the question "More babies?"

Mosquita y Mari
(LPA Project)
Producer: Aurora Guerrero (LPA 2006)
Category: Production; 1 Episode/90 Minutes

In a fast-paced immigrant community where dreams are lost to economic survival, two young Chicanas contemplate life when they stir sexual desires in each other.

Now en Español (LPA Project)
Producer: Andrea Meller (LPA 2009)
Category: Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

In a feature documentary that chronicles the ups and downs of being a Latina actress in Hollywood, Now en Español addresses issues of Latino identity and representation through the lives of five dynamic women who dub "Desperate Housewives" into Spanish.

Precious Knowledge
Producer/ Director: Eren Isabel McGinnis (LPA 2003), Ari Luis Palos
Category: Post-Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

Tucson High School students engage in a historic civil rights battle to save Mexican American Studies at their school as state lawmakers fight back.

Rainbow Coalition
Producer: Ray Santisteban (LPA 2003 & 2006)
Category: Post-Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

The exploration of the rise and fall of a multi-ethnic political movement in Chicago comprised of African Americans, Latinos, and poor southern Whites.

Ruben Salazar: The Man in the Middle
Producer: Phillip Rodriguez
Category: Production; 1 Episode/60 Minutes

The story of the life and mysterious death of one of the most prominent Mexican American journalists of the 20th century.

Unfinished Spaces
Producer: Alysa Nahmias
Category: Post- Production; 1Episode/60 Minutes

Fifty years after the Cuban Revolution, three architects resume their first project - Cuba's National Art Schools - left unfinished in 1965 when their creative visions came head to head with the political realities of the Revolution.

Producer: Juan Carlos Zaldivar (NALIP Board Member)

A web-action project that takes a pro-active approach to citizen journalism and the immigration reform, allowing web visitors to create their own media and enabling them to forward short media content to their representatives in congress.

Clara como el Agua - Clear like Water
Producer: Fernanda Rossi (NALIP Mentor), Frances Lausell (LPA 2003)

A ten-minute film about the origins of Clara, a light-skinned black girl with kinky, blond hair and gray eyes, who is teased by her dark-skinned peers; until she ventures into the magical waters of a bay to change her skin color, and possibly herself.

New American Girls
Producer: Mitchell Teplitsky (NALIP Mentor)

A new media project that follows a year in the life of a group of smart teen Latinas in Denver aiming for careers in medicine, science, engineering - if they don't get deported first.


Cruz Reynoso: A Man for all Seasons (LMM project)
Producer: Abby Ginzberg (LMM 2009)
1 Episode/60 Minutes

A one hour documentary that chronicles the life and work of Cruz Reynoso, including his commitment and struggle for equality and justice, working in the fields as a youth and presiding on the California Supreme Court.

About the Public Media Content Fund

Every year LPB invites independent filmmakers to submit proposals in various stages, from research and development, to production, post-production, new media and community engagement. All proposals are reviewed by a selected group of public television professionals, local stations programmers, independent filmmakers, academics, and executives from other funding organizations.

This year, twenty (20) proposals were selected for funding. Emerging filmmakers comprise 35% of total funded producers; mid-level producers make up 45%; veteran filmmakers constitute 20%. Over half of the awarded programs have never been funded by Latino Public Broadcasting before - a direct result of an extensive outreach program for independent filmmakers throughout the nation. As far as funded producers, 52% are women.

The funding category breakdown is as follows: Research and Development - 15%; Production - 40%; Post-production - 25%; New Media - 15%; Community Engagement - 5%. The final slate of programs represents filmmakers from different regions within the U.S. including California, New York, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

About Latino Public Broadcasting

Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) supports the development, production, acquisition and distribution of public media content that is representative of Latino people, or addresses issues of interest to Latino Americans. These programs, including the series 'VOCES', are produced for dissemination to the public broadcasting stations. Edward James Olmos is founder and Chairman of the LPB Board of Directors. More information is available at and

Call for Entries: POV Diverse Voices Project

POV, public television's premier showcase for independent, non-fiction film is seeking to support emerging filmmakers through its Diverse Voices Project, a co-production fund supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. POV values exemplary storytelling, well crafted aesthetics, compelling characters and real-life drama shaped by the unique perspective of a filmmaker with something to say to a large audience. POV believes in presenting the work of filmmakers that reflect experiences not commonly represented on television, offer a springboard for discussion, and provide a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

The Diverse Voices Project IV, with up to $100,000 in co-production funding per project is designed to foster emerging and diverse documentary directors and producers with production support and mentoring with a full menu of services. Ultimately DVP will bring fresh voices to PBS, diversify the stories being featured on the national PBS schedule, and support a talent pool that has not had access to public television resources.

To qualify for DVP support filmmakers cannot have a prior producing or directing credit on a nationally broadcast PBS program. (Lesser credits such as coordinating producer do not disqualify applicants.) All subjects, styles and lengths are welcome.

