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Start your Application to NALIP's 2011 Latino Media Market, April 15

ATTENTION FILMMAKERS! Do you have a feature project that is ready for financing or distribution? A documentary project that is in production or post-production in need of finishing funds? Or a GREAT concept for a television series? The Latino Media Market™ will connect you with people who can help, mentor, advise, fund, option, or propel your career to the next step! Do not miss this opportunity to apply for a spot in NALIP's 2011 Latino Media Market!

The Latino Media Market™ began in 2005 with a simple goal: to bring NALIP members and their projects together with funders, studio executives, distributors, dealmakers, agents, and mentors. With the support of the NEA and CPB, we have introduced select producers to top executives from HBO Films, Warner Bros. Home Video, P.O.V./American Documentary, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Maya Pictures, Paramount, Showtime Networks, Focus Features, CPB, Univision Home Entertainment, SiTV, LATV, Women Make Movies, Payaso Entertainment, Screengems, HBO Documentaries, Warner Brothers, and more.

The Latino Media Market™ consists of a meeting series for up to 32 selected projects. Filmmaker participants meet oneonone with industry representatives who can provide sound advice in how to advance their projects to the next level. If your project meets the specific needs of the company, this can open a window for your project to grow into a commissioned pilot, or to obtain a broadcast license or completion funds.

Now in its seventh year, the Latino Media Market has surpassed that initial mandate and has supported more than 250 filmmakers and their projects, some of whom have gone on to get deals, funding, jobs, distribution, and invitations to film festivals around the world!

Some of our past LMM Fellows success include:

- Lillian Jimenez, an LPA Fellow whose documentary Antonia Pantoja: ¡Presente! had LMM meetings that led to a distribution contract with Women Make Movies. Since then, Lillian's film premiered on PBS as part of LPB's "Voces" series last fall. It also screened at the New York International Latino Film Festival.

- El General, Natalia Almada's award-winning documentary, participated in the Latino Media Market and met with such companies as POV/American Documentary, where it was broadcast in 2010, after its 2009 Sundance Film Festival premiere.

- "Latin Lover," a nonscripted television series concept by LPA Fellows Santiago Tapia and Jessica Curtright, won the $2500 grant from SiTV, and was offered an option/development deal. Santiago and Jessica describe the experience as an "awesome opportunity that opened many doors to executives and agents!"

The program is a unique place to find Latino/a talent, and a great stepping stone for participating filmmakers as they advance their projects and careers.

The Latino Media Market™ will run concurrent with THE NEW NOW Conference April 15 - 17, 2011 in Newport Beach, CA. The Deadline to Apply is February 14 (postmarked) but why not get started on your application now?

Applications will be accepted in the following categories:
* Direct-to-DVD or lowbudget film production
* Documentary work-in-progress
* Feature development project
* Nonscripted Television Series idea

To download your application and begin preparing the necessary materials please click here.

This program is part of the THE NEW NOW: Defining the Future Together National Conference. You must be registered to the conference to be considered to participate in this program.

Be on the lookout for the conference registration coming soon with the launch of THE NEW NOW website!

Any questions? Please call Latino Media Market Coordinator at 310-395-8880.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Case Study - Food Matters

By Peter Broderick, President of Paradigm Consulting, which helps filmmakers and media companies develop strategies to maximize distribution, audience, and revenues.

The remarkable story of Food Matters illuminates key principles of hybrid distribution and online entrepreneurship. It also demonstrates that determined first-time filmmakers with no prior distribution experience can succeed in the New World of Distribution.

Food Matters is a provocative feature-length documentary best summed up by the Hippocrates quote: "Let thy food be thy medicine." I consulted with James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch (its Australian, producer-director/ husband-and-wife team) via Skype in the summer of 2008 as they were starting distribution. I finally met them in Sydney in October 2010, where we participated in the inimitable SPAA Fringe conference. By then they had sold 150,000 DVDs. Two months later they did a Christmas promotion online, offering the film for half price. They sold 4,500 DVDs in seven days, their best week ever, two and a half years into their distribution. They have now sold 175,000 DVDs and counting.


Deadline Extended: POV Diverse Voices Project

POV has extended the submission deadline for the Diverse Voices Project co-production fund! New arrival date February 18, 2011 by 5pm. If you have already submitted and want to tweak your application, email If you have questions about submitting call 212-989-8121 x380.

POV, public television's premier showcase for independent, non-fiction film is seeking to support emerging filmmakers through its Diverse Voices Project, a co-production fund supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. POV values exemplary storytelling, well crafted aesthetics, compelling characters and real-life drama shaped by the unique perspective of a filmmaker with something to say to a large audience. POV believes in presenting the work of filmmakers that reflect experiences not commonly represented on television, offer a springboard for discussion, and provide a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

The Diverse Voices Project IV, with up to $100,000 in co-production funding per project is designed to foster emerging and diverse documentary directors and producers with production support and mentoring with a full menu of services. Ultimately DVP will bring fresh voices to PBS, diversify the stories being featured on the national PBS schedule, and support a talent pool that has not had access to public television resources.

To qualify for DVP support filmmakers cannot have a prior producing or directing credit on a nationally broadcast PBS program. (Lesser credits such as coordinating producer do not disqualify applicants.) All subjects, styles and lengths are welcome.

For details and the application please visit the POV Diverse Voices Project webpage.

Call for Entries: The Indie Fest

The Indie Fest is an independent, top-tier international film awards competition. Our goal is to help independent filmmakers gain publicity and, when appropriate, exposure to distributors. $1000 cash prize and in-kind $1500 production studio opportunity.

The Indie Fest is unique; it's an awards competition. Winners receive publicity as we broadcast the list of winners via press releases and to our email database of more than 23,000 filmmakers and industry insiders. Winning an Indie will help you get noticed. The Indie Fest has been very successful in introducing winners to distributors who can sell licensing rights around the world.

Deadline: January 28, 2011
Download the entry form at:

Deadline Approaching: Dance Camera West

The submission deadline is approaching for the 10th anniversary festival of Dance Camera West, which welcomes dance media in any dance style or genre. Categories include: screendance, movement based film, short films, features, documentary, installations, and interactive dance media. 

This year, we are looking to premiere LATIN DANCE FILMS that have not been screened  at other festivals. If you have projects that qualify, please submit!

Postmark Date: January 15, 2010
Entry forms and guidelines available at:

  Telemundo Names Joshua Mintz Sr. Exec VP of Entertainment
(Latin Heat) - Telemundo Communications Group has announced that Joshua Mintz has been named Senior Executive Vice President, Telemundo Entertainment, effective immediately. In this new position, Mintz will be responsible for the overall entertainment development and programming strategy of the Telemundo Network. FULL STORY

'In the Heights' Ends Broadway Run; Tour Continues and Film Is in the Wings
(Playbill) - In the Heights, the groundbreaking musical created by Latino American writers, populated by an eclectic cast including Latino American performers and offering a slice of the Latino American experience, ended its Broadway run with the 7 PM Jan. 9 performance. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Editor for Feature
We're looking for an Editor in the Los Angeles area that works in Final Cut to do a recut on an independent feature. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

Casting: Non-Union Industrial Film
Pilgrim Films and Television (the producers of Dirty Jobs, American Chopper and The Ultimate Fighter) is casting LA-based actors for an Industrial Recruitment Film. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

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Guest Commentary: Holding the Television Networks Accountable to the Latino Community

By Alex Nogales

The National Latino Media Council (NLMC) issued its annual report cards last month grading the four major television networks on their efforts to diversify employment in front and behind the camera. At that time, I noted that while the networks improved upon their efforts to bring more Asian Pacific Americans and African Americans into the fold, their efforts to include Latinos decreased significantly. Indeed, ABC, NBC and Fox all received "D"s or "F"s in at least one out of the eight categories evaluated.

The first decade of this century was a turbulent one for American Latinos. As the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) and other civil rights groups strove to improve the image of American Latinos as portrayed in the media, countless others took toward defaming and disparaging us. NHMC witnessed a violent surge in anti-Latino hate speech mid-decade after the historic immigration marches, followed by an FBI-documented 40% increase in hate crimes against Latinos.

I wish I could tell you that things will be better in 2011, but they won't. Anti-Latino measures are springing up all over the country, many of them based on the fear-mongering and misinformation that has become all too common on mainstream media, pushed by some supposed journalists, extremist commentators and even politicians.

At this time, it is more important than ever that we as a community be empowered to share our own stories fairly and accurately, that people outside of the Latino community be exposed to our rich diversity and significant contributions to this country. Without this exposure, Latinos remain in the shadows as second class citizens, instead of real individuals with feelings, values and aspirations.

Yet, at this important crossroads, the TV networks are failing us. As the 2010 census numbers come out, we learn that Latinos are the fastest-growing population in the country, yet our numbers in front and back of the camera are dropping. This makes no sense. Insofar as broadcasters are public trustees and supposedly smart business people, this is short-sighted, at best.

And as our elected officials and appointed regulators charged with examining, evaluating and adapting media and telecommunications policies carry on their duties in 2011, the failure of inclusion at the TV networks should and will be factored into their analyses.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) has already pointed to the NLMC TV network report cards in her evaluation of whether Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, should be permitted to merge with NBC-Universal. In a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Congresswoman Waters requested that Comcast file the Memoranda of Understanding it signed with Asian Pacific American, African American and Latino groups as amendments to its merger application and make the MOUs enforceable. The Congresswoman cited the report cards as grounds that Comcast must be closely monitored. We at NHMC agree that Comcast must be monitored to ensure that it is fulfilling its promises to diversify its ranks.

We will be a part of this process, building off the experience we have in monitoring the television networks. However, the Comcast-NBCU merger is not the only media policy issue to which the report cards are relevant.

This year the FCC will be undertaking a number of issues that could impact television diversity and media diversity on the whole. It will complete its quadrennial review of its broadcast media ownership rules - rules that, if weakened, could seriously diminish the diversity of programs that we see over broadcast television.

In addition, the FCC will have an opportunity to decide whether or not to collect EEO - equal employment opportunity - and ownership data from broadcasters, and whether to make that information publicly available so that we can hold our local broadcasters accountable in our communities. And, perhaps most importantly, in just a few weeks the FCC will approach its second anniversary of failing to act upon NHMC's petition for inquiry on hate speech in media; hate speech, unfortunately, is a common practice that could be less common if we had more than a meager number of ethnically diverse individuals owning broadcast stations.

Very often, policymakers are unconnected to how the policies they create impact the people. It is NHMC's job to remind them. So in 2011, we hope that the facts on the ground are considered, the report cards being one of them. Congratulations to Congresswoman Waters for being one of the first to do so.

Alex Nogales, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), has a degree in film and television from UCLA and is an Emmy Award-winning television producer. The NHMC serves as secretariat of the National Latino Media Council, a coalition of leading national Hispanic organizations, which was instrumental in the signing of Memorandums of Understanding with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox in 2000 and issues annual reports on progress being made to include Latinos and other people of color in their operations. He can be reached at


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