All submissions must be received by 5 pm, January 14, 2011. This is an arrival deadline, not a postmark deadline. Submissions received after January 14th shall be entered in the following submission cycle unless an extension is granted by POV.

For details and the application please visit the POV Diverse Voices Project webpage.

SiTV Launches HD Version of Network, Hires Marlene Braga as VP Production

From an article by Mike Reynolds, Multichannel News

SiTV has launched a high-definition version of the network. The service, an HD simulcast of the standard-definition edition of the English-language network for American Latinos, bowed on Nov. 7.

Coinciding with the HD launch, SiTV premiered its first original documentary PastPort: Cuba - The Search for Nicolita. Featuring stunning images of Cuba and its people, this powerful journey of self-discovery follows swimwear designer Nicole Di Rocco and her family's emotional return to Cuba, five decades after they fled the island. This one-hour special joins an HD lineup featuring over 500 hours of original programming that have been shot in the enhanced format since 2007. That portfolio that includes Si TV signature shows Model Latina and Latino 101.

Also, NALIP mentor and friend Marlene Braga has just moved to Los Angeles to take the position of VP Production at SiTV. She reports to SVP Maria Perez Brown. Marlene Braga worked formerly at the A&E Television Networks, which she joined in 2004 as Director of Programming and Production for History En Espanol. She was responsible for programming, production, and related areas.

In April 2007, her responsibilities were expanded to oversee programming for U.S. digital network History International. In October 2007, Marlene became executive producer of the hit series "Cities of the Underworld," and other series and specials that appear on History USA in the United States. Previously, Marlene was field producer for ABC News, and produced segments for the nationally syndicated English-language newsmagazine show, "Hispanics Today." Her other accomplishments include story development for PBS's Emmy Award-winning national arts program, "Egg the Arts Show," and production for "Public Affairs Television" by Bill Moyers. She is also developing a feature-length documentary about the Mod subculture that originated in London in the 1950's.

Call For Submissions: Tribeca All Access (NYC)

Tribeca All Access (TAA) is a year round networking and career development program of the Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) that supports the work of directors and screenwriters from traditionally under-represented communities within the industry.

In 2011, TAA will provide grants of $10,000 to ten exceptional filmmakers working in narrative and documentary film. Selected participants will be offered one-on-one meetings with key industry players, targeted networking events, dedicated panels and comprehensive workshops during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Tribeca All Access is open to both mid-career and emerging narrative and documentary filmmakers. Applicants are required to submit a completed feature-length screenplay, documentary proposal, or documentary work-in-progress and must have at least one qualifying screenwriter or director attached. Projects may be of any subject matter, genre, or budget range.

This year, TAA will extend its year-round programming and support for alumni by awarding over $25,000 in grants and fellowships along with industry cultivation initiatives for past TAA projects in development or new works by program alumni.

The Tribeca All Access program is a recognized talent pool within the industry and an unrivaled opportunity to advance your filmmaking career.

Apply Now! Deadline is Monday, December 8, 2010.

We will be holding an open info session at the Cantor Film Center, 36 E. 8th Street, NYC on Wednesday, November 17 at 6:30pm.

Call for Entries: IFP/Rotterdam Lab Producer's Fellowship 2011

Through its long-standing partnership with CineMart, IFP annually selects two producers to participate in the Rotterdam Lab, which runs concurrently with the CineMart Co-production Market (January 30-February 4, 2011).The Fellowship is open to producers with at least one narrative, feature producing credit who are current IFP Members at any level.

The Rotterdam Lab, a four-day training workshop for producers designed to build up their international network and experience, is an initiative of the International Film Festival Rotterdam's CineMart in cooperation with its international partnering organizations: The Australian Film Commission, the Australian Film Commission-Indegenous Branche, the Dutch Film Fund, The UK Film Council, Film I Vaest, the Flemish Aufdiovisual Fund, The Filmstiftung NRW, IFP, EAVE, KOFIC, The National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa, the National Film Development Corporation India, the New Zealand Film Commission, Telefilm Canada and Wallonie Bruxelles Images.

To apply for this fellowship, please send your one-page letter of inquiry and resume to IFP Deputy Director Amy Dotson at by Monday, November 15th. All finalists will be notified by Monday, November 22nd of acceptance.

  Mexico's "Best Picture of the Year" Nora's Will in Theaters Now
(The Los Angeles Times) - Battles of wills between divorced couples are nothing new, but "Nora's Will" adds a delicious twist. The struggle in this poignant and tremendously appealing film features a man who fights a stubborn rear-guard action against his dead ex-wife's final wishes and in the process learns more than he anticipates about his family and himself. FULL STORY (LA & NY showtimes online here)

Jobs & Opportunities

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HBO Manager of Operations, Physical Elements
Enterprises licenses HBO programming to television broadcasters, theatrical distributors and airlines in ALL countries worldwide. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
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Eddie Martinez
NALIPster's doc To Be Heard wins at DOC NYC

The feature-length documentary To Be Heard - directed by NALIP member Edwin Martinez (LPA 2007) with Roland Legiardi-Laura, Deborah Shaffer, and Amy Sultan - premiered at DOC NYC and received the Grand Jury Prize as well as the Audience Award. The film follows the lives of three Bronx teenagers whose involvement with a radical poetry workshop transforms their lives.

To Be Heard was in DOC NYC's "Metropolis" section, which spotlights six films that tell New York stories (including four world premieres and one US premiere)

Sonia Fritz
NALIPster completes feature film America, honored with WIF Nancy Malone Directors Award

LPA/LWL Fellow Sonia Fritz has just completed her feature film America, invited to premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival and NALIP 12 Conference. She has also just been honored with the third annual WIF Nancy Malone Directors Award.

The goal of the award, established by WIF Co-Founder, Nancy Malone, is to focus on the struggle of women in the field of directing and applaud women who achieve success as directors. Sonia's film America was developed in NALIP's Latino Writers Lab. It stars Lamari Nadal, Yance Arias, Edward James Olmos, Tony Plana and Rachel Ticotin. Sonia also attended the NALIP Latino Producers Academy with director Rafi Mercado, whose LPA film Miente has just been selected as Puerto Rico's nominee to the 2010 Academy Awards. She is a partner with NALIP member Frances Lausell in Islafilms in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nancy Malone was one of the original co-founders of Women In Film, and is a member of the Director's Guild and the Caucus of Producers, Writers, and Directors. A noted television director, She has directed many episodes of "The Guardian," "Judging Amy," "Resurrection Blvd.," "Dawson's Creek," "Diagnosis Murder," "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," "Touched By An Angel," "Melrose Place," "Beverly Hills, 90210," and "Cagney and Lacey," among others. She was Emmy-nominated for directing episodes of "Sisters" (NBC) and "Trials of Rosie O'Neill" (CBS). The first recipient of the Nancy Malone Directors Award was Cynthia Wade, director of the Academy Award winning documentary "Freeheld," which was completed thanks to the Women In Film Foundation's Film Finishing Fund.

Ms. Fritz will receive a $500 cash award.

Darlene Caamano Loquet
Latina named one of Variety's 10 Producers to Watch 2010

By Anna Marie De La Fuente, Variety

As prexy and COO of L.A.-based Nala Films, Darlene Caamano Loquet draws on her wealth of experience in the biz to push a slate of uplifting pics.

Despite the company's Latino roots (chairman/CEO Emilio Diez Barroso is the cousin of Emilio Azcarraga Jean, head of Mexican media juggernaut Televisa), the seven-year-old shingle has just wrapped its first Spanish-language pic, "Casa de Mi Padre," starring Mexican heartthrobs Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, along with Will Ferrell. As in most of its pics, Nala produced and fully financed the comedy.

"We never made it our goal to make strictly Latino-themed films," Loquet says. "Instead we've aimed for positive stories, regardless of genre."

Shingle has the capacity to back pics with budgets up to $40 million, although its current slate has budgets below $10 million.

"We benefit from Emilio's access to financing and his passion for film," Loquet says.

"Darlene is a testament to the often forgotten idea that you can succeed in this industry while being a wonderful caring human being, " says Diez Barroso.

Nala recently produced "Ceremony," starring Uma Thurman, and supernatural thriller "Shelter," toplined by Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Both pics are slated for release next year by Magnolia and the Weinstein Co., respectively.

Caamano Loquet's film career began at Trimark Pictures, where she developed "Frida" and "Eve's Bayou." She was VP of production at Dreamworks-based Patchwork Prods., where she helped develop "Shrek" and "Chicken Run" -- an experience that will indeed come in handy when Nala produces its first animated pic, "Cadabra."

Age: 39
Provenance: Los Angeles
Inspired by: Her Cuban father Daniel Caamano, who remained positive even after his family lost everything when Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba.

Richard Martinez
The Longoria Affair airing on PBS Nov. 9 with a score by Richard Martinez

NALIP member Richard Martinez composed the score for the documentary The Longoria Affair, directed by NALIP member and LPA mentor John J. Valadez and narrated by actor Tony Plana. The film will premiere on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Independent Lens on Tuesday, November 9 at 10:30 PM (check local listings). Watch the trailer on Tutube.

Synopsis: Sixty years ago in Three Rivers, Texas, the only funeral home in town refused to hold a wake for Felix Longoria, a decorated Mexican American soldier killed in battle during World War II. The owner told Longoria's widow he couldn't be waked in the funeral home because "The whites wouldn't like it." Those words became front page news across the country, sparking outrage and setting off a series of events that would come to be known as The Longoria Affair. They launched a national civil rights movement, led by Mexican American veterans -- and bitterly divided Three Rivers for generations to come.


